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Redbox is reporting today further expansion into stores under the Supervalu banner, as well as additional McDonald’s locations…

The Supervalu network includes: Acme, Albertsons, bigg’s, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Scott’s Food and Pharmacy, Shaw’s, Shop ‘n Save and Shoppers Food & Pharmacy banners, as well as to hundreds of the independent retailers it serves through its supply chain services business.

The new Supervalu locations will account for another 850 Redbox kiosks, according to Greg Waring, Redbox VP of Marketing. In addition, Greg indicated that there will also be at least that many locations added to McDonald’s locations as well.

This rollout of 1700+ Redbox machines is scheduled to happen over the next 6 months, bringing the total number of kiosks to near the 4000 mark by the end of Summer 2007.

What does this mean to us? More free movies for more people, of course!

Keep on sharing Redbox – and Redbox will keep on sharing with us.

Good news for everyone with an Albertson’s nearby… Redbox will be inside ALL Albertson’s grocery stores (over 400 locations) in the first quarter of 2007. Also, Redbox is expanding into Chevy Chase, Hannaford Supermarkets, Martin’s and Strack N Van Til.
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Adding these to additional McDonald’s locations, Smith’s locations, and even Walgreens and Wal-mart, getting free DVDs from Redbox will be just a click away for millions of more users over the next 12 months.

So, if you know someone in those areas, make sure you let them know about this website so they can get the latest info and free codes when Redbox comes to a location near them.
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This is great news for me here in Lehi, UT. It will put me within a 5 minute drive of 5 Redbox locations.

What about you – are you near any of these new locations? Let us know.

The latest partnership for Redbox has just been announced: We will start seeing the familiar DVD kiosk inside of of Walgreens stores in the Chicago and Houston areas very soon. After that, if the test is a success, we will see them elsewhere in the chain as well.
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So, if you know some people in the Chicago and Houston areas, tell them to be on the lookout for the Redbox, and have them visit this website to keep up with the latest information.
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You can read more about this in the Chicago Tribune by clicking here.

McDonald’s has just annouced their new “Arch Card”. It seems to be a prepaid card for food purchases – and Redbox rentals – at McDonald’s. It looks like they will use this to replace McDonald’s gift certificates…
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The release (which I received in my email box) says that when you purchase one of these cards, you get a free one night Redbox rental. Offer is currently good in Houston, Denver and Salt Lake City areas, and it expires on December 26, 2005.
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So, if you are a McDonald’s-goer, it is a no-brainer to pick up one of these and get your free rental.