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Hey everyone. Sorry you haven’t heard from me in awhile. I have been real busy working on other projects (what? You thought I just spent my entire day at the Redbox? :))…

Anyway, I ran into a real interesting article today that mentions our beloved Redbox dvd rental kiosk, and that talks a bit about other similar technologies.

You can read the article here:

These kiosks are doing a lot of things now – even selling iPods. While that is cool, I don’t know if it is what we will find in kiosks in the future.

What I see coming soon is the ability to have any move we want to watch burned to DVD on the fly, then “self-destructing” after 48 hours or so. That way, we won’t even need to return it.

Wouldn’t it be cool to request your movie online, and then go down to your local Redbox and pick it up within 20 mins or so? Would you pay $2-3 per movie if you could rent whatever you want, when you want it?

Also, what other technologies do you think are on the horizon?

I would love to hear from you all. Let me know what you think.

12 Responses to “Redbox – changing the dvd rental marketplace and more”

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    Ryan Gardner [visitor]

    This post has a title that your mod-rewrite rules doesn’t like… I think it’s the “…” in it that might be causing it to go crazy… this means nobody will be able to comment on it unless they are crazy like me and manually find it using the PHP ?p=## command and find the correct post # (this one is post #17..)

    I had to go to “” to post this comment…

    Good to see the codes are back up :)

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    Ryan Gardner [visitor]

    Oh, one thought for the future… You might want to modify the PHP file that gives you the error that your database isn’t being accessed properly to send you an email or something instead of just showing the warning… This would let you know sooner if something is going bonkers….

  3. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Thanks, Ryan… It is fixed now.

    As far as the website being down, I hope it never happens again!

    The fact is, the database problem was created by me, so I knew about it right away, anyway! :) I just didn’t make a fix right away because I was really busy.

    Take care.

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    brandon [visitor]

    I was wondering about a header on the site a few weeks back that took you to a link for DVD box sets. I noticed it is not currently there, and was wondering if it was only up for a short amount of time, or if you’re planning on putting it back up. Thanks for the great work you do on this site!


  5. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    I was running a test to see if anyone was interested, but I didn’t get any takers in the time I had it up. I can offer them at great prices, but only if I get enough interest that I can buy them in sufficient quantities.

    Anyone else interested in this?

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    Heather [visitor]

    Hey Everyone,
    Would it be too much to ask that you stop letting your children handle the DVDs you rent from redbox? Every single children’s DVD I rent is scratched to bits. I rented one tonight that was completely broken in half. Most of them look like they’ve been cleaned with steel wool. Any adult movie I rent is fine, but I swear parents must toss the kiddy DVDs back in the car seat for the kids to play with, as if it were a toy out of the happy meal.