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I was just over visiting the Hacking Netflix site and saw that Mike, the owner of the site, has posted a entry in his blog about us over here…

Anyway, it got me thinking about Netflix again (I used to use the service). It seems that Redbox (for those of us fortunate to have it) and Netflix might be the perfect combination of services.
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Use the Redbox for all of your new releases, and Netflix for everything else.
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So, what are your thoughts? Any of you using Netflix?

Maybe the regular “video store” is on it’s way out.

20 Responses to “Redbox and Netflix… the Perfect combination?”

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    Tom [visitor]

    I think that redbox needs a recommendation system. This might help people figure out what they might like to rent.

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    Felix [visitor]

    They kind of have that through their sales system. They track the movies and statistics, they know….which is why im rushing out to buy coinstar stock now…

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    Sky [visitor]

    I got spoiled by Redbox when I lived in Hartford and had one at the Stop and Shop down the street. Now that I’ve moved to Seattle and I’m a thousand miles from the nearest Redbox, I’ve considered getting a Netflix membership, but it’s not really worth it to me. The beauty of Redbox is that I could get an inexpensive movie once in a while when I knew I’d have time to watch it. Netflix would charge me an ongoing fee to send me movies, and there are months where I simply don’t have the time — or desire — to watch a movie at all. I don’t want that membership fee, and my mail delivery is unreliable enough that I wouldn’t trust the service anyway. Redbox was so much less complicated and so much lower maintenance, and Netflix is — unfortunately — not a substitute.

    I’m hoping Redbox will come to this area soon. There’s certainly a market for it here, I think. However, since they’re expanding so heavily in the east coast region, I’d be surprised if they rolled out the boxes in this new market any time soon.

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    stephanie [visitor]

    well, I live in Houston and have 3 redbox’s in a 3 mile radius, so I use for the new releases and when I want something on the spot. I use netflix (that ships to and from Houston) for my tv shows and older movies. Because if I am used to $1 for new releases, no way am I paying $4 for an old one at the video stores….

    so, I have a Q, if you use several promo codes on the same credit card, will redbox continue to accept them? Usually I only use the ones(promos) they send out, but from the looks of the list, I have it made.

    Guess that is it.

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    Chuck [visitor]

    i live in denver & i have used a combination of netflix & redbox service. i was there when redbox began & have been loyal ever since. i cancelled my netflix due to budget constraints, but hope to get it back soon. i enjoyed the convenience of the 2. netflix usually stuck me on a wait list for new releases, but was really good with getting me everything else quickly. i know that i can count on redbox for new releases. YAY redbox. i work nights, so when i get off on tuesday mornings i head straight to the nearest redbox & catch the new releases. now that i know about this site, maybe i can do the 1 – 2 combo again. =o)

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    Sherr [visitor]

    I cancelled my netflix subscription last year because roughly one in four movies I received were unplayable. We checked the box on the sleeve marking them unplayable, but never heard a word from Netflix. When calling to complain, we were told “sorry” but never received a credit. I called Redbox last week when the machine froze up while I was returning my movie. I was really impressed with their customer service.

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      Larena [visitor]

      I was having a problem with Netflix movies for a while also. When I found that they froze my account and was about to cancel my membership cause of too many “problems” I was having, I explained some things to their representative. I told them of the steps I already took myself and the girl was impressed, she asked if I would be able to get my movies at work to try something. She made the shipping address change and wow what a difference, most of the problem I was having seemed to be neighborhood/mailman related. I have never had a problem since. I cannot speak for the redbox customer service, as I have not had to use it yet.

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    Matt Turley [visitor]

    I think you’ve nailed it. If you are a heavy Netflix user you may get “throttled” on new releases, so you just use Redbox to take care of some of those. If I see a newer release that has “long wait” next to it on Netflix, I will either get it from the video store or preferably Redbox.

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    Goofy [visitor]

    Blockbuster Online is going to kick NetFlix’s butt with their new “Total Access” program. What they are doing now is you have two options of returning your online rentals. You can still mail them back and receive the next one from your queue or you can take your online rentals to your local BlockBuster Store, swap it out with any DVD rental AND have the next DVD in your online queue shipped out. All this for the same $18.99 price. That means you will never be without a DVD to watch. You can’t beat it.

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    russell white [visitor]

    I just used Redbox and it was great!!!! You can’t beat the price, $1.00 + tax. I agree that Redbox and Netflix would make a good combo !!!!

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    frankwhite [visitor]

    Netflix is good but blockbuster is soon to be busting down doors.

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    Carmen [visitor]

    I love my Netflix. I’ve had it for a few years now with no problems. I first started Netflix b/c I work odd hours and was racking up late charges at the regular videos store like nobody’s business. I know lots of people are now on Blockcuster but I don’t like them. I think they are notorious for finding a way to sneak in hidden charges and changing their rules. Netflix is one simple plan it has not changed. Blockbusters has changed their plan twice since it started. I don’t have the attention for Blockbuster. They are still trying to sneak in late fees.
    I do feel sorry for the independent video store. The one in my neighborhood is closing it’s doors this month after 22 years. I would still rent from them from time to time b/c I felt guilty not supporting local business.

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    Kelli [visitor]

    I have netflix & am a huge fan of it. I would recommend it to anyone. I recently started using redbox & now i am hooked. Together I get to watch whatever I want whenever I want. Perfect!

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    all of you are COOL

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    I don’t understand how they can give out the codes on inside redbox is it legal?? can you get into any problems cause i had a problem with a movie and redbox was really cool and gave me a free code to use for a free movie,then today I go on line and check out this site and wouldn’t you know it the code they gave me was on inside redbox list.I don’t understand how they let these codes stay on so long cause the one redbox gave me there was no time to have to use it,like today or tomorrow so how long do they keep it on and should you use different debit or credit cards every time you use a code.this is so cool.I am a giant movie watcher,all day 4 to 5 videos every other day,nothing but nothing beats redbox for 1.00 as long as you watch them right a way like my I rented 5 cost? 5 bucks and tax if I went to blockbuster22.00 plus tax now thats a fuck’n savings people I am 57 yrs old and watch movies all day what a country !!!!

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    David [visitor]

    So true the way I use it is like this, Redbox for the hot new releases (matter of fact i get everything box carries), Hollywood video for older stuff and tv shows, and netflix for the stuff hard to get.

    Redbox (New Releases)
    Blockbuster store (7,000)
    Hollywood Video Store (9,000) Use The Pass
    Blockbuster Online (80,000)
    Netflix (90,000) Use this plan

    It’s clear to see the way

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      Kris [visitor]

      The problem with that David, is that if you keep using Redbox, Hollywood video will close and you won’t get the older stuff and tv shows locally.

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        David [visitor]

        Kris, Hollywood is strong and if they can’t keep up there is others. Currently I have gone my collection with their best deal in the world, they are selling movies at 1.99 each. I have been getting every movie that comes at that price. On day I had to do 3 transactions of 30 movies to get 90 at one time. in the last two weeks I have added about 200 new movies to my collection, matter of fact the manager there said I just became here best customer. She gets them from other stores and lets me get first pick so i can get one of everything. I told her about a rewards program like blockbuster and Hollywood is now working on getting a rewards program. As long as they keep with the battle in renting they will be doing fine. When I am at blockbuster I tell people there about things they can get cheaper than blockbuster. And because I am a custumer the employees don’t want to loss my business. Matter of fact I tell people how I got messed over by their online and have turned 23 over to netflix, and with their movie pass because Hollywood you can get the same but an extra movie for free or half price for older I have converted about 50 people to Hollywood. I sell what I believe in and redbox, Hollywood, and Netflix I believe in.

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    Kris [visitor]

    I personally don’t like Redboxes. The sole reason is because while you do business with Redbox, you put money in the pocket of no one but a corporate giant. When you go to your local video store, you put money into the pocket of local families and food on their tables. I’d much rather contribute to a local family’s living than contribute toward a few people’s 3rd islands even if it means paying a couple extra bucks. It’s worth it to me any day. Small businesses just can’t compete with those prices. The video store in my town is still hanging on after 25 years due to loyal customers who understand the vice of corporate America, but they’ll probably close soon due to the Redbox in Wal-Mart which is sad to me. Another one bites the dust to Wal-Mart. Google “the Wal-Mart effect” and you’ll understand.

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    Hey Netflix is great! So many choices of things not in Video Rental stores. I use redbox for latest movies and netflix for foriegn, concerts, underground, artsy fartsy, comedy ect. Great combo redbox and netflix