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I wanted to get this one out quick so no one missed out on this offer over the weekend…

Similar to the Groupon deal with Redbox a few months ago, Blockbuster Express has now gotten in on the action. I guess they really are still trying to compete with Redbox.
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Their deal is slightly different (and even a little better). This time you get 5 rentals for , which is basically 3 free rentals.
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I have never used a Blockbuster Express kiosk before, but I picked up this deal and will give it a try – nothing wrong with a little competition, right? :) There just happens to be one of their kiosks in the Vons right by my house, so it is really convenient.

Anyway, to pick this up, just head on over to Groupon and grab yours before they are gone. Then, let us know in the comments if you got yours, and what you think about Blockbuster Express kiosks.

(Note: You will likely land on the Atlanta Groupon page. For some reason this tends to happen with their national offers, but be assured that this deal is good at ANY Blockbuster Express kiosk. Enjoy!)

Grab it here: Blockbuster Express Groupon (5 rentals for $2)

63 Responses to “Get 5 Rentals For $2 At Blockbuster Express – Groupon Deal”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    bb express is free … who needs groupons???

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Missy [visitor]

    Its not free… but they do offer a lot more promo codes than redbox and they are easier to find. The machines are slower, but the lines are usually less. I rent from both and I like both. Honestly depends on which grocery shore I go into or which way I am headed. The reps on the phone do seem nicer with blockbuster express, but not that the redbox ones have ever given me any problems. I just felt the other company went above what I exprected and redbox only does what I expect. Like, once the machine gave me the wrong move with blockbuster express. She told me I can watch the wrong movie free, gave me a promo code for the correct movie, and gave me another promo code for my troubles. With redbox once the movie I rented had a big scratch and wouldn’t work, the girl gve me a promo for a free movie, but the promo code didnt work and they had to give me another when i called back, but that one worked. Both issues were solved and no biggie… and I still use both because they do solve the issues I call in about. I just felt that their mistake was my benifit with blockbuster and they did what it takes to make it right. So, I’d say use both and enjoy.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Leilani Bravo [visitor]

    love me some blockbuster express

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ryan [visitor]

    i dont think i can watch 5 movies in one night

    • Member [Join Now]

      You’ll have to keep some of them longer to get through the stack, hence paying for a night to get the free night.

      I wouldn’t ENJOY five movies in a row even if I did force myself to sit through them all.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rick [visitor]

    In the Groupon ad, it states that the free offer is not good on “Hot List”, does anyuone know what constitutes a hot list movie? Is that new releases?

    Also, for those tryihng to watch 5 at one time. The Rebox deal allows you to get one at a time, I suspect the Blockbuster deal is the same.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Regina [visitor]

    Watch out on the blockbuster groupon. I purchased it. When I went to use it it would not take any of the codes. I called blockbuster and was told that is was a groupon problem. So I called groupon and was told that it was a blockbuster problem. So I called blockbuster back and was told that it was a groupon problem. I said no I want this resolved. After being put on hold I was given 5 codes and told that I had to use them within one week. That was not the amount of time on the original groupon. I am very unsatisfied. I go to school full time and don’t have time to watch 5 movies in one week. I will never purchase another blockbuster anything. I will stay with redbox. I have bought redbox groupons in the past and have never had any problems with them.