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Redbox New Releases for July 14, 2009

27 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for July 14, 2009”

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    where is family guy vol. 7? they always have family guy volumes in redbox.

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    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    this week movies , i won’t rent out if I was the last person on earth.

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    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Again, thanks for the early update!

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    John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

    Horsemen was terrible. The ending alone made the movie a bomb. Without giving anything away; it basically just said, ok, let’s end it here. Terrible.

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    t [visitor]

    this girl said stupid

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    Is there a free code for this week starting 7-12?Does anyone know yet?

  7. Member [Join Now]

    No free code yet, I am waiting for them to send it to my phone.

  8. Member [Join Now]

    any one get the code today

  9. Member [Join Now]

    Was wondering if a code was issued yet???!!!

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    andy [visitor]

    anyone got the code today?

  11. Member [Join Now]

    I didnt think they were doing Monday codes every week anymore, just the first Monday of the month???

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      Well it seems as though we had been getting one every week ,unless I’m remembering wrong.

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        Mark [visitor]

        On May 7th Redbox announced the free weekly codes were being discontinued and replaced by free monthly codes through August. In June, July, and August only the first Monday of the month has a free code.

        Noone knows what happens in September. Maybe they go back to weekly, maybe they stay monthly, maybe they are discontinued entirely.

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          Your right Mark I also was reading about that.

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          rb [visitor]

          I don’t see how promo codes can be discontinued completely. For one, the Redbox kiosk screen has the ‘enter promo code’ section!!!(I don’t want to know how easily they could remotely reprogram the screen; let me live in my fantasy that it would be impossible) Also, businesses/establishments use location-specific or promo codes to get customers into their stores , or to reward customers who make other purchases in their stores…. Not to mention Redbox still needs promo codes to introduce people to the idea of using kiosks for their movie entertainment.

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            Mark [visitor]

            I didn’t suggest they would ever consider completely eliminating codes. They need individualized one time codes for customer service to give out as compensation for machine and DVD problems, as well as marketing deals (buy this product, get a code).

            But they could easily decide to completely discontinue regular weekly or monthly can-be-used-by-everyone-for-that-day codes. They have the statistics to know exactly how much money the codes cost them that day, and by looking at the usage history of users who use the codes they can estimate how much paid business the codes stimulate. It’s purely a marketing decision. Businesses change marketing spending patterns all the time.

            My guess is they want people to continue registering accounts and entering their phone numbers into their website and so will continue monthly codes after August. We’ll see.

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    deniselangley [visitor]

    Does anyone have todays code?

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    melissa [visitor]

    Is there a code for today or what

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    melissa [visitor]

    the code dvdonme doesn’t work in Ky

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    Leigh [visitor]

    DVDONME just worked for me 7-13-09 5:30 PM in South Carolina

  16. Member [Join Now] []

    Where is the movie Gray Gardens? I guess I will Have to buy it dont like to spend that kind of money on a movie I will only watch once

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    I just got a code on my cell but you can only do this once just text the word “fit to the number 414141” and you will have a code sent right to you I got mines in 1 second right after I pressed send. This is the code that I got, VMJJK4H and it worked I got a free tape today.