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Hey everyone. I just added Baltimore to the redbox codes section of the site. So, make sure you use that if you are in the Baltimore area, instead of using D.C.

By the way, I am going to be adding a few cool new features soon.
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Take a minute and post a comment about what you would like to see added to this site.

6 Responses to “Baltimore just added to Redbox codes section”

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    chart [visitor]

    i’d like to see the lists offered in a Palm friendly format, so that when I sync, i get the codes on my PDA. that saves me from having to write or print, and i’d always be up-to-date. currently i have to paste HTML text into notepad, and paste plain text from notepad into excel, and paste code column from excel into a palm desktop memo, and sync my palm. i personally don’t feel comfortable carrying 4 pages of large-text codes into mcdonalds.

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    Tom McGovern [visitor]

    Just FYI in the northeast Stop & Shop Supermarkets are currently in the process of installing red boxes in their locations. As per their newsletter, looks like they’re going to be 400 more red box locations in the northeast soon!. BTW, I’m near one of the first ones installed, and the code ONLINE works, but i’m going to take a list to the box and confirm what other codes work.

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    bryan [visitor]

    this is to the guy with the palm pilot. why don’t you
    use avantgo to store this page. it will sync when you
    sync your palm.

    just a thought