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Redbox New Releases for August 11, 2009

6 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for August 11, 2009”

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    chris [visitor]

    why are there so many straight to dvd films in redbox? Does anyone actually watch them? I Love You Man looks funny so i’ll rent that

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    Joe [visitor]

    Chris, my wife and I watch a lot of D2D stuff. It can be very entertaining. Plus movies like The Code are D2D but have stars like Morgan Freeman and Val Kilmer. You’d be surprised with the enjoyment you can receive from these.

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    champ633 [visitor]

    Will I be able to rent the new releases for august 11 at 1201 am?

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      I was told it depends how the machine is set up… If you can reserve them online it works. Try one time and see. They told me either midnight or 9 am. To me sounds kindof late in the day….

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      Wendi [visitor]

      It may depend on the kiosk, but I have been at one and waited until 12:01 to rent a movie and it worked.

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    looked at 1214am est time and nothing is out this week..maybe its cent time.