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The Future of Redbox: Part 1

Redbox has definitely been in the news quite a bit lately. A lot has happened over the last year (and over the last 5 years) that has gotten Redbox to where they are today. Lets recap some of the most recent developments:

With all of this going on, Redbox is definitely not done and has quite a bit in store for us in the future. What kinds of things, you ask? Well, stay tuned for part 2 of this 3 part series to see what is coming right around the corner. And, part 3 will dive into the little bit more distant future, which may take Redbox to a place you may not be expecting.

In the meantime, do you have anything to add to the above list? Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments…

64 Responses to “The Future of Redbox: Part 1”

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    Redbox is the best thing since sliced bread. If not for RB, we’d never rent videos! Refresh my memory on how to get a unit placed in our neighborhood so I don’t have to drive so far!

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      lauralisa [visitor]

      I am so upset with your company again. I went on a promo Monday and it was supposed to be free, right? But when I returned the video..ur company charged me for 2 nights..I had it for 2 nights, but ur company was only suppose to charge me for one night.causing my account to go negative…so therefore that rental cost me 32.08..instead of being free. This has happened to me before…so I stopped going to Redbox but I was kids begged me…and now look I get this…I am a single mom and cannot afford regular rentals that is why I choose redbox but now I cannot even do that due to now since I am negative 30.00 I have to explain to my kids why we don’t have our regular necessities for the next week or two……I cannot do this again….I will not do this again.

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        StopWhining [visitor]

        You would be mad rich if you gots a dime every time you complained
        The people that run this website have nothing to do with the Redbox company
        You should wait for the third time for this to happen until you realize you need to stop whining and check yo finance game
        Diversify yo bonds

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        First of all this site is NOT affiliated with Redbox….duh!! Can’t you READ? It says that directly below where you wrote this message! Secondly if your account was overdrawn over a lousy couple of dollars you don’t need to be renting movies anyway, you should be providing your kids with “necessities” not “entertainment”!

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        JML [visitor]

        Maybe if you had more then 2 dollars in your bank account you would not have had the fee. If you do not have enough money in the bank you shouldn’t be spending it. Your regular necessities should come first! This is not Redbox’s fault nor responsibility to balance your check book!

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    Bill Cooney [visitor]

    Would like to see more contemporary movies. All these kiddie flix and low or no star rated movies are a waste.

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      Victoria [vklingonsmith]

      i agree. how come so many movies have to be Rated R and they are crap anyway?

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      i agree more top rated movies would be nice!!! too much kid stuff and B quality movies!!!!!!

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        Thumb [thumb]

        I also agree. There’s been too many times one or two new movies are released and am disappointed that when I go to get them, they are not available but 5 old Disney movies are released. Plus the nearest one to me is a 14 mile round trip so I usually don’t even bother any more unless a really big mega hit comes out. Oh, I almost forgot about the weekly free promo that was discontinued which would at least get me to go once a week but no more.

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      Matt Kendrick [visitor]

      Redbox should contain less filler content and more top rated movies.

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        pinpoint [visitor]

        I dont know what you expect to find when TOP RATED movies arent really out there. There are several websites that list everything coming out on DVD EVERY WEEK and outside of a handful of times redbox always has every top movie. If they are rented out I reserve them online before I make the trip.
        But if you think they dont have good stuff, please stay away more so it leaves more movies for me. I get discouraged sometimes at the quality but then when you check the full list you realize there just aint that much there to pick from ANYWHERE….good ol’ Hollywood. Maybe of they started making things people REALLY wanted to see they could bargain from a position of strength!

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          Sean [visitor]

          That is simply untrue. Redbox almost never has every good release. Just considering the movies that DID NOT go to theaters, Redbox always somehow mysteriously gets the worst of them. They pass up a movie that might not have gone to theaters but at least has good actors in it, to get stuff that should have never been made in the first place. I love Redbox, but this is a simple fact: they need to choose their movies better.

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            JML [visitor]

            YOu cant make every single person happy. People want more horror more cartoons more comedy more this more that its not that easy to chose what makes EVERYONE happy because everyone is different but you can do what the major wants!

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            i want more dino movies LOL joking…..

            people have to remember its not REDBOX putting these movies out its the movie studios… Think back the last 3 months and you will see it was mostly just junk that came out… You wont see the major titles till around oct to xmas

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      David in OKC [visitor]

      If you don’t like the movies, don’t visit Redbox ~ other video places like Luckbusters have tons of movies…..oh yeah, they cost a lot more as well.

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    L Sophia [l-sophia]

    I like the availability of movie rental from Redbox and applaud the expansion of it to other venues than McDonald’s, like Hyvee and Dillons. With $1 rentals, I think Redbox should be around for a while — the only thing better is .99 movie rental downloads from Amazon for some of the older movies and PBS shows!

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    Jason [visitor]

    Video games and Blu Ray would be awesome, cant wait!

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    the g-ma [visitor]

    i agree with the “riceburner” we need more bedboxes!!! the best thing since caramel apples.

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    denvergirl70 [visitor]

    I would like to use redbox more but it is just too far from my house. How do you perswade a store to take on a redbox?

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    Artie [visitor]

    I’ve noticed that RedBox is placing two machines at each outside place of business (ex. Walgreens, McDonalds, etc.). That helps with convenience and available flicks at one location. Good move RedBox. And thanks.

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      Rosie [visitor]

      I too kind of like the RedBoxes outside the stores except during the winter time. I won’t be standing in the snow or cold to get a movie.

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    idealliving [visitor]

    I appreciate this summary of the latest news. Great post!

    Would anyone else be interested in reduced-cost coupons, say, $0.50 per rental every Monday?

    I know that if it weren’t for Inside Redbox, I wouldn’t be thinking about renting a DVD — from Redbox or anyone else. However, the coupons kept them on my mind, and then when I returned one, I would get another or at least make a note to rent an upcoming DVD… Just a thought…

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    Valerie [visitor]

    I love redbox however with only 2 boxes at the locations I visit I have a long wait to rent or return a movie. That has made me not rent very often. The other thing is I would love to see more locations (ex. in Publix grocery stores) Redbox rentals is an awesome idea and to rent games as well as movies throw in a few free codes wow it cannot get any better.

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    al [visitor]

    when will redbox be on the stock market?

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      md [visitor]

      They are on the stock market – Coinstar is the parent company

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      chester homan [chester-homan]


      Redbox does, indeed, fill a gap as is doing an excellent job. In response to al, it is currently on the stock market. Look at coinstar. I retired early since I’ve made more investing that working and I thought Redbox might be a good investment, too. Even as a part of Coinstar, it could still be a good investment now. The key word, unfortunately, is “now”. At some point they will probably get a large enough share of the market that cable or dish or some other group that already has access directly to your TV will say “enough” and cut there rates to $1. Maybe only long enough to destroy redbox. Most people will change since those companies have larger offerings and you don’t have to leave your house at all. Suddenly, Redbox will be left with many thousand machines that no longer pay for themselves. This could happen with no notice at all and their stock will drop far and fast. It’s a shame since they are a good company and the greedy people who currently charge very high rates for very low cost will win. Unfortunately, all I can do is enjoy them while they last, wish them luck, and put my money where it is safer. I wonder if that is why McD sold their share. Sorry.

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    sweetie-pie [visitor]

    It would also be great if we were able to use the promo and free codes while reserving a movie online.

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    sweetie-pie [visitor]

    It also would be nice if we were able to use a promo or free code while reserving a movie online.

  13. Member [Join Now]

    game rental is only ps2. ps3 and 360 i have heard… too bad there is no way to rent Ds and psp games but they can not rent those games (no way to put barcodes on them)

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    Joan Zaiz [joan-zaiz]

    Thank you for the information and help you so generously give. I wish I could rent online with a promo code too, however, one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth! I am grateful for your emails as I don’t use a phone, twitter or whatever and you send me the codes. Redbox has finally allowed me to use my debit card when renting! I don’t like to charge movies. It also would be nice if they could have bigger boxes to enable them to store move movies. Thanks again Michael.

  15. Member [Join Now]

    What about rent 1 get 1 free like movie cube at least 2 times a month?????? that would b nice 2 use the codeon line since it’s down 2 once a month now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jim Sempek [visitor]

    Redbox is great, especially in south eastern Idaho where travel is limited in the winter months (distance) and congested in the summer months. The price is certainly the best deal around and returns are a snap. Appreciate the choices and the quality of the DVD’s…..The pop corn at home is cheap too!!!

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    redbox is pure american god bless redbox!!

  18. Member [Join Now]

    i live in jacksonville fl and love redbox in the past week every turn i go around i see a large bilboard with the redbox on it . i love it. i rented and had blockbuster for years and the new ceo changed to mail out package and stated he did not care if it pissed any one off that they were losing money people were taking atvantage of the program. it was not my fault whoever thought the trade in store rentals should be blamed not the coustomer. i have not stepped into a blockbuster ever again. thanks

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    Is there a list of blu-ray RedBox locations published anywhere? Perhaps I have not searched hard enough, but if someone as a link, that would be cool…

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    Tim Smith [visitor]

    It would be nice if the boxes stayed working instead of being down all the time.

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    JenaFoxx [visitor]

    Speaking of the future there is another rental/dvd kiosk company making way in this industry that actuall allows people like you and I to earn income from the dvd sales. Does RedBox offer any opportunities for people like us to purchase RedBIx kiosk and earn residual income? Or is this money set aside as a sort of monoply for the CEO of Redbox? Someone with real/true knowledege please respond to these questions. Thank you in advance for your answers and time. Sincerely, JenaFoxx

    • Member [Join Now]

      Red Box does not franchise period.
      There are other companies that you can buy your own movie rental machine. A company called DVDNow. I own three of these machines and have them placed at various locations. 2 in TN one in KY. The machine cost nearly 20K. Picking your locations carefully is paramount. Their machines are better than Redbox. (1)Has glass front and you can see every movie available for rent. (2) still in original case so you have info about movie and if you buy it it is in orignal case (3) 10 minute grace period to read about movie, return to kiosk and cancel transaction (4) machine operate much faster, renting & returning.
      Check out the company using video by clicking on the button at top of this website about “Invest-DVD Kiosks”

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Marie [visitor]

        Thanks for the DVDNow info. I am currently receiving their emails as I wanted to check them out, but hadn’t found the pricing yet. 20K?????!! Wow, that’s sure out of my league. Oh, well maybe I’ll find something else. Sure no actual jobs here in MI.

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    sandy [visitor]

    Redbox is the only place I go to rent movies. I have a Blockbuster down the street from me. You will never catch me in it. I also have a moviecube it’s just not worth the gas money to drive there. Moviecube does give more codes but I will stay with redbox. I do which redbox gave out more codes though.
    i DO AGREE WITH TIM SMITH. I haven’t had a Redbox here break down but they do seem to be getting slower and slower. I would also like to say if you don’t have a redbox close. Please go online to redbox first and see what’s available at your location. So you won’t be dissapointed when you go to rent something.
    I also would like to know the question that JenaFoxx asked.

  23. Member [Join Now]

    Well I am really excited about blu Ray and games.

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    Phil [visitor]

    I wish my local redbox locations (there are 5 within under 10min drive) had more than one machine here in OKC. It never fails that when I go there are 2 people in front of me and they don’t know what they want to rent so they go thru the whole inventory before selecting each of the four movies they rent…. so then by the time they are thru pillaging the machine (10-15 minutes later) the movie that I wanted to get (and that I had checked online first to make sure it’s there) is usually gone …

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      pinpoint [visitor]

      Hey Phil
      If you are checking online..just RESERVE IT. The machine holds it for you and nobody else can rent it…even if they r in front of you

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    I would not mind paying two dollars for a movie if they had more of a top rated rated selection, it would still be way cheaper then Blockbuster. or how about one dollar for B rated movies, and 1.50 for the best movies.

  26. Member [Join Now]

    To Phil, if you checked online to see if it was there why did you not reserve it with your credit card, and just pick it up.

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    i think redbox is the best thing that happened to DVD.especially now, not everyone can afford $5. a movie at youre local blockbuster.

  28. Member [Join Now]

    I love redbox too. I wish there was one closer to me, but I read on the redbox website that a place has to have at least 15,000 foot traffic a day to qualify. But since there are two redbox locations in the twon near me of 18,000, I guess that don’t always apply. Also, redbox has to make money, thats probably why they cut down on the free codes.

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    paul lapke [visitor]

    l am ready Future to live

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    TheREDboxeR [visitor]

    sup fellow redboxers
    your site has come along ways mike
    going to try to grab some dvds this weekend
    anyone able to successfully use the steve100 code or whatever it is?
    how about the new stop and shop one?
    and im sure there will be many good things to come from redbox and the blockbuster kiosks
    F Fox


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    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    I have seen the blue box. the machine really has the word red box :P

  32. Member [Join Now]

    looked up the DVDnow webpage.. very nice but is the price the right price. Not many people will spend 2.99 a night to rent movies out a machine ….though it would be a very nice way to dump off my 400 psp / ds games LOL

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    Joan Zaiz [joan-zaiz]

    If I subscribe to Blockbuster on your site will a year be added to my subscription ending in 1/2010? Or is this just for new subscribers?
    Thanks for your help.

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    rocknroll [visitor]

    I just used redbox for the first time last week and I really like getting the movies. I think you have great movies in your boxes enough for adults and children. Kids need movies to. But I think you should have another box for games. x-box 360, ps2, ps3. Please hurry and get games.

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      StopWhining [visitor]

      There is a site called
      You should tell them all your thoughts and suggestions, since this site has nothing to do with the company whatsoever, just feeding your code whore habits

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    insider [visitor]

    The “Blue Box” is a Wal-Mart requirement that everything in the store that is brandable be blue so you remember the color and associate it with Wal-Mart. If you get something from a blue redbox, you’ll be inclined to take it back to a blue one even though they all will accept the return. Just one of Wal-Mart’s methods to get you back into their store.

    Redbox is pushing out around 4,000 new machines nationwide next year, so keep an eye out for the new locations.

    Keep in mind that not all locations have a fast internet connection. They use what is available or capable in an area for network connectivity. That network line can be shared with the property location owner.

    The blu-ray and game discs are tested in specific demographic locations where they have determined to get the best sample or response, depending on the objective. If you’re the only person in a small town that has blu-ray, don’t bet on getting that feature very soon.

    The dino-videos and children videos, again, are due to demographics. You may think that nobody wants to see those, but you’re outnumbered. The majority of renters are soccer moms that you don’t see using the machine during the middle of the day. Each Redbox machine lets HQ know exactly what’s being rented in each location. A new sleeve of videos is provided to each box weekly to replace bad discs, provide new releases, and augment stock on popular items, and better match the demographic use. Sometimes a crap movie will show up in a certain location as a trial to determine demographic success. Based on the result, they will relocate the video elsewhere in the nation, or abandon it altogether. If you rent a crap movie, you’re only helping to keep them in the machine.

    They are looking into ways to accelerate the lines in front of each machine, but for now your best bet is to know ahead of time what you want, reserve it online early, and show up at an uncommon hour. +/-2hrs. of rush hour is your own fault and problem. Once you’re at the machine, don’t doddle. If you don’t know what you want, stand aside and let someone else order while you look at the poster of offerings.

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    Tim Delaney [visitor]

    Hi everybody. I have some news that I think all of your bloggers will appreciate. My company has developed a technology that the consumers love, the retailers love, and even the studios love. Since our system cannot be hacked and the studios will make their money on every rental or sale, you will soon see that our technology is going to replace a lot of the rental options you have. To put it in a nutshell, you will be able to rent or purchase movies, music, video games, ringtones, magazines, etc., at a very low price and at locations more convenient than Redbox. You will simply be able to download your chosen content onto a USB flashstick or your SD Micro card (memory card in your cellphone). You will then be able to play the movie back on your cellphone, pc, netbook, pda, or your tv. Best part of our system, you will not have to return anything as the file will simply disappear when your rental period expires. Bottom line, our technology will put a huge dent into NetFlix, Redbox, and every movie rental retail store. You the consumer will have much more control, it’s much more convenient, and you never have to return a thing.

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      observer [visitor]

      Good luck with that. There’s a reason the streaming videos and online delivery isn’t popular yet: generally only techies and single people are willing to watch a movie on a laptop, and most people are not interested in figuring out how to connect a computer to a TV. It’s an obvious thing that all techies know how to do, but we are definitely a very small percentage of the population. I’m sure your company will have *some* success, but even the Netflix enabled TV’s don’t have a very big library. Sure, digital downloading is likely the future, but very unlikely to be the near future until the *devices* make it easy. If history is any indicator, several companies on both the delivery side and hardware side are going to go belly up as an offering to the gods of slow adoption before the idea sticks as a mainstream method. The only robust exclusion so far is Apple’s iPod, but their AppleTV has had limited success which is an example of the slow adoption. The iPod’s success isn’t because of the digital transfer of movies, but because of the experience. I would venture to propose that that is the reason the iPod does so well with movie sales.

    • Member [Join Now]
      Mark [rb123456789]

      Self-limiting timed viwing of movies has already been done, in 1999, and quickly failed completely. Extending that idea from DVDs to memory sticks etc. won’t change much.

      It’s just another form of DRM. Many online downloads already have DRM which limit the time you can view them.

      The fact that this marketing weasel claims consumers will have “much more control” just shows how much BS this is.