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News from Redbox – Jan 9, 2007

It’s only week two of the new year, but it starts with a bang. In Crank, starring buff British action man Jason Statham, an assassin learns that an injected poison will kill him if he doesn’t keep his heart rate elevated. How’s he gonna do it? Oh you know, running, punching, kicking and certain other, uh, extra curriculars—in other words, the very opposite of what you’ll be up to watching from the recliner.

Or if you’re feeling a little nostalgic—oh, say, for 1800s Vienna—check out the fantasy flick, The Illusionist. Edward Norton plays Eisenheim, a magician trying to win the love of Jessica Biel’s character, a woman of very high social standing and pedigree (read: “way out of the boy’s league”). Paul Giamatti stars as the local inspector who’s onto Norton.

But hold it right there. Redbox needs to know if you caught these recent releases. They’e available online too, you know.

In a convincing dramatic turn, Natalie Mendoza stars in The Descent. It’s an intense story about six girlfriends who’s spelunking excursion goes horribly wrong when they have to battle their way through a race of monstrous humanoid creatures back to the surface. It will make you think twice about exploring any dark caves in your immediate future.

Or now that your holiday flying is over and done with, why not grab Snakes On A Plane? A group of poisonous snakes (don’t ask how they snuck through security) have invaded a plane, and Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies and others have to survive until they land.

The whole snake plane didn’t feel sci-fi enough for you? Rent The Covenant. It’s the tale of a society of people with supernatural powers who have to fight an evil force they created generations ago. Steven Strait, Laura Ramsey and Sebastian Stan star.
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Finally, don’t forget Jackass 2. Johnny Knoxville, Bam and all your favorite amateur daredevils are back for more in this sequel to the popular movie and TV series.

Watch ’em. Watch ’em all. Redbox has gotta tell you, falling behind of the online rentals so early would be no way to start ’07.

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Let redbox be the first to say, “nice job,” on looking out for the posse.

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