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As regular readers of this blog know, I use Redbox (obviously) but am also a Netflix member (on their $10/mo unlimited plan). I really think the combination of these 2 services go together very well, and I use them both regularly. If you haven’t tried Netflix along with Redbox, I encourage you to do so. If you like movies, I think you will enjoy having access to both services.

Anyway, I ran into an article in the New York Times this weekend profiling Redbox. Along with the usual general information about Redbox, an interesting statistic came up: Redbox is now renting out DVDs at a rate of 7.5 million per week.

Why is this significant? Well, Netflix ships about 10 million movies per week. At the current rate of growth, Redbox should catch Netflix in rentals per week sometime this fall. This will be a big milestone for Redbox, making them the most used DVD rental service in the country.

The question is: How long can Redbox sustain this growth? When will their numbers start to decline?

It may still be awhile, and perhaps we will see them enter the digital market to solidify their spot as a leader in the movie rental space. I certainly hope they can stay competitive for a long time to come.

Do you use Netflix along with Redbox? If so, tell us what you think…

37 Responses to “Redbox to Catch Netflix in Rental Numbers, but What’s Next?”

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    Mindy [visitor]

    No, I do not use Netflix. Beteen this website and
    I get all the movies I need!

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    Tracy [visitor]

    I too use Netflix with Redbox. Rebbox just doesn’t have the selection of older titles that Netflix has. I use Redbox to get the newer releases while I wait a day for Netflix to deliver my next movie. Plus I also use Netflix to rent TV series which Redbox doesn’t seem to rent. Also I take advantage of the Watch Now feature on Netflix to watch movies too.

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      Michael [administrator]

      Sounds like you use it the same way I do. I’ve been using Watch Instantly a lot lately.

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        edwin [visitor]

        hi michael i didnt get monday code for july 13 is this still working of what is going on let me know thank you

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      Sean [visitor]

      Redbox may not have older movies or tv shows, but your local library does. And for free. Unless you live in a very small town whos library does not have a lot of DVDs, you can get anything you want from your library. If they do not carry something, I request it. They then buy it and I get to watch it. No offense, but I would be an idiot to pay money every month and constantly have to wait for mail delays for something that I can drive down the street and get for free. Plus, at the library, I can have things out for two weeks at a time, and renew it for another two weeks TWICE, as needed as long as there are no holds on the item. That’s six weeks total. And I can have up to TEN items out at once, not one or two as with Netflix or Blockbuster Online. Waste of time and money.

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    Beth [visitor]

    I use redbox and the same Netflix plan as you. It is really an ideal pairing – I always have something to watch!

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    Davis Freeberg [visitor]

    I think that Netflix is averaging closer to 2 million rentals a day at this point, but even at 10 million a week, I’m not sure that Redbox will catch up to them in terms of number of discs rented. Since Netflix is still growing, not only would Redbox have to catch up, but they would also have to make up for that growth. Both will continue to be a popular way to rent movies, but I think it will be at least three more years before this race is even close.

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      Klit [visitor]

      I dont think you realize how fast redbox is growing. By the end of the year redbox will have at least 20k kiosks across the country if each one of those kiosks rent out 75 dvds per day on average (some locations do well over that amount already) and if netflix growth stalls because of all the people unsubscribing to rent from redbox. Redbox will pass netflix by the end of the year.

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    I also use Netflix, you can watch movies anytime when home on computer, and you get older movies Redbox doesn’t have.

    I think Redbox is still a good movie rental business, due to high costs of going to movie theatres and the economy nowadays.

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    Hascrazymama [visitor]

    Dammit that was supposed to be posted on if thT last comment can be deleted, please do. This is what happens when you are trying to do to many things at once in tabbed browsing on your phone. Sorry

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    DEB [visitor]


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    netflix and redbox rulez

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    just me [visitor]

    I use them both too. Works out great! The older and less popular stuff I can get from NetFlix (Would RedBox carry “The ABC’s of Nails”??? I think not.)

    I need them both!

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    John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

    I use a box called RoKU to stream movies to my TV from Netflix. It is worth the one time $100 investment and $8.99 a month subscription from Netflix to be able to see thousands of title directly on your tv instead of being trapped to the computer for regular “Watch Now” titles.

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      Daniel [visitor]

      Why oh why pay a $100 when you can just connect your computer to your TV and stream that way those roku boxes are insane ripoffs, also if you have an XBOX360 with a xbox live gold membership you can use it to stream the movies.

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    Schnarr [schnarr]

    WHO CARES?????????????????? WHAT’S THIS GOT TO DO WITH REDBOX TALK??????????

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      John Las Vegas [john-las-vegas]

      Schnarr you really are an ass. You troll these posts looking for mean things to say about anyone. Get a life.

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    Mark [visitor]

    You can’t just hook your computer to your TV (at least not digitally), the Microsoft and Netflix DRM prevents it. That’s why people use an external box.

    And for non-gamers the cost and hassle of a Roku is much less than that for an Xbox plus gold membership.

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      The Turnip [the-turnip]

      Yes, you CAN connect a computer to a TV. I watch streaming movies and TV shows all the time from Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ABC, SouthParkStudios – any source on the internet. I have an older computer and use DVI (digital) and many newer video cards have HDMI connections (digital.) Until recently, Netflix would force a pop-up window where you would accept the DRM agreement before the title would play. Now it’s all done automatically with the new Silverlight viewer.

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        Mark [visitor]

        You are right, my statement was too broad. But the DRM software places restrictions which not everyone’s system configuration can meet, and many have had problems.

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        rb [visitor]

        Turnip…or anyone who can help. I’m computer illiterate and need details. I went to watch a movie on Hulu one time but found I just can’t relax/enjoy a movie watching it on a computer screen. If a person has their large tv on one floor of the house, and their computer on another floor, what’s the hookup to stream movies onto the tv… Or do you need to have the computer actually next to the tv you want to watch the movie on? And how much does the connections (DVI, HDMI) you talk about cost?

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          The Turnip [the-turnip]

          I’d say your PC should be near your TV, but I’ve never researched anything other than running the video and audio cables directly from device to device. My PC in the next room directly behind the TV. I ran the cables through the wall and control the PC with a wireless keyboard/trackball combo from 15 feet away. (The keyboard/trackball should be 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth so you can control the PC from a distance. “Standard” wireless PC devices only have about a 6 foot range.)

          DVI & HDMI are input connections that MIGHT be on the back of your TV. If that’s the case, it’s simply a matter of running a cable to the same style output on your PC. HDMI for PC is fairly new, but DVI has been around for a while. If your PC doesn’t have DVI or HDMI output, then you must upgrade to a video card that has it. You will also need to run cables for audio. Even if you only have a single output jack in the back of the PC, you can buy a cheap splitter and run it to the Left/Right inputs on the TV or stereo.

          So, all that said – it can quickly become expensive if you have to upgrade the PC. All I had to buy was a $40 keyboard.

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    Why don’t you grow up little boy, you wouldn’t know what to do if your girlfriend did let you “have some”.! Post that info on the little kiddies website where it belongs, this site is for Redbox info. Now go home to mommie and apologize for upsetting her!

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    I use the 3-dvd plan and I get about 20 dvd rentals a month,
    (well worth the $16.95) I just got “The Unforgiven”, a Clint Eastwood
    classic, that I sure would not have gotten through RedBox.
    Many people do not know that NetFlix has over 300 “surfing” DVD
    titles as well as just as many “snowboarding” and “skiing” DVD titles.
    I do not wish to promote NetFlix here, as they have many problems
    when it comes to customers receiving the MOST update DVD title;
    but, what they offer in other areas, surely cannot be ignored!

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      rb [visitor]

      I say if you want older movies, just borrow them from your local library– especially award-winner movies like “The Unforgiven”. These are the kind of movies libraries are sure to carry. Libraries also carry a lot on indies/sundance films which can be a real treat when you’re sick of the low budget crappy slasher horror films that Redbox seems to bank on… although I might get the haunting in conneticut today …

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        Mark [visitor]

        My local library has undergone large budget cuts the last few years and their selection of movies is poor. It all depends whether you are happy picking the best from among limited choices (many are, Redbox is testimony to that). But others would rather pay Netflix to be able to choose what they want from almost every DVD on the market.

        There was posting at HackingNetflix a year or so ago about how some small libraries found it more cost effective to open a Netflix account to obtain DVDs to lend to their patrons.

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          rb [visitor]

          Hmnnnn..interesting. I should mention this cost-effective Netflix account idea to my local library. When Redbox didn’t have the dvd The Reader, and when the dvd had a sign-up long waiting list at my local library, I did get to watch The Reader via my neighbor’s Netflix.

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        and the 300 surfing and snowboard DVD’s…NOT!!

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        Sean [visitor]

        My library also has tv shows, and complete seasons too. Not just a few episodes at a time like rental outlets rip you off with. It ends up costing like $20 to rent a season of a show from Blockbuster or Hollywood.

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    Since Redbox did not offer a promo code I received 3 new
    DVD titles from my Netflix que list, and one move stands out
    above the rest… I was a little doubtful to put it at the top of my cue list
    but, it had a five star rating with great reviews, ( I thought it just another
    chick flick) WRONG!!!!

    The movie is the Danish film

    “After The Wedding”…

    this film blew me away!!
    Even though it has subtitles, the acting
    is so great, along with everything to do with this film.
    You must see this film!

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    I am at the end of my two week trial for NetFlix and so far I am impressed. I’m going to stick with NetFlix for the foreseeable future for all the WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment)titles. My local library WAS ordering what I requested but due to budget cuts locally and at the state level they have cut back to ordering almost nothing. I am averaging 3 DVDs a week on the $8.99 plan with Netflix. Remember, Netflix also carries Universal movies, so what you can’t get at the Redbox you can always get through Netflix. Redbox still is great, and I will continue to use them in combination with my Netflix account.