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Is Netflix Going to Add Ads?

Netflix is getting ready to report its performance in the second quarter of the year. As domestic subscriber growth begins to slow, some in the industry are starting to wonder how much longer Netflix can remain ad-free.

Ads, while not part of the Netflix streaming experience to this point, can be a powerful source of revenue for services.
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Per eMarketer analyst Eric Haggstrom, there are about 150 million people in the US that currently watch Netflix, which comes out to about 2.5 people per account. Incorporating ads into its streaming service would get those commercials to a lot of eyeballs.

Says Brian Frons, former president of ABC Daytime and current UCLA lecturer:

“Netflix needs a way to grow its U.S. revenue in ways beyond just raising the subscription price . . . One wonders why they would not add an ad-supported model.
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Would you be ok with having ads interrupting your Netflix experience, Insiders?

[via The Wrap]

2 Responses to “Is Netflix Going to Add Ads?”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kone [visitor]

    I Don’t really care. I dumped them a long time back.
    If I was still with them. And they put ads on. I would dump them.
    If I want to see ads. I can watch the idiot box. And see an ad every 5 mins.
    Now I remember why I don’t watch the Idiot box anymore. ADS!

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    marie [visitor]

    i would not like ads. we PAY for this service and the cost has been increased.