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It looks like 2008 was a good year for Redbox. According to Coinstar’s most recent earnings report, Redbox revenue doubled (to about $400 million) and earnings nearly quadrupled (to $72 million) from 2007 to 2008.

At the end of 2007, Redbox had 6,550 kiosks. When 2008 came to an end, they had 12,900.
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By the end of 2009 Redbox expects to have about 20,000 kiosks in operation.

Another interesting statistic is Redbox’s overall market share for the DVD rental market. In 2007 they had about 2.3% of the market. Now, at the end of 2008, they jumped to 9%. Company projections show they will have 13% of the market at the end of 2009.

To read the full story, check out VideoBusiness.

It looks like Redbox is leaving smaller operators TNR/Moviecube and DVDPlay in the dust.
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They had only 2,300 and 1,400 kiosks in operation at the end of 2008, respectively. Blockbuster is still planning on entering the market, though, with an initial surge of 10,000 kiosks. We’ll see if they actually go through with it.

With Coinstar to have 100% ownership at the end of the month, will Redbox remain the market leader? And, the real question is, when will they file for that IPO, and how many of you will buy their stock?

7 Responses to “Coinstar to Own 100% of Redbox, Earnings Up 374%”

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    I’ll buy Redbox stock if Coinstar spins them off into their own IPO. Yes, definitely!

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    Davis Freeberg [visitor]

    I have a funny feeling that this is their IPO. Blockbuster first went public via a similar reverse merger as well. Coinstar has other businesses, but instead of spinning Redbox off, they’ll probably assume complete control or the business and build it out further. They could still end up selling Redbox to someone else, but why bother when they are producing that kind of cash? When you consider that Coinstar bought their first stake for $20 million, today’s purchase price may seem expensive, but when you look at the financial multiples, it’s clear that Coinstar is getting a pretty good deal on the transaction. Certainly, their investors think so. Their stock is up over 20% on the news and most companies tend to see their stock go down when they acquire another business. It will be interesting to see what 100% ownership means for Redbox’s operations, but already Coinstar has made a killing on this investment. Hopefully, they won’t make too many organizational changes. What Redbox’s management team has created is nothing short of impressive. It’d be nice to know whether or not McDonalds threw in a long term deal with Redbox before giving up their equity.

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    how do you become an owner of red box ?

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      Todd [visitor]

      If you are interested in having a redbox, go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and on the right side you will see a link that says “Get a Redbox” – just click the link, answer some questions, and there ya go…..

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        john dice [visitor]

        You dont own a RedBox, you just house a box. You can go to the site and request one for you, they will look into for you.

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    I work for Coinstar and we are very proud to have Redbox as part of our family as for a indivual IPO I don’t think so. There are new things to come in the future for redbox but, you will see them later. As for Redbox being a leader aren’t we already!

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    LuvLee [visitor]

    now that coinstar owns it, is anything goingto change with Redbox?? i hope not.. unless there is some way to make it better.