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Recently I have been thinking about something that I have received many questions about over the past year, and I wanted to address it directly. Is something I probably should have done a long time ago, but just haven’t.
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And, along with this comes a special program I have put together that I need your help with. More on that in a minute…


I think I will be changing up the format of my posts a bit, as well as possibly the frequency. I think I am going to write a post whenever there is some news to report, and then refer back to it in my weekly recap. Also, if you hear any news that I haven’t written about, send it my way by emailing “mail [at]”.

This week I learned about another company similar to Redbox, that is actually just as big as Redbox. They are in mostly different markets, but have just as many kiosks. And, guess what, they have promo codes, too…

[I was going to tell you more about this company here, but I don’t want to take away from the important message I have below. So, look out for more information about this company in a few days. In the meantime, make sure you keep reading below…]


OK, so a question I get asked a lot is “Where do these Redbox codes come from anyway?” Well, that is a good question, and it deserves a good answer…

Many people think Redbox codes come from Redbox (well, duh). But, they may come in a different way than you think. You see, Redbox just doesn’t give out codes to random people and that is how they end up on our site, but they actually put codes in their system that they don’t tell anyone about, and we get to discover them. Its a lot like an Easter egg hunt for free movies…

So, obviously the more people that try new codes, the more codes we are going to have to use. And, of course, the way for more people to try more codes, is for more people to know that they need to! So, what can you do about this?

1) You can try more codes yourself. Think of things related to the season, or to recent movies, events, etc… All of these are good candidates for Redbox codes. And then, next time you are down at the Redbox, try a few.

2) You can tell more people about The more people that come to this site, the more free codes we are going to get. They will read this message, and do what you are doing, and therefore more free movies for everyone! Read “Know the Codes?” below for more info…

Now, some people ask me if this is illegal or something. That maybe Redbox doesn’t like us sharing codes, and that we are stealing DVDs. Let me just say, that Redbox loves all the publicity they can get, and giving out free codes is sure a great way to get more people using your service. If they didn’t want people getting free movies, they would stop creating codes!

Get your Redbox codes here.

Read on for the good stuff…


So, because we all want more free movies, and Redbox wants more people to use their service, I am creating what I call the “Know the Codes” program. You love free stuff, right? So do your friends and neighbors. And, remember, if more people know about testing codes, we will all get more free movies.

So, how does this work, you ask? There are 2 simple ways you can participate in the “Know the Codes” program…

1) Tell people directly. This is easy enough. Call a friend. Tell your neighbor when you see them.
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Tell someone standing in line at the Redbox. Send out a few emails.

Just tell them to visit, and let the website do the rest. These are all great ways to get the word out to people directly. And, #2 is even better…

2) Use the “Know the Codes” card. I have just created a cool little card you can stick on your local Redbox to let everyone who uses it know about our cool free movie club we have going here. You can simply print it, cut it out, and stick it on the Redbox, or you can write the short note on a 3×5 card (or whatever you want, really) and stick it on there. Whatever is easier for you.

Click here to get your “Know the Codes” card and start sharing the love today!


I anticipate a lot of comments/questions about what I have written above, so instead of the usual question, just leave a comment letting me know what you think about the “Know the Codes” program. I really want to hear from you.

Click here and scroll down to leave your comment.

So, that is it for this week. I know it was a long update, but there was a lot to say. I look forward to hearing from you, and to all of us getting more free movies in the future!

May your 2007 be great!


33 Responses to “Redbox Update – More people = more free movies”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Robert [visitor]


    Great Idea. i love free movies. i get mine at the local mcdonalds in vandalia, il. i heard about it from one of my daughter’s friends. i dont know if mcd’s will let me put the sticker on but i will try. have a good one michael and thanks a lot.


  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    ipod man [visitor]

    The Idea for the cue card to put on the redbox site is kinda good but don’t you think the company will catch on and then just disable promo codes on the machines if ther see a huge surge in free videos? I think this becomes counter productive to its actual purpose.

    I do love the web site and the information .


  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dave [visitor]

    It’s probably both a good and bad idea. RedBox would love the publicity and by having more potential customers they would be able to expand more, which benefits all of us. However, this also could increase the risk of more free-riders who might abuse the service just for free movies. I know I’m probably being a bit paranoid. It’s awesome to get free movies once in a while, but we should also support the service by contributing once in a while. Unfortunately there are those who don’t think that way.

    It’ll all come down to simple economics of increased sales/revenue vs cost of free movies. If there are too many free-riders out there, then RedBox would decrease or even terminate the promo codes – that would be bad for all of us.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kristy [visitor]

    It costs a buck for crying out loud.. you cheap asses should just pay it or go back to developing useful websites that keep your tight ass out of trouble.. I mean c’mon it’s only a buck to rent, where are your morals? Can I come to your house for a visit and maybe pick up a few free things on my way out? I can’t beleive the lack of conscience. What happened to doing the right thing?

    Just plain sad.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Diane [visitor]

    Our Redbox is located at the front of the market where the check stands are. This location is a very, very busy area. When someone is using Redbox, a group of people stop and watch, because they don’t know what it is. To be able to stand there and try different codes to see if they work is a bad idea here because of the traffic and limited space. When someone uses Redbox, they usually “hit-and-run,” because there are shopping carts, baggers, children, and shoppers all jammed in one area.

    To be able to post a list of codes is also out of the question. It will be seen as “trashing” the kiosk.

    Suggestion: Why not email valid codes to us as a reward for use of the kiosk instead of making us stand there and try different codes to see if they work?

    I give this 10 thumbs down.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kirsti [visitor]

    This is what has happened to me and why I don’t think Redbox will ever stop makeing promo codes available.
    1. I wondered what Redbox was all about so I visited a kiosk.
    2. I rented a couple of times and thought cool. (Wondered, upon checkout “What does ‘rent with promo code’ mean?”
    3. Put “Redbox promo codes” in my internet search engine and found Inside Redbox. :)
    4. Started using promo codes to rent at Redbox. Often, probably at least 50% of the time, however, I keep my movie and extra day under the guise that “Well the first day was free I can afford to keep it an extra day, heck it’s only a buck.”
    5. Began to think “I’m using Redbox now more than my video store memebership that is costing me $15 a month, lets cancel.” We did.
    6. Now ALL the movies I rent come from Redbox! (This makes Redbox very happy!)

    Now even with using Promo codes I spend at least $15 a month at Redbox. All because I could use a promo code to save a buck.

    I’m sure my story is not unique and it is the story that Redbox wants to hear so…

    Way to go Redbox. Keep those Promo Codes comming.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    HENRY [visitor]

    This is a very very bad idea ?!!??!
    2) Use the “Know the Codes” card. You can simply print it, cut it out, and stick it on the Redbox, or you can write the short note on a 3×5 card (or whatever you want, really) and stick it on there. Whatever is easier for you.

    This is a very very bad idea ?!!??!

    Reason, the people who work for Redbox (the one who fill up the red box with new released movie every tuesday) will also see and know about this and so he/she will tell redbox and redbox will do something about this. Either this site will be shut down, they will sue you or the will stop creating new codes or creating few codes.?!?!

    What do you think?!??!?!

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    HENRY [visitor]


    Please kill/delete link and direction to 2) Use the “Know the Codes” card.

    You will kill this site soon and also alert red box about it?!?!??!

    Also, Much more traffic at the red bos kios that is already crowded????!!?

    Not all people support you as you can see in the previous comments?!?!?!?

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Chris [visitor]

    I tend to agree with the aforemention comments. I think that if a person wants a code that they should have to do a little searching. It should not be that easy and I do not have a good reason why not, just doesn’t seem right. I like to see all the other people in line with their credit cards then I don’t feel bad for getting mine for free. I think “At least someone is paying” But, I do mention it to whoever is waiting in line with me . .if they seem friendly. Under my breath I’m all “hey do ya need a code” Like I’m some sort of drug dealer or something. Usually they don’t know what I’m talking about.

  10. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    I appreciate all the comments from everyone. Great to hear some feedback.

    I want to address one particular quote from Diane above:

    “To be able to post a list of codes is also out of the question. It will be seen as “trashing” the kiosk.”

    This is EXACTLY what I say NOT to do on the “Know the Codes” page and the instructions. Posting a list of codes on the machine is counterproductive to Redbox and the purpose of this program. It would certainly cause problems for everyone.

    And to Henry, as I mentioned, Redbox is already aware of this site. They are not going to kill anything. This program will only do Redbox more good, trust me.

    And, as mentioned by Kirsti above, Redbox will not stop making codes available. It only helps their business. This is the same thing I said in my post above.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments so far – keep them coming.

    PS: One more thing, to address a comment near the top from ‘Kristy’ who seems to think there is something wrong with doing this. She even questions our “morals”. Well, let me say I think that is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that everyone who uses codes from this website is also a paying customer of Redbox – I know I am. The program I have outlined above will only bring Redbox more revenue, not less. Enough said.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Heather [visitor]

    I think leaving a card on a kiosk is a terrible idea. I agree with the others by letting them search for the codes as all of us do by visiting this web-sight. That’s one of the main reasons I even check out your web-sight. I will personally tear down any cards I see on the kiosks I visit. I think redbox will stop the promo codes if they see free codes posted right on their machines and I feel good about getting an occasional freebie in a world that’s over-priced. That’s the reason I began using redbox. Like others have commented,someone told me of the promo codes and I looked them up, wrote them down, and keep them in my purse. Word will spread on its own. Please don’t ruin it by posting it for everyone to see. Redbox would go out of business or stop using the promo’s.

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Stef [visitor]

    I believe the “Know the Codes” card he is asking you to leave at the red box is to advertise this web site so other people can find free codes. He’s not asking you to tape a list of free codes to the box. Did anyone even click the link to look at the card?

  13. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Thanks, Stef, you are absolutely right, and is exactly what I said in my previous comment. I will even say it here again…

    The “Know the Codes” card does not have any codes on it, nor should it. The instructions regarding the card are very clear on this point.

    Please look at the card itself by visiting the “Know the Codes” page to understand it better.
    Know the Codes page


  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Valerie [visitor]

    People need to quit trashing Michael and start THANKING him! He is doing Redbox and consumers a huge favor. Everyone that I personally know that uses the free codes just sees it as a bonus. If you go to a kiosk and the code doesn’t work, okay, so pay a buck and try next time. It’s not like you get to the kiosk, your code doesn’t work, and you cry like a baby and leave because you can’t spare the dollar! Get real. And Michael has repeatedly said here on the site that Redbox already knows. They already know! Hello!! They already know! Got that? If they wanted to shut the site down, they would have by now, dontcha think? I love the codes. They don’t always work, but when they do, it isn’t unethical to use them. That’s one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Also, think about it logically–the codes would only work if the Redbox was set up to accept them. If Redbox didn’t want the codes to work or be used, the codes wouldn’t exist or be compatible with the system. They would just use the basic codes they give out for problems, and make them a one-time-use type of code.

    If you don’t like it or the site, then don’t visit or use the codes. For those of us that love it and think Michael is doing a great thing, leave us alone.


  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    riodealer [visitor]

    I too do not like the idea of the “know the codes” cards. You are basically advertising to people who are already paying customers. This can do nothing but hurt redbox. Now, you you were to distribute cards to areas that do not have a redbox and thus introduce new customers to the kiosk that would be a win win.

    Everytime I see someone paying I thank you Mike for the site and Redbox for my free code option. I do not tell that person a code because I think then I am knowingly taking $1 from Redbox.

    Thanx for giving me a chance to give my opinion.

  16. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Thanks, Valerie, for the comment and the support. I really do believe what I have suggested is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    And, riodealer, I appreciate your input and your comment, and that is why I have opened this up to comments from everyone, no matter what they think…

    Anyway, let me explain why I think you are wrong about “taking $1 from Redbox”. It can be complicated to see because it is a multi-step marketing process, and what is really a genius move by Redbox…

    Lets say you are at the Redbox renting with a code, and there is someone in line that doesn’t know about them. Now, this person is already a Redbox customer, so them getting a free movie when they would have paid may seem like a bad idea at first, but it’s not…

    You see, when you tell this person about a code, and they get a free movie, what do you think they are going to do? Tell their friends of course! And then their friends come and use a code to get a free movie, and they tell their friends, too…

    Now, the great part for Redbox is this: when these new customers return again and again to get movies, they don’t always use codes. Maybe they forgot to write one down, maybe they didn’t have a new one to use, maybe they rent online. So, these people (which could number into the hundreds because of the one person you told) keep coming back and renting, and telling more people. And, Redbox makes money. Redbox gets publicity. Redbox is happy.

    So, while I appreciate and can identify with the importance of being honest and ethical, doing what we are doing here is only helping a business we all use to grow even bigger, making sure it is around for a long time so we can all get movie rentals for $1.

    Thanks for your comment, and I hope what I have said makes sense.


    PS: I make my living doing marketing, so I am not just giving you some random opinion, either. I know how it works, and know the importance of giving out free stuff and how it helps a business grow.

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    Brett [visitor]

    Let me start off by saying that I DO NOT actually believe this. Here’s my consipracy theory: Micahel says he works in marketing. Wouldn’t it be genius if he is actually in marketing working for Redbox. Therfore using a complex maketing strategy posed as a private site to increase sales and gain new customers? All while it is actually being coordinated by the Redbox Marketing Dept.

  18. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Thanks for the compliment, Brett (I think…) :)

    In fact, I have often thought it would be nice if Redbox paid me for this site. It would actually be smart of Redbox to contribute here, create a code or 2 that they just give to us, and in general be more proactive in sharing more about their company.

    The big tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc… have professional bloggers that are always out talking about their company and getting comments.

    So, come on Redbox, where are your people? Contribute, share with us, and you will stay ahead of your competition.

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ken [visitor]

    I am sorry, but even with my undergradutate degree in Marketing, this is a poorly executed plan. I hear your excitement behind the idea, resulting in more traffic to the site, and opportunities for GoogleAds clicks. But, I as a consumer have a better ‘buyer satisfaction’ when verbally telling individuals in-line about your site. I agree with the comment about litering our redbox; it is bad enough to shield your eyes when the sun is glaring down on the machine, now papers flapping in the wind to go along with the McDonalds cup left sitting on top of the Redbox machine.

    Michael, you do a terrific job and I am truly thankful for your website. I have referred dozens on individuals to your site, and well as look forward to ‘Redbox in the news’ updates. Your rating in Google for ‘Redbox promo codes’ speaks numbers of your presence and recognition already out there. Sorry, I will not be printing off any cards, but I will continue to support you and your site.

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Heather [visitor]

    Hi, Michael. First I would like to say Thanks & Keep Up The Good Work. I agree with everything. And this is why…I too rent exclusively from RedBox now, and on occasion, get a free rental. I try to let other overworked, underpaid people standing in line behind me in on our ‘secret’. They deserve a PERK in their day. And it will make them love Redbox even more, therefore renting more, building loyalty to Redbox, telling their friends and family about RedBox. This can only be win-win! Just look at all the companies that give away free samples of their product, hoping to win loyalty this way. I publish a ‘Freebie” website, listing these free samples, so I see everyday the vastness of this idea. Michael, how would you feel about a link to Inside Redbox posted on Heather

  21. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    Please do keep up doing what you are doing already. Although I must say this has nothing to do with Google Ad clicks. I am actually considering removing them entirely.

    In any case, we can all share Redbox any way we like, I just put out a way that can really help everyone, becausea group effort is always better than a singular one.


    Thanks for the support. You are welcome to post a link to us on your site.

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    Shaunna [visitor]

    I think that instead of giving free codes to everyone that you should reward those of us that rent alot. Most companies have a policy of buy 10 get one free. I know from my experience in the car wash business that there are was to give out free codes that only work once that way your company is not loosing so much money on free DVD give outs. This although is a great tactic for grass roots marketing getting the world to do your marketing for you. Tell me what you think. Shaunna

  23. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]


    First let me just make sure it is clear that I do not work for Redbox, nor is this site owned by Redbox…

    OK, with that said I personally do like reward programs for good customers, but right now for Redbox getting free movies to as many people as possible is in their best interest. Just read my comments to this post and you will see why.

    Thanks for your input!

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    KAREN [visitor]

    Dear Michael,

    I love this website and all the new info on the Big Red Box. It is wonderful and such a convience having the Red Box in my local SuperMarket…Super Stop and Shop! I am an employee there and I tell all my customers about it and promote as much as possible! poeple love it!


  25. Visitor [Join Now]
    Travis [visitor]


    There are four Redbox kiosks (that I know of) within 5 miles of my home (UT, N of Salt Lake City). Here’s my true story, of what happened to me just a few hours ago, to illustrate why I agree with you that free promo codes AND HELP (not hurt) Redbox:

    1. I had written a free promo code on a card and put it in my wallet a few weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. (I had actually forgotten it was there, but noticed it when I was paying for gas at one of those grocery store gas stations.)
    2. The grocery store I was outside-of has a Redbox kiosk in their entryway area.
    3. It’s FREEZING in UT, so, to get out of the cold for a few minutes, I decided to treat myself to a movie.
    4. It being late on Saturday evening, the selection in the kiosk wasn’t very good, but I chose a movie anyway & entered my promo code.
    5. The code didn’t work.
    6. I paid a buck and rented the movie.

    To recap:

    I didn’t leave my home even intending to get a movie. I had a free code, so I chose a movie that I probably wouldn’t have picked-out if I was paying for it at a “Video Rental” place. Even though I ended-up paying for the movie, I still left the kiosk feeling like I was “treating myself”. Plus, I’ll probably keep the movie until I pass another kiosk on my way to the office on Monday, so Redbox will get another buck out of me, and I’m ok with that.

    By the way, tonight I told two more new people about Redbox, and, and they feel like I’ve done them a HUGE favor.

    So, who won? I did. And the new people I told about Redbox & did. Oh, and Redbox did, too.

    All because of a free promo code that, in the end, didn’t even work.

    Now, I’ve got a movie to watch. So, good night to you, and thanks for hosting this site.



  26. Visitor [Join Now]
    phillip [visitor]

    I have told people I know, and a few strangers at the kiosk about the free codes. But I always think that the more people who pay a dollar per movie the better. Anyone who is curious about finding the promo codes and savvy enough to do an internet search will find this site and others easily. I agree with others who say posting a card one Redbox kiosk would be going to far and counterproductive. Redbox plants a seed by having the enter promo codes option at several points during the checkout process. If people are curious they will find out more online. Using a code is not against the rules or immoral at all. Free codes are very good promotion and encourage people to check out the new/strange way to rent DVDs, but more people should be encouraged to pay the dollar per night fee.

  27. Visitor [Join Now]
    Julie [visitor]

    You know, I find it interesting that so many people are saying, “I think more people should be paying that dollar.” What they’re thinking and not typing is, “I just don’t think it should be me.”

    I also find it interesting that so many posts say that the free codes are counterproductive and that if too many people use them, Redbox will take them away. The information is ON THE INTERNET, people. The internet is huge, in case you haven’t noticed. Do you really think promo codes are a little secret that only a few of us know about? I say, bring on the free codes! If Redbox creates them, they have in mind that people will use them.

    Michael, you’ve done a great job explaining why this works. I don’t know why some people refuse to understand it.

    Thanks so much for saving a single mom a buck now and then!

  28. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Thanks for the comments again, everyone. I really enjoyed your story, Travis. That is likely what happens to many of us when renting from the Redbox.

    And, Julie, thanks for your support. I agree that sometimes all of us like to think we are a part of an “exclusive club” here that not everyone knows about. So, we don’t want to share because then we won’t be “special” anymore.

    But, I love sharing, hence the reason I created this site.

    And, for the record, I don’t think people refuse to understand what I have explained, I think it is more likely they just don’t read it. Either way, I appreciate the comments.

    Let me give one more reason I think the “Know the Codes” program is great. I will share it in the form of a question…

    If you asked a random person in your town if they knew what Redbox was, how many out of 100 do you think would say yes?

    Answer that and than decide if giving away free codes even to paying customers sounds like a bad idea.

  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    Darren [visitor]

    I didn’t know that about the codes. :D
    I tried about 40 codes related to the movies Superman Returns and Crank this morning but none of them worked. Should we create a database of codes that don’t work so that we can have a more colloborative effort in finding good codes?

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    marlie [visitor]

    The only reason I started using redbox is because my brother said you could get free movies. I heard that movies were $1 before and didn’t try it out. Even with the promo codes I end up paying for the movie usually because I don’t turn it in the next day or, like other people have stated, the promo code doesn’t work, I want the movie and I pay the dollar. I totally believe in the strategy of giving people codes for free movies because they will tell others. If a movie for $1 doesn’t bring them in, a movie for free sure will and they will end up paying somehow, someday.

  31. Visitor [Join Now]
    robert [visitor]

    hi all.

  32. Visitor [Join Now]
    helena [visitor]

    Redbox sends the promos out whenever you enter your email in at the kiosk. If they didn’t want people using them, they wouldn’t be making them. Like you said, they don’t always work. And since it’s just $1, the people who are drawn to the redbox to try the free codes are very likely to just rent anyway, even if it doesn’t work. In the end, if redbox doesn’t like it, they can stop using the codes, or limit them more. Until they do, I don’t see anything wrong with using them.

  33. Visitor [Join Now]
    Bob [visitor]

    We would like to place a red box movie rental in front of our
    Ice Cream store in North Ogden, Utah. Is this possible and
    how do we this?
    Thank You-Bob