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Today is the day that XBox 360 owners are getting the “New XBox Experience” update, which is completely changing the Xbox 360 dashboard to be more like that of the Wii…

With this change, Netflix is also releasing HD streaming from their service to XBox Live Gold members. You have to be a Netflix member, too, of course.

So, the question is: How does this affect Redbox?
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As I have mentioned before, I do believe streaming is the future for movies and tv shows, but that future is not quite here yet. For me, the $1 price tag, the newest releases, and with the small inconvenience of stopping by one of the five Redbox locations within a mile of my house still make Redbox my #1 choice.

Have you used Netflix on the XBox 360? Will you try out their new HD streaming service?
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Let us know what you think.

4 Responses to “Netflix HD Streaming on the XBox 360 Goes Live”

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    John Reed [visitor]

    I use all three services, Xbox, Netflix, and Redbox. I use the 1 at a time plan and I use RedBox to pick up a new release or something in a pinch, or out on a vacation with friends. Until a streaming service can offer new releases on the day of release, Kiosks and B&M stores will survive. Pay Per View didn’t eliminate Blockbuster becuase they can’t offer same day releases as the B&M stores.

    Netflix is already looking at the future of movie distribution, the only thing I’m worried about for RedBox is they don’t seem to have an alternative plan for if/when physical rentals/distribution goes away.

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    BlockbustgerDvdRentals [visitor]

    Video rental is becoming increasingly competitive with streaming options and kiosk options now available. The price per rental is also rapidly dropping. I like Netflix options but prefer Blockbuster’s video selection, in store return policy, and I like Redbox for their price.

  3. Member [Join Now]

    still the biggest hurdle has got to be the average persons internet speed, I personally have the fastest available in my area and it tops out at a sustained 270 KB per sec which is to slow for HD streaming and not to mention the crappy quality of my ISP with its constant drop outs because there DNS server is a piece of crap. So for me physical disks will always win because as long as I have power I can watch them and i’m not reliant on my ISP.

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    Radman [radman]
    I work with VBG. To find out why this is important, click here.

    You need to be a Netflix subscriber, own an XBox360 and have a gold card xbox 360 account.

    They will be replacing the XBox 360 within a newer version within a couple of years, they will discontinue the service on the 360 at that time and make you buy the newer version.

    Though this is pretty cool it is a non factor and does nothing to Redbox or any other venue.