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Wow! The response to last Friday’s update regarding the “Know the Codes” card has been overwhelming. I appreciate all of the comments and the feedback. I replied to many of your comments, so if you have not had a chance to read over all the comments, definitely take a look at them on last weeks post titled “More people = More free movies”.

This week is bringing more exciting things for InsideRedbox, as well as the Redbox in general…
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This week I was able to get in touch with Greg Waring, Redbox VP of Marketing, and got him to agree to an interview where he will answer some questions concerning the future of Redbox. With recent partnerships they have made, things are looking great for them, and for us. I suggested that Redbox should do as much as possible to keep us in the loop and get our feedback, so he agreed to do this interview.

Another thing he told me is that all of the Redbox management loves this website – they think of us as their biggest fans. So, to all of you who may be worried about Redbox shutting this site down – you can stop worrying now. They love us!

He also told me something else that I found quite funny – make sure you read the “Did you call Redbox?” section below to find out what it is, and why it is important…


This week the question of the week is designed to see what you all want to know from Redbox. I will take a handful of your questions and have Greg answer them during our interview, and then I will post the interview here on

Question: What is your #1 question/suggestion for Redbox?

The more comments we get on this one the better, so I can grill Greg on all the topics that are of interest to you, the Redbox customers.

Click here and scroll down to answer this week’s question.


When I talked with Greg to setup the interview, he told me something that surprised me – and I thought was a little funny. He said that they get a lot of calls to their customer service number from people who seem to think this site is an official Redbox site – it is not.

He said that people are calling them and reporting how some of the codes listed on “their” site were not working. Of course, they don’t have any codes on their site, and I think their customer service people are a little confused! :)

So, to clarify: is not affiliated with Redbox, McDonald’s or CoinStar. This website is an independent site operated by me for the benefit of Redbox users. By me, for you – not Redbox. OK? :)

I am currently working on a redesign of the site, and I will make this point more clear in the future. So, please stop calling Redbox telling them their codes aren’t working – just report that here on the Redbox Codes page. Thanks!


I also asked Greg about the codes – and if they were planning on shutting them off anytime soon because it is costing them too much money. Want to know what he said? Well, you will have to wait for the interview, and everything will be made more clear. So, make sure you stay tuned for future updates…

If you are not registered to receive our weekly email update, make sure you register now using the “Insider Updates” box near the top right-hand side of this page. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this information.

If you haven’t read about the “Know the Codes” program, make sure you read more about it on our Know the Codes page. Lets keep those codes coming – more Redbox movies for all!

Click here for Redbox Codes.

That’s it for this week. Make sure you answer this week’s “Question of the Week” so I can get all the info you want to know out of Greg during the interview. Stay tuned for a future update to let you know when the interview is available.
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Have a great week!


PS: If you have friends that use the Redbox (or that would if you would stop keeping it a secret from them!), make sure you tell them about the upcoming interview, and about the “Know the Codes” program. Click here to tell a friend (or five!) about us today!

65 Responses to “Redbox Update – The future of Redbox is…”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Annaka [visitor]

    I also am wondering why there are not more new releases. I often get excited for my kids that a new movie came out to redbox, only to find it not in the box. So! Is there any plans to release MORE new releases? Thanks!!

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Cassie [visitor]

    How can we find out about Job Opportunities at Redbox?

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Doug [visitor]

    Questions you could ask the VP,

    1. Is how do we get a McDonald’s to have a Redbox and how do we get locations to get a 2nd redbox? Currently the McDonald’s in Centerville, UT doesn’t have a Redbox and the one on Hill Field road by the Layton Hills mall has only 1 redbox and it is very crowded there.
    2. When will redbox expand to other states? Why the delay?
    3. It would be nice if Redbox would grey out or put an “X” on the movies that have been loaded into the machine but haven’t been released yet. I always get behind the person that has zero techincal knowledge and they click on every single new release movie that hasn’t been released yet and wonder why they can’t get it. The can’t see at the bottom the small print that tells them the release date. That would save some time for people waiting in line.
    3. Also another time saver would be to put the movies in release order, alphabetically order and an option to sort by rating. I get behind several people that have to page through 5 pages of movies and waste time just to find the movie they want. Some people only want PG-13 or under movies and if you could sort by just them that would save a lot of time. Or people want to just look at the new releases in the last 2 weeks only.
    4. How many movies does 1 machine hold? Why not put more new releases in?
    5. Of course I am all for a seperate return slot and a drive thru option with a car. That way we don’t have to stand outside in the 0 degree temperature waiting for our turn.
    6. Why doesn’t redbox get movies from local artists in Utah?


  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Chris [visitor]

    Can RedBOX add a “How did you hear about us?” to there Initial rental on a kiosk so that we could help spread the word and possibly be rewarded by receiving a promo code. I LOVE REDBOX. They have one at our Grocery store that is open 24/7 Its amazing being able to rent great movies in the middle of the night for Night Owls like myself. Thanks Redbox. I do use promo codes but I usually use them so that I can keep the movie two days for the cost of just one day. I often pay. Its so Cheap. They should create a second kiosk system for video games. That would be Amazing. Video Games are so expensive anymore even to rent. Does REDBOX have any intentions on getting Video Games into their Systems? You could easily price it at 3-5 bucks and wipe out Blockbuster and Hollywood Video with their 5-8 dollar Video game rentals. I stopped renting video games because it costs so much.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lana Gunnell [visitor]

    I have a question. I rented 2 DVD’s today and thought I used the code but when I got home and checked my bank statement it showed 2 charges. Did I do something wrong? The code I used was icicle.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Joy [visitor]

    I’m wondering does Redbox francise? I would love to manage a few machines as a side business. Or do they only partner with the big boys like McDonald’s or grocery store chains.

    I also loved the idea of multiple ways to search thru available movies. Genres would be another great way to search.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    steve [visitor]

    This site kicks major ass thanks for all you do michael ! and if you wouldnt mind PLEASE ask him these two questions.

    1. Are you guys planning to have a ” Red Box ” for Video games anytime in the near future?

    2. When will Red box start carrying Blu-Ray Dvd’s ?

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sam [visitor]

    Will Redbox franchise the machines?

  9. Member [Join Now]

    I’d like to see possibly a different return time set up. Something more like you have up to 36 hrs to return your movie. I think this will be easier for everyone waiting in line to return it by 7pm. Also what if someone rented a movie at 1159pm, they would have to watch and return the movie 19 hrs,but if someone renter it at 1201am, they would have up to 43 hrs. That isn’t exactly fair.

    I’d also like to know if possibly they are thinking about printing out on site receipts with return dates and times on them.And maybe something more with the website to help a renter keep track of rentals and returns.

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Hector Rodriguez [visitor]

    Hi i am from Puerto Rico and recently i stop by and rent a movie from rentbox in an Walmart Super Center in Caguas. And i will like to know it is a franchise available to obtain them please let me know the requierments. Thanks

    Hector Rodriguez

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kevin [visitor]

    I live to the west of Saint Louis in Saint Charles. Near where we live with have a Grocery Store with a Red Box inside. And in the parking lot is a McDonalds with a Red Box outside. The Redbox in the grocery store is sort of snuck away and hidden. I’m not sure if many people know about it?? A while back a nother grocery store just down the road from these two Redbox Locations installs something called a MovieCube. It’s the same idea of Redbox but in a slightly differnt flavor.

    Here’s the differences
    1. Shows all movies even if a movie is not available (says available soon)

    2. Return time is Midnight the next day (this is wonderful and helps out a lot)

    3. Stocks lots of favorite movies which are not NEW releases

    4. The case is a placstic sleve and the DVD slides in and locks. (I was not sure how good this would be but I have to say that it works fine – to get the move out you simply squeeze it and the DVD can be retrieved easily enough. The insides of the plastic sleve are felt I think!)

    There are features about Redbox I like better tho – searching for the DVD is easier because you can look by date or title. This is not available on the MovieCube as far as I know…

    Anyway… I guess you are looking for questions in all of this.
    1. How is Redbox preparing to stay ahead of the game?
    2. What features can we look forward to in the future?
    3. When will Redbox adopt HD DVD / BlueRay?
    4. What is Redbox’s answer to the Midnight Return at MovieCube?
    5. Who was first to the game…? Redbox or MovieCube? MovieCube states they were founded in 2002 on their website.

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Scott Mitchell [visitor]

    If there are no plans to franchise then do the coinstar operators also do the redbox maintenence? How about just a job working for you….I spent 12 years working for Canteen Corp. Do you take applications? Too bad you could not have used venture capitalists instead of ‘Junk King’ McDonalds for what I am sure was a needed infusion of cash at the beginning.

    Keep up the good work….Redbox is sooooo cool!

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ali [visitor]

    Hi, new to the site. I desperately want to know if there is anyway to buy redbox stock. Do we buy coinstar stock to represent redbox? Or is redbox going to release there own stock to the public? Any info will be helpful. Thank you.

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kerin [visitor]

    How can I own a Redbox or invest with them?

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danny [visitor]

    I would also like to know how i could invest in Redbox and can I get a Franchise

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ryan M [visitor]

    Quote SuperErnie:
    “If the system could evaluate if it has been in constant use, (perhaps a 90 second time-out without any screen touches) and would not penalize those who may have been standing in the 10th or 12th spot back in line just to return their movies, this might also be an acceptable solution in the interim.”

    Oh hey, I hope I am not too late to chime in on this.
    I noticed tonight that my favorite RedBox location now has…wait for it…2 RedBoxes! Yay!

    (I am in what was originally a pilot market for RedBox, and so maybe they’re trying something new here)

    Anyway, on the way home I was thinking how 1 machine should be locked out and do only returns, and online rentals. Because I love the online rental thing, and when I have to stand in line to swipe my card and get a DVD, that’s almost as frustrating as waiting to make a return.

    So anyway, then I thought that would be a silly solution if it was the middle of the day, not busy, and 2 people wanted to rent at the same time.

    So then I saw what SuperErnie said, and I thought “Brilliant!”

    The RedBox should use software to see how it’s doing, and then if the RedBox can tell it’s peak-operation time, if it’s a location with 2 boxes, it should lock one of the boxes out for browsing, and only allow returns and online-rental checkouts.

    This would speed up the line, and since it would give priority to people doing online rentals, it would encourage more people to do their BROWSING AT HOME! Which would in general also speed up the whole “wait to rent in the freezing cold” thing.

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    Fan [visitor]

    1. Would like to see a two-sided Redbox that allows returns while someone is browsing for a dvd.

    2. Which markets are they planning to roll out in the future?

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    abc_22 [visitor]

    my experience, more often than not, redbox promo codes don’t work. the message ‘server is busy, please try again later’ is the typical response. what a waste of gas and building a poor reputation. what a way to build the business… unsatisfied many times over.

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Carlos [visitor]

    I just want to know if I can invest on RED BOX or own one? and how can I do that.

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tia [visitor]

    Ask the CEO when we can expect to be able to rent video games from a redbox kiosk. Games for PS3, xbox and Wii. I have a Wii and would absolutely love that!
    They would make a killing!!!!! This idea would revolutionize the game industry and put a hold on other stores like blockbuster and others that charge an outrageous amount.
    IF the person doesn’t return the game, then they will be charged full value for the game. I think that’s pretty fair.
    Come on CEO, see it my way! It helps everyone!!!

  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    Troy [visitor]

    Can you ask him when and if Redbox will go public? Are they going to stay affiliated with coin star or will it become its own company?