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Fox in No Hurry to Roll Out Premium VOD

Unlike fellow Hollywood Three-er Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox Studios doesn’t plan to rush into premium video-on-demand in the near future. In comments made at the recent “Battle for the Digital Home” media conference, Fox’s president of new media and digital distribution, Peter Levinsohn, called premium VOD the “slowest product rollout” he’d ever seen.

Premium VOD involves releasing films for on-demand viewing on or near their theatrical release dates for a substantial price, usually around .
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Levinsohn believes that there are several impediments to mainstream adoption of premium VOD which include pricing, technologies, and potential negative impact to theater operators.
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Said Levinsohn:

“I’m not sure we want to go out with one distribution platform alone . . . You don’t want to go far up against theatrical and [negatively] impact that business.”

Refreshing words from a studio exec more in touch with consumer preferences, Insiders? In what situations does premium VOD make sense, and would you consider using such a service yourself?

(via Home Media Magazine)

2 Responses to “Fox in No Hurry to Roll Out Premium VOD”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    I would love to see VOD for theatrical releases, because my experiences in theaters have been so negative that I rarely go anymore, and I’ve spent a lot of money building a home theater system myself.

    However, they can stick that $30 price tag. I could live with $20-25 – the price of buying a new DVD, but $30 is pushing it a little.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    rlengle [visitor]

    I would love VOD for the theatrical releases. It costs me over $100 to take my family to a theatre with poor patrons, bad popcorn and expensive soda.
    We go to a local theatre that charges $3 for second run movies and for the same $100 we all get lunch, soda and tater tots!
    Bring on the VOD!!!!