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Archive for August, 2009

If you receive our “Insider Updates” newsletter, you will remember I mentioned a giveaway was coming up this week. As the title implies, you can take your pick of a Samsung Blu-ray Player or an Apple TV.

The giveaway is now live and runs from August 17-21, 2009, so read the instructions below and get your chance to win!

I am doing this giveaway for two reasons: First, I just like to give stuff away. And second, I am trying to help a friend win a scholarship for college.

To enter, you need to do a few simple things which will take you less than 30 seconds. And, pay attention how you can get extra entries into the giveaway. (Day 1 only)

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A small list this week. There may be a few more than this, but this is all I have seen so far.
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Do you know of anything else coming out? Let us know in the comments…

Some Redbox users have been being notified over the past few days of the availability of video game rentals in their area.

The email headline states “Redbox Now Rents Video Games For Just $2 Per Night!”


That’s right, you can now rent video games for just $2 per night plus tax at any redbox kiosk in Reno, NV. It’s time to mix it up with our great selection of games for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Games are not available for online reservation so visit your local kiosk and have a game night tonight.

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The Future of Redbox: Part 3

This is part 3 of the 3 part series “The Future of Redbox”. Read parts 1 and 2 here: part 1, part 2.

It has been an interesting past week in the world of Redbox. Redbox made a deal with another studio, but also saw 2 other studios try to limit their success. Now Redbox has filed a suit against one (Fox), and another suit (with Warner) may be just days away.

I planned out the 3 posts in this series in advance, and knew exactly which topics I was going to cover in each one. However, the events of this past week could change the future of Redbox – and even the DVD rental industry – forever. Let’s see where this rabbit hole may lead us…

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Warner just released some of their new plans for distributing DVDs, and it looks like they are going to do things a little differently.

Warner is telling its wholesalers that they will no longer be allowed to sell to kiosk and mail-order companies, and that Warner will deal directly with them from now on. The problem is, they are saying they will not supply kiosk companies with DVDs until 28 days after their release.

Through a direct relationship, WHV can ensure that its titles are available through a variety of distribution models to serve all types of consumer preferences. WHV will be in discussions with both kiosk and mail-order subscription vendors, offering business options that will allow all parties to grow their respective businesses. The options offered to kiosk vendors will include a 28-day window, while mail-order subscription customers will also have a day-and-date revenue sharing option. Additionally, WHV has revised their wholesaler terms to prohibit the purchase and sale of WHV previously viewed product.
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So, while this is a different approach, the result appears to be the same: Redbox will have to go elsewhere to get Warner DVDs from now on in order to have their movies available on release day.

This new distribution model is set to start in October of this year.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Leave a comment and let us know…
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Thanks to Jim and OhNoNotThemToo for tipping me off to this news.

We saw this one coming from a mile away, and now Redbox has made it official. On August 11, 2009, Redbox filed a lawsuit in Delaware Federal Court against 20th Century Fox, in response Fox’s recent demands that would keep Fox releases out of Redbox kiosks until 30 days after release.

From the release:

“Redbox’s cornerstone principles include providing customers with a convenient way to rent new release DVDs at an affordable price,” said Mitch Lowe, president, redbox. “At the expense of consumers, 20th Century Fox is attempting to prohibit timely consumer access to its new release DVDs at redbox retail locations nationwide. Despite this attempt, redbox will continue to provide our consumers access to all major new releases including 20th Century Fox titles at our more than 15,000 redbox DVD rental locations.”

With this lawsuit and the one against Universal, Redbox is now taking on movie studios that put out a total 25% of major movie releases. With Sony, Disney and Lionsgate, they already (or almost, in the case of Disney) have deals with the studios that have about 30% marketshare.

Obviously, the outcome of the Universal case is pivotal here, as it will likely determine the outcome of the Fox suit as well.
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Winner take all.

Which studio is next on Redbox’s radar, and will it be a deal or a lawsuit? Leave your thoughts in the comments and you too could be a winner!
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Redbox and Lionsgate, Hear Them Roar

Redbox and Lionsgate have announced a multi-year agreement, according to a press release from Redbox.
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Redbox will now have greater access to more Lionsgate new release and catalog titles, including childrens titles.

There is a catch, though, as this is the second agreement in the past month that prevents Redbox from reselling previously viewed DVDs. As part of this agreement, Redbox will destroy Lionsgate titles after they are removed from the kiosk.
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A quote from the release:

“We believe that the Redbox model will ultimately expand the business by increasing the number of impulse rentals and by putting packaged media rentals in places where none existed previously,” said Steve Beeks, Lionsgate President and Co-Chief Operating Officer. “This agreement gives us tremendous placement for all our films and lowers the impact of low-priced previously-viewed DVDs being sold into the market, which we saw as a growing issue. We believe that this arrangement is a smart opportunity for Lionsgate in the current environment and a win/win for both companies.” [emphasis added]

It looks like these deals are becoming increasingly common, which may indeed take Redbox completely out of the resale market, as I mentioned yesterday. But, as long as consumers still get $1 DVD rentals, I don’t think the complaints will get too loud.

Now, where is the announcement between Redbox and Disney? Perhaps next week…

[full press release]

The Future of Redbox: Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on where Redbox has been and where it is going. Read part 1 here.

In part 1 of this series, I discussed some of the recent developments at Redbox and what they mean to you. Redbox has been around since 2004, but didn’t really become known until 2005. I launched Inside Redbox is December of 2005, and boy has Redbox come a long way since then.

So, in this installment I want to discuss some of the things coming in the near future to Redbox. Some of it will be things you may have heard before, and other parts will be true “inside” information that you will not likely know about unless you are close to Redbox.

I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that Inside Redbox is in no way affiliated with Redbox. I just keep my ears and eyes open, and enjoy sharing this information with you. So, lets get right to it…

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Redbox Top Rentals for Aug 3-9, 2009

Here are your top rentals from Redbox for the week of Aug 3 – Aug 9, 2009:

1. Obsessed
2. Race to Witch Mountain
3. Fast and Furious
4. The Soloist
5. Watchmen
6. Knowing
7. The Haunting in Connecticut
8. Labor Pains
9. Coraline
10. Streets of Blood

Seen them? Want to learn more about them? Want to post a review? Check out the Inside Redbox Movies page to do that and more.

Redbox issued an official response to Fox’s demands that Redbox either pay them more money or not be allowed to purchase and rent their DVDs until 30 days after release. Check it out…

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