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Seven short months after announcing it earned more than $100 million in a profitable 2009, Hulu announced today that it plans to more than double that number in 2010. Speaking at the NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar revealed that his company will bring in an estimated 0 million this year from its 30 million-strong user base.
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Kilar also revealed some other impressive numbers for the surging streaming video site:

  • 260 million content streams
  • 800 million ad streams
  • 235 content partners
  • 352 ad clients

How much bigger will Hulu get over the coming months, Insiders? Especially if it cuts the price of its Hulu Plus premium service, as it is rumored to be considering?

(via TechCrunch)

One Response to “Hulu Anticipates $240 Million in 2010 Revenue”

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    They can afford to cut Hulu Plus down to 5 bucks then. Greed will kill them if they don’t give a little back.