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Redbox New Releases for January 6, 2009

37 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for January 6, 2009”

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    fiser [visitor]

    woohoo redbox is making up for last weeks movies

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    snowedin [visitor]

    Are there any good movies anymore? Everytime I get a rental it sucks.

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      Jim [visitor]

      I recommend Eagle Eye

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        Troy [visitor]

        Eagle Eye has every cliche line I have ever heard in it and is the same recipe you’ve seen a million times….I can’t believe someone would actually think “hey, let me recommend this to someone!”.

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          Chris [visitor]

          same recipe? Well, you must be alone in your feelings seeing as the movie soared on the charts and critics thought it was pretty good too. I havn’t run into one person who didn’t highly recommend the movie.

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            Troy [visitor]

            please define “soared on the charts” and what critics thought it was even pretty good? implausable silly movie for people to watch while doing something else remotely entertaining…..not bad for a mindless film I guess

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          I’m not going to lie. I agree with you. The script wasn’t terrible. But it had ten million plot holes. If you are easily entertained then yes I’d recommend it, but if you are any sort of movie critic it isn’t the movie for you. Did anybody else find it comical that Agent Perez saved the country by stabbing ARIA in the eye with a sharp stick? Classic.

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        Jenny [visitor]

        I agree with you Jim! I recommend Eagle Eye also!!! :)

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        yvette [visitor]

        I really liked eagle eye as well….. one of teh best movies out for now

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    rita [visitor]

    Just saw dan in Real Life with Steve carrell
    and enjoyed it

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    Sharon [visitor]

    Don’t rent “Death Racers” My hubby meant to get Deat Race and came home with the other one…OMG the WORST movie I was even up set I spent $1 on the thing…and no we did not watch more than maybe 15 minutes before I took it back!


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      Chris [visitor]

      You must be nuts, action junkies, rent Death Race, it’s right up your alley. Plot line can be a little weak, but the action alone is worth the $1.

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        NMD [visitor]

        Sounded like Sharon said don’t rent “Death Racers”, not “Death Race”.
        But “Death Race” was a pretty good movie.

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          Mike [visitor]

          Yeah, “Death Racers” is a spoof of “Death Race” which stars the Insane Clown Posse. I am a fan so I found the movie mildly amusing though the movie “Death Race” was much better.

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    Yeah! fresh movies finally! Thank You

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    mike sun [visitor]

    I recommend Eagle Eye too.

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    Rich [visitor]

    I am looking forward to seeing Pineapple Express myself…

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    Ron K Jones [visitor]

    “Eagle Eye” is one of the best in the last 6 months.

    Ron Jones

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    Mikki [visitor]

    We LOVED Eagle Eye also!! Wanted is a very good action too!!

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    Lori [visitor]

    I tried to get a freeby at walmart yesterday and it would not let me. I was given the code from a very reliable source and I tried 2 different times. I’m going today to use Mondays code.

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    Lori [visitor]

    Yesterday (sunday) at walmart my code would not work. I tried 2 times and got refused both times. I was given the Sunday code from a reliable source also.

  12. Member [Join Now]

    Went to the movies with my wife, she wanted to see Australia, to my surprise, it was a gr8 movie. Yes I liked Eagle Eye myself, kept you guessing.

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    Rich [visitor]

    I agree that Death Racers is horrible. I couldn’t take over 10 minutes of it befor I stopped watching it. Have yet to watch Death Race, which is what I thought I was getting.

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    Atrimper [visitor]

    I agree, Eagle Eye kept me guessing.. it was the best flick I’ve seen in a few months!

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    fredrickoc [visitor]

    I’m surprised with so many good comments about eagle eye.
    It was not nearly as good as possible and it was overrated. Expect to be disappointed.

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      Tom [visitor]

      I also thought Eagle Eye and Traitor were very good, IMHO. If you want to see disappointing, rent The Happening. This is only my opinion, my neighbor loved it.

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    KEV [visitor]

    I recommend Traitor…very good!

  17. Member [Join Now]

    We loved Eagle Eye too. I also didn’t get to use the last code for December yesterday, it didn’t work. Used the Monday code today on The Riddle but it isn’t very good. Hard to follow. I don’t think there is a Tuesday code. We love redbox here in western Ky!

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    what ‘s the code for today?

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    MyBlueNovember [mybluenovember]

    Pineapple Express was fairly fun with some action. I don’t endorse drug use though. Disaster movie was what you’d expect with all the “movies” very lame but if you can laugh @ stupidness then you might enjoy it, lots of Madtv cast in it. I was mad that yet again I got a “full screen” aka limited screen copy. I wish they would stop making those and only release widescreen.