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News from Redbox – Jan 16, 2007

Middle of Winter.
Four Day Work Week.
Redbox sees at least four movies in your future.

Kick it off with the goofball comedy Employee of the Month. Dane Cook and Dax Shepard play a couple of seriously underachieving warehouse workers—that is, until they hear that the company babe (played by Jessica Simpson) will date whoever wins employee of the month. Dane Cook’s character decides to take on the goodie goodie, Shepard, to win the affections of a seriously hot Simpson.

Or maybe you want to be inspired in a different sort of way. Then check out Gridiron Gang. The Rock and Xzibit star in the story of a coach who teaches juveniles in detention to work together and believe in themselves by playing football. This movie isn’t short on heart. (Or muscle. You seen The Rock lately? Redbox needs to hit the gym.) You can grab it online today.

You know Leatherface is a chainsaw-wielding maniac.
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But did you ever wonder why? Did he not get that pony for Christmas? Too much teasing in gym class? Now you can find out by renting The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. It takes you to the all the way back, telling the story of a would-be serial killer and the kids he terrorizes (with Jordana Brewster, Taylor Handley and R. Lee Ermey).

Those are all available online. Or you could grab these previous releases. Shoot, grab all of them.

Crank is the story of an assassin who has to keep his pulse elevated to keep from being killed by a certain poison he’s been injected with. Sound exciting? Jason Statham works so hard, you’ll be worn out just watching him. No, it won’t count as your exercise for the day.

For a trip back to the picturesque magic of 19th century Vienna, grab The Illusionist. Edward Norton plays a magician who desperately wants to win the love of the high-society Jessica Biel. Redbox knows where he’s coming from.

Or for even more sci-fi, Steven Strait, Laura Ramsey and Sebastian Stan star in The Covenant—a good old tale about a secret legion of people with superpowers fighting an ancient evil.
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