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The Baltimore Sun and are reporting on the upcoming addition of 400 Redbox kiosks into Stop & Shop and Giant Food stores by March. According to the articles, that is about 80% of all locations of the two supermarket chains…

Also, the article gives the December numbers for Redbox: 1.1 million dvd rentals in 800 locations. This is the largest number yet, as Redbox continues to grow.

So, get a pen (or your printer) handy and visit our Redbox codes page to get your free night’s dvd rental.

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2 Responses to “Good news for Redbox in Baltimore (and other markets)”

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    Davis Freeberg [visitor]

    I couldn’t find a submission link or an email address, but I thought that you might be interested in my take on what this means to Redbox and the stand alone video store.

    I’m glad to see the DVD kiosk continue to gain momentum. I’m sure that the next ten years are going to be pretty fun for the kiosk industry.

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    davis freeberg [visitor]

    Since I can’t find your email address on the site, I’m just going to start posting all of my good Redbox stories here. Last year, I went head to head with Wall St. analyst Michael Pachter on the future of Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Surprisingly, he took the time out to personally address some of the issue I brought. A year later, I revisted my conversation with Mr. Pachter and looked at where the DVD industry is heading today.

    Redbox has certainly begun to move past the testing stage and into the implementation stage, but there are still many challenges facing the company. If Blockbuster Video is the first to successfully negotiate burn on demand rights, then Redbox would be put at a serious disadvantage. This industry is still young, but it will be fascinating to watch how Redbox goes after the video store market.