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Archive for November, 2008

Redbox Officially Announces Blu-ray

Redbox has finally made an official announcement regarding the stocking of some Blu-ray titles in its kiosks. While our readers have seen select Blu-ray titles in kiosks across the country for some time, this the first time Redbox has made a statement about it.

The titles will continue to rent at the price of just $1/night, and as of right now Blu-ray titles can not not be reserved online. It is unclear whether promo codes will work with these titles, but it seems like they should.

So, if you have seen Blu-ray on your Redbox, let us know what location, city and state so others in your area can check them out to. Personally, I have not heard of or seen any Blu-ray titles here in Utah yet, but will let you know when I do.


Redbox Blu-ray page

Blockbuster has officially announced their set-top box today, as was rumored a few weeks ago.

The box itself, the 2Wire MediaPoint player, will be available for free with the advanced purchase of 25 (or 50?) prepaid rentals for $99. Additional rentals will be $1.99 each.

This differs from the Netflix model, which is included for free with a Netflix membership of $9/mo and up. I just signed up for the Netflix streaming to my XBox 360 so I could give it a try and see how the service was. I will report on this in another post soon.

In any case, do you think Blockbuster has a chance here? I think they are too late the game, but if they can get new releases out there for $1.99, they may just have a chance. Time will tell.

Read the article here.

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Here is the Redbox Top 10 rentals for last week (Nov 10-16)…

I have seen 1, 2, 4, and 8 and enjoyed all of them. What have you seen?

1. Kung Fu Panda (DreamWorks)
2. Get Smart (Warner)
3. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Universal)
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth (Warner)
5. Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five (DreamWorks)
6. This Christmas (Sony)
7. The Incredible Hulk (Universal)
8. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount)
9. The Strangers (Universal)
10. The Perfect Holiday (Sony)

Today is the day that XBox 360 owners are getting the “New XBox Experience” update, which is completely changing the Xbox 360 dashboard to be more like that of the Wii…

With this change, Netflix is also releasing HD streaming from their service to XBox Live Gold members. You have to be a Netflix member, too, of course.

So, the question is: How does this affect Redbox?

As I have mentioned before, I do believe streaming is the future for movies and tv shows, but that future is not quite here yet. For me, the $1 price tag, the newest releases, and with the small inconvenience of stopping by one of the five Redbox locations within a mile of my house still make Redbox my #1 choice.

Have you used Netflix on the XBox 360? Will you try out their new HD streaming service?

Let us know what you think.

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For the releases for Nov 18, look below…

Here are the Redbox DVD releases for tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Just a quick one today on an article posted by Dave over at the Motley Fool titled “3 Reasons to Sell Netflix Now“.

Can you guess what one of those reasons are? Yea, competition from Redbox…

Heavy competition : Netflix faces threats from not only Blockbuster’s (NYSE: BBI) Total Access, but also McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and CoinStar-owned RedBox DVD rental kiosks. Many investors see this competition, as well as online movie rentals from (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), posing a significant threat to future revenue.

Now, there are many saying Netflix is doing great and you should hold or buy, but these are just some counterpoints coming from an investment club over at Motley Fool.

I am not sure what I think yet. Netflix does seem to be doing well, especially with their recent addition of streaming movies to their new Roku box, the XBox 360, as well as some other players. Since I think streaming is the future, they look to be in a good position.

However, with Redbox’s disruptive pricing model, I do see the price consumers are willing to pay for movie rentals coming down, so time will tell who comes out on top.