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Redbox New Releases for January 13, 2009

8 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for January 13, 2009”

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    Jim [visitor]

    Anyone hear about “Hit and Run”

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    PeterDonelan [peterdonelan]

    I’m really not sure – WHAT DOES THIS SITE DO?

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      FordTruckMan [fordtruckman]

      This site distributes promo codes that RedBox issues, in a more freely available setting. These promo codes allow you to get your first day of any movie rental free. If you do not want to be charged a second day, then the dvd has to be returned before a certain time the day after you rent it with your code.

      Simple Terms:
      *Come to
      *Get Codes
      *Use a Code at a RedBox to rent a DVD (you can only use 1 code per transaction)
      *Return DVD next Day
      *Will not cost you a thing.

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    Curious George [billabott]

    Objectionable Future Release:
    Please ask RedBox to not assist in distributing a dvd titled “Hounddog,” featuring Dakota Fanning. This film has drawn opposition from family groups who cite a teasing child who promises a kiss to a boy if he exposes himself then later gyrates to the tune of “Hounddog” and is sexually assaulted by a man.
    If you agree that this film lacks ANY socially redeeming value and is therefore unfit to be viewed by any decent person, you might consider emailing them with your opinion as soon as possible.

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      FordTruckMan [fordtruckman]

      Look…nothing we say will stop RedBox from distributing this or any other movie. The plain cold hard fact is that the movie would not have been made, an investment of several million dollars, if the producers did not believe there was some demand for such a film. This said, any film that is popular in theaters will most likely be distributed by RedBox as well, and no family group will stop them. Also, these “decent persons” can decide for themselves whether or not to rent the movie…they do not need some group to speak for them. That is all I have to say on this topic, and if you respond, do not expect another reply…thank YOU and have a great day!

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      Grow up! You don’t have to rent it if you don’t want to see it! It’s called free speech! People like you make me sick, trying to govern what everyone should or should not be allowed to watch! Yes it does sound like it has “questionable” material in it i agree but it’s up to the individual if they want to watch it or not but they should at least have the “right’ to make the decision for themselves not by YOU!

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      Have you actually watched it? You can’t say that it lacks any socially redeeming value unless you’ve actually seen it.

      And do you think this kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life? Children dance along to music all the time (I know I did, to Michael Jackson!); children get molested all the time; children have dark childhoods. It’s sad, but it’s a reality, and a movie that showcases such darkness is only telling a reality that you obviously know nothing about.

      Are you naive or willfully ignorant?