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Despite what other entertainment industry members and many consumers are stating, there remain some who deny that the phenomenon of cord-cutting exists. One such person is Rishi Chandra, Google TV product lead, who denied the existence of cord-cutting at the NewTeeVee Live conference yesterday.
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Said Chandra:

“Our point of view is that cord cutting is not happening . . . We think the cable industry does a pretty good job of delivering content to users…so we don’t think that all of a sudden users are going to shut off all that content.”

Chandra feels that products such as Google TV aren’t meant to replace cable, but rather to simply the process of accessing web content alongside what consumers are already watching on TV.

The number of affirmative responses to our recent question regarding how many Insiders have already cut the cord would seem to at least partly refute Chandra’s claim. What do you think about his comments, Insiders?
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(via GigaOm)

11 Responses to “Google TV Lead: Cord-Cutting is Not Happening”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    I cancelled my cable in January and I am still chugging along. Between High Def OTA and Hulu (played on my HDTV through my PS3 and PlayOn software), I’m good to go. My biggest concern was cable sports, but ESPN3 sure put an end to that worry.

    And for those more adventurous folks, the website sure makes it easy to stream other events.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Carson [visitor]

    I don’t have cable and just use the internet for TV, but I know that I am a minority, most people would rather spend money to watch their favorite shows in HD…But that is good, the more people spend money, the better it is for those of us that live off the free perks of a successful business….
    Just like Redbox, the more people spend money on them, the more future free codes there will be for me to take advantage of…

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jack [visitor]

    We cut the cable television cord a few months ago. All of the content that we want is online. That saves us ~$120/month that we were sending to Cox.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Anna Matetic [visitor]

    Thank you cedar1079 for sharing that site. I have also visited and found interesting content there.

    We cut the cord and I don’t miss cable tv. There’s some stuff we are missing – but Netflix and the internet more than make up for it. I hated paying for 100+ channels when we only really watched 6 or 7 of them regularly.

    Quite frankly, what’s offered on cable isn’t very compelling anymore. All the shows look the same with maybe a variety on theme. I should qualify that – American TV is boring. My husband has me hooked on the UK Doctor Who and Torchwood. I don’t mind being a few seasons behind and getting my fix on Netflix.

  5. Member [Join Now]

    I can’t afford cable or any other pay tv. Since there isn’t that many shows worth watching anymore I don’t mind not having it. I don’t even watch much on the internet. I do research and play a few games, email and occasionally watch a few old shows on Hulu.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Bill [visitor]

    In response to the article above…….


    Please stop you are sooooo funny….

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Pootroot [visitor]

    I have cable and will keep it. I watch a lot of tv because there are so very many good shows and movies on it. I have 3 dvd recorders and two vhs tape recorders and I use ALL of them almost everyday. It really irritates me when a show I want to watch is on and another show I also want to watch starts half way through the first one. That is why I record so much. Quite often 3 or more shows are on at the same time and as far as I know I can’t record them if i have a satellite unless I rent a receiver for each channel I want to record. The last I heard it cost $5.00 per receiver. It might be better now cause I have not looked into the situation lately. Yes, I have the time to watch as I am retired.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Thicker [visitor]

      Good 4 u Poot! Enjoy it. Loving the History Channel myself!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      kristina [visitor]

      Do you have AT&T u-verse in your area? About a year ago I switched from Dish. They kept pissing me off. The equipment would break on average, every 3 months. It cost about $100 to replace the equipment and send a tech out. If I reinstalled myself it would be $49! This pissed me off because I LEASE the equipment. Its just my finace and I that live in our home, so I know they aren’t getting misused or a kid isn’t cramming crap in the plugs. They are sending out poor quality products that only last a short time frame. But ofcourse they still said it was my fault because I should be turning the receivers off everyday and I must not be if they are breaking that quickly-Um HELLO! We are very busy people and are gone from 530am to sometimes 7-8-9pm. So we watch tv only before we go to bed. So I cancelled and went to AT&T U-Verse. It was an adjustment-at first my fiance hated it. But when he realized he could record shows and NOT have to watch them he now likes it better. Just took the adjustment period to realize its much better. They advertise on TV that you can record 4 shows at once-DONT BE FOOLED-especially if your paying for Hi-Def. You can only record 4 shows in Hi-Def if NONE of the tvs are on. If you are watching a show in Hi-Def you can only record 1 show in Hi-Def and record 2 others on a normal station. At any time you cant watch/record more than 2 hi-def shows and watch/record 2 normal shows. We realized this the first night when he was in the living room setting up his DVR schedule and I was in the bedroom doing mine-it ended up switching to a black screen saying that all tvs are being used at this time and we have to watch a prior record show (keep in mind we only have 2 tvs in our house!) Oh..and another negative is that you cannot rewind on ALL tv’s like you get an impression of in the commercials. You can only rewind/pause etc on the TV that has the main receiver. Both of our tvs have receivers, but only the main recevier can rewind. I would think AT&T would be further along then some companies. If you pair your tv with phone, its $30 for unlimited long distance and the full nine yards. This is a pretty neat service. All the phone and tv stuff can be accessed online. I can listen to my voicemails online-see who called or what calls went out, block numbers, hide my number from outside callers, and even have the home phone tied to my cell-so whenever someone calls the house, if I am not home I will still receive the call on my cell.

      Honestly, I would like to see that day when we can just pay for the channels I watch. This was a neat break down in what cable subscribers pay for each channel
      I only watch maybe 5 channels out of the 200+ I have to pay for. Unfortunately, most of the channels arent included in the lower end packages. But, since thats how the cable companies are making their money, I doubt I will live to see that day.

      I would recommend asking family and friends out their cable providers and get the neg pos from them if your looking to switch. Keep in mind that most companies provide phoine and internet and if you “bundle” you can save $. When I switched over to AT&T they had alot of perks going on. I ended up getting $400 in a VISA gift card for signing up. Also if I give a referal and they sign up, then I get liuke $60 off my bill-I think its in $10 incriments. So watch for the deals-then if you dont like it, cancel after the 30-60 period and keep the $400! If I wasnt so crazy busy I would have cancelled and had my fiance order the service so we could get another $400!

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Matt [visitor]

    I haven’t had cable for almost 5 years. I’m the only one I know with a 42″ plasma with bunny ears :-). I also have a small computer hooked up to my plasma so I can stream Hulu, ABC, etc.. all that and Redbox — who needs cable!?

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    Taren Claunch [visitor]

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