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Redbox New Releases for February 10, 2009

13 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for February 10, 2009”

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    hmmm [visitor]

    I’m finding Redbox is not a good place to catch up on Oscar movies. So far no sign of Vicky Cristina Barcelona or Happy Go Lucky. But of course the latest Steven Seagal flick is readily available. Is the business model of this company set up to cater to the lowest denominator of movie watchers?

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      Randal [visitor]

      I wondered the same thing about Vicky Christine. I’ve since learned that Blockbuster signed an exclusive for the rental of that superb title. I believe that Happy Go Lucky (also truly wonderful) is in theaters only as of this date.

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        I don’t know if you have MovieStop boxes where you are at but they have the movie Vicky Christine in them here. They are located in Exxon On The Run Stations here in NC.

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          Joe [visitor]

          I live in Hickory NC and all I’ve ever seen was Redbox which are only found in Wal-marts around here. Where is everybody finding all these locations and other companies such as MovieStop and others I hear mentioned?

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            Joe, I live in Charlotte NC and we have alot of boxes to choose from. You can find Redboxes in Harris Teeter Grocery stores, Dvdexpress is in Bi-lo Grocery Stores, and the Moviestops Boxes are in the Exxon On The Run Gas Stations. They do have Redboxes in the Walmart Super Centers but not in plain Walmarts. Hope you get more boxes in Hickory. I love have so many different ones to choose from. They all basically work the same and they are all just $1. and alot of the codes work in the different boxes.

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    Timec [timec]

    “Happy-Go-Lucky” isn’t out on DVD, though I suspect it’s the type of film that would bore most audiences. It was one of my favorite movies of last year – but I’ve always been a big fan of the director, whose style I find to be absorbingly poignant. Sally Hawkins and Eddie Marsan are both really wonderful.

    …Anyways, I’m always glad to see Redbox get a slightly more “artsy” title. It’s great when they get a film like “Mongol” or “Transsiberian” – they type that generally only played at the arthouses. (The less I have to go to Blockbuster for those types of titles, the better.) This week, I’m very glad to see them getting “Frozen River” – which received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress but which I don’t think even showed up at the local arthouse.

    I understand that they want to have a lot of copies of the mainstream titles on hand, but it would be nice if they could get more “arthouse” titles – though they certainly wouldn’t rent as much as, say, “Hancock”, I think they might do at least as well as a lot of the straight-to-DVD stuff they get. Maybe.

    Either way, I still love Redbox.

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    What is the Monday code for today, of course?



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      Car [car]

      Like, if it was sent already, at 7AM no less, the guy who got it wouldn’t post it unless you asked?

      Last time it was late in the day, so chill people.

      No never mind, let’s bet on how many people will ask “where’s the monday code” just because they somehow think if *they* ask then it will get posted magically.

      I say 8 posts.

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    william baldwin [william-baldwin]

    Is there a code for Monday February 10, 2009 ? Thanks, William

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    william baldwin [william-baldwin]

    Give me a break please first time to this site,won’t know if you dom’t ask Thanks William

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    mimi [visitor]

    the code for Monday Feb 9th not the 10th is 25CH63

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    UBM [visitor]

    No Soul Man?
    What’s up Redbox?