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As they announced in July, Netflix has just turned on their Watch Instantly service for Canadians, marking their first foray into an international market.
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For now, the service is for streaming only – no DVDs will be delivered to Canada. That could possibly change in the future, but I wouldn’t count on at, as it would require major infrastructure investments that Netflix would probably rather not deal with, especially considering they see the DVD service itself declining as streaming continues to gain acceptance and additional content.

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Today is the day that XBox 360 owners are getting the “New XBox Experience” update, which is completely changing the Xbox 360 dashboard to be more like that of the Wii…

With this change, Netflix is also releasing HD streaming from their service to XBox Live Gold members. You have to be a Netflix member, too, of course.

So, the question is: How does this affect Redbox?
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As I have mentioned before, I do believe streaming is the future for movies and tv shows, but that future is not quite here yet. For me, the $1 price tag, the newest releases, and with the small inconvenience of stopping by one of the five Redbox locations within a mile of my house still make Redbox my #1 choice.

Have you used Netflix on the XBox 360? Will you try out their new HD streaming service?
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Let us know what you think.

Just a quick one today on an article posted by Dave over at the Motley Fool titled “3 Reasons to Sell Netflix Now“.

Can you guess what one of those reasons are? Yea, competition from Redbox…

Heavy competition : Netflix faces threats from not only Blockbuster’s (NYSE: BBI) Total Access, but also McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and CoinStar-owned RedBox DVD rental kiosks. Many investors see this competition, as well as online movie rentals from (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), posing a significant threat to future revenue.

Now, there are many saying Netflix is doing great and you should hold or buy, but these are just some counterpoints coming from an investment club over at Motley Fool.
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I am not sure what I think yet.
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Netflix does seem to be doing well, especially with their recent addition of streaming movies to their new Roku box, the XBox 360, as well as some other players. Since I think streaming is the future, they look to be in a good position.

However, with Redbox’s disruptive pricing model, I do see the price consumers are willing to pay for movie rentals coming down, so time will tell who comes out on top.

I was just over visiting the Hacking Netflix site and saw that Mike, the owner of the site, has posted a entry in his blog about us over here…

Anyway, it got me thinking about Netflix again (I used to use the service). It seems that Redbox (for those of us fortunate to have it) and Netflix might be the perfect combination of services.
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Use the Redbox for all of your new releases, and Netflix for everything else.
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So, what are your thoughts? Any of you using Netflix?

Maybe the regular “video store” is on it’s way out.