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I am testing a new feature that will allow you to get a list of the latest codes that have been reported working. See how it works below…

To get a list of the latest codes via SMS text message, do the following:

  • Text the words “insideredbox codes” to DOTCOM (368266)

There is no fee for this from InsideRedbox, of course, but standard text messaging rates do apply.

Also note that you can get the latest news by texting “insideredbox news” to the same number.
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Let me know if you have any problems, and I will update this as needed.

295 Responses to “Get Redbox Codes On Demand via Text Message”

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    RE: Error Messages on REDBOX machines:

    I’m pretty new to Redbox, but there are either some idiots here or they are drinking/smoking something before they try to rent a movie (instead of after and during the movie).

    My God,Man! If you type in a promo code and it tells you “already used” when you swipe your card–Duh, you already used that code with that card! You can use the code again, but only with another card.

    If it says invalid before you swipe a card, it’s because it’s just that – invalid, which means it is not a good code. No matter what card you use (Duh!!!) because it’s telling you it’s not a good code before you can swipe any card.

    Another Duh! – it will not matter what machine you go to, it will do the same thing if the code is no good or if you have already used it with that card. Get It?

    Keep it simple – You can use a code only once on a particular credit card, but can use it 8 times if you have 8 credit cards (like me).

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      Keeping It Simple [visitor]

      If you’ve never used the codes NVKP2W4,…K3SG46H,….. or QWXHSPG,…or X7GR27X,….or QVGFXXN…(just to name a few codes ), try them and see what happens.

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      I like that Idea 8 cards LOL I think I have 4 Nice touch.

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      newcat [visitor]

      hey for all us dummies that have been using redbox for 3 years or more
      ive tried codes that said “already used” which i know for a fact that i did
      not use with my card cause i keep a list of all i try and what happens!so
      why is it saying “already used”–do they mean it was a private code sent to someone for a credit(then they displayed code on insideredbox)or is
      someone else have access to using the code with my e-mail address or what, this is sorta got me wonderin&worryin about security–need to find out more about “already used” message!(yes im positive i didnt use that code at all before nevermind with that code)so whats uuuppppp!!!
      from jewel

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        videoadict [visitor]

        Did you give each CC the same email address? I have a different email for each :-)

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        George [visitor]

        When you doubt you’ve used a code that Redbox is rejecting as “used” call Redbox and they’ll check your record….if you haven’t used it they’ll issue you a new one.

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    A Question Others Have Asked, But Nobody Answered:

    Is there any other way to get the Monday code besides having it sent to a cell phone?

    I don’t want to allow messages to my phone. I used to accept text, and my phone was all spamed up every day. So I need to get the code another way. I come here, but it isn’t posted. I signed up for twitter, but it isn’t there,either.

    Please, can’t somebody just post it here for us without cell phones or who don’t want them spamed up? Times are hard,and it costs you nothing to help out another member or two.

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      Car [car]

      Another Duh! – Insider Updates Newsletter (look up to your right, Duh!)

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      UNBELIEVABLE! What do you think this site is all about? It was created for Redbox codes! And the codes (Monday and others) ARE posted here. They’re usually not posted till around 9 or 10 am central time. God forbid you have to actually use a few brain cells and look for them at the top of the page!!

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        newcat [visitor]

        its not so unbelievable–yes the codes are posted but be nice–we are all here to help each other and dont wanna lose any fellow redboxers. so use more than just a few of your brain cells and realize the more customers–dah the more props for us.oh and get a few pair of glasses to look to the right of the page, not at the top cause on most of these pages thats where they are unless your computers on its side(left side) then the codes will be at the top instead of the right side–just
        havin fun with ya and anyone alive out there cause im not just
        board,im chairman of the board!anyway,had fun kiddin with y’all
        bye from jewel

        • Member [Join Now]

          Man, what kind of drugs are you doing? The codes ARE at the TOP of the page on the LEFT side of the page, not the RIGHT!! And what difference would it make if your computer is on it’s side? That has nothing to do with the monitor now does it!! Stay off the drugs and get YOURSELF SOME GLASSES and have a nice day!

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      newcat [visitor]

      hey always ready to help out a fellow redboxer!!no you dont have to use the cell but its only 1 monday a month now(the first monday of each month)so it shouldnt spam you up too much—but no need, if you look to the right of the redbox home or movie page, there is a list with the monday code right there, along with something like this:
      1. redbox new releases for tuesday may19th
      2. redbox code for monday may18th
      3. redbox new releases for may12th
      4. redbox monday code for may 11th
      etc,etc,etc,and so on and so on—if you have trouble anyone of us
      can send you a copy of the page or you can call 1800redbox3!
      p.s. try insideredbox&their different pages&your boundta see vatimsayin
      good blessins(luck never did me much good)with redbox on it–who needs luck!hope this helps

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      email, twitter, facebook, and this site has an rss feed u can take and move ur tab to ur book mark toolbar for quick and easy access if u have firefox

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    uhhhh maybe you are not near a computer and if you have them while you are won’t have to go home first and can just go and enter the code at your nearest redbox. duh not everyone has no life sitting waiting for a code on the computer. Some people have real jobs. God forbid you have to actually get up from the desk and work

  4. Member [Join Now]

    I need to change my phone no for the monday promo rental text and I dont see where to do that

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    johnsongs [visitor]

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  6. Member [Join Now]
    Rhiana0921 [rhiana0921]

    How do i sign up for me to get the codes to my phone. please somebody help me…

  7. Member [Join Now]
    Deep Diver [deep-diver]

    Go to and sign up with your cell phone number for SMS delivery

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Barbara [visitor]

    Has anyone gotten the Mon code yet?

  9. Member [Join Now]

    i agree its not exactly science but some people are not “computer smart” so i cut them some slack

  10. Member [Join Now]


  11. Member [Join Now]
    John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

    Regarding the insideredbox codes to my phone, what is the criteria used before a text is sent? Will I get texts everytime some types in a fake code? 4 workings? ect.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]


      Codes are only sent when you request them. So, you will not receive anything unless you send the text each time you want the codes.

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    Schnarr [schnarr]

    Last week, on May 18th, you asked that we check back in on the 25th for a surprise Monday code.
    I don’t remember “word for word” but you implied that we would possibly get a holiday code for this Monday.
    But you never sent anything this week! Everythings changed, in that, you don’t even print the comments like you used to. Are the comments getting too crude??? If so, it’s a shame for the rest of us who are appreciative of all you did send us, but I for one can understand. There are a lot of “jerks” out there and think that “a freebie or two” is coming to them. So, as usual, one or two spoiled apples ruin the bushel!!!
    Thanks anyway, it was “great” while it lasted.
    Have a great Memorial Holiday!!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Mark [visitor]

      “Last week, on May 18th, you asked that we check back in on the 25th for a surprise Monday code.
      I don’t remember “word for word” but you implied that we would possibly get a holiday code for this Monday.”

      If you don’t remember, why don’t you just scroll down the front page and look? You’d see that he said:

      “So, what are we going to do to keep the free movies flowing? Well, you are going to have to wait until next week to find out (Sorry!).”

      “Next week”. NOT “Monday”. NOT “on the 25th”. Today is a holiday, you know?

      And the promise of more codes was not said or implied, just “free movies”. It’s important to read accurately and to comprehend what you read. He promised very little. It was a tease to get you to keep visiting the site, and Michael will likely come up with a way to get some movies for free, not necessarily just Redbox codes like before. So don’t get bent out of shape if he doesn’t give you free codes — that’s your wishful thinking clouding your perceptions.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Schnarr [schnarr]

        Hey Mark,

        I don’t remember heading the message to “Mark”!! I believe it said, Michael.

        So do me a favor and keep your opinions to yourself when you are reading other people’s messages.

        Thank you in advance Dude!

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          Mark [visitor]

          If you want private conversations use email or other means, not blog comments, to communicate. Then again, you asked your question 300 comments down on a 6-month-old topic, rather than the topic on the front page where he said what he said, so I suppose effective blog use isn’t a strong point for you anyway.

          Obviously others have the same thoughts as you though so I was posting my point of view for them and anyone else to consider. Hey, guess what? That’s what this blog is for, imagine that!

          • Member [Join Now]
            Chip [chip]

            It’s nice to read both of your comments. No vulgarity here. Keep the thoughts and ideas coming! Peace. Chip out.

          • Member [Join Now]
            Schnarr [schnarr]

            Dude (Mark),
            It seems you have nothing better to do at 4:25am, when “normal” people are sleeping than to pick apart someone’s comment. So now I understand who we are dealing with………
            And as far as your comment of “6-month-old topic”, it caught your eye Dude!!
            So now this “blog” is for you Dude………… Have a great day and a better night!

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          Mark [visitor]

          LOL schnarr. This part of the net is for entertainment, and your comments are so entertainingly illogical. As if the time the website timestamped my post tells you anything about my credibility or intelligence. You just implied that anyone who works second or third shifts is a freak, same for people on the east coast who get up early. Now there’s an attitude that will get you far in life!

          I noticed your post in a 6-month-old topic because it happened to be in the “last 10 posts” list. Once it scrolled off, it would likely have gotten no notice since few people still check this topic. That’s a really great way to get a response to your original question, there’s a chance Michael never sees it.

  13. Member [Join Now]

    I’m new to this and I’m not understanding that last comment. I signed up and clicked on this linked to see a new code posted for this Holiday, and I see this comment. Can anyone please explain to me what is going on? I appreciate any efforts. Thank you!

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jeremy Cooke [visitor]

    Yeah, what gives? I was looking forward to the Monday code that was implied. What happened?

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    George [visitor]

    New codes will be available only once a month, the first Monday of each month….beginning June 1st, Monday.

    • Member [Join Now]
      Chip [chip]

      Right on, George. Redbox sent me an SMS with the same info. Free Movie Code on the first Monday of each month now; Monday, June 1st, 2009, being the flagship date. Thanks, George! Peace. Chip out.

  16. Member [Join Now]

    i was just wondering, do we get free codes every day??