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Monday Promo Code – February 9, 2009

Here is your Monday Redbox code, returning again at its normal earlier time!


Expires tonight (Mon, Feb 9) at midnight.

33 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – February 9, 2009”

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    Car [car]

    When typing on the Redbox screen, double check what you typed in, the touch screen makes double characters really easy.

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    David [visitor]

    Thanks REDBOX, this free gift goes a long. I only rent from REDBOX now.

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    just me [visitor]

    Thanks for sharing. It sure helps out in this economy!

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    Joanne [visitor]

    Had to call the phone number on the BOX, ’cause my text didn’t work again this week! But got the code, got the movie. Thanks!

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    Celestina [visitor]


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    Matt [visitor]

    I have tried the promo codes at least 3 times and they have always come back as invalid. I noticed that the touch screen gave some duplicate characters, but I corrected them before I submitted. My last attempt was today. We live in Payson, UT. Don’t know if it is a regional thing.

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      they have always worked for indiana (monday codes)

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      Car [car]

      It seems to work in UT, there are 2 reports, both are walmart. Have you tried at different locations? Looks like you have 4. And lucky you, 2 at walmart and 1 inside a mcdonalds. Did MCDWNTR work at mcdonalds? Any of the other codes?

      Monday codes always seem to work at any location I happen to go to.

      According to the map it looks like your whole town is only 2 miles wide. Everyone there should drive an electric car.

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    BeerGuy [beerguy]

    The second Monday in a row that the site has been down for most of the day. What gives?

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    I love Redbox and I love Redbox Insider! Too much snow falling this evening to go out and rent a movie, (fireplace and hot chocolate instead) but I do appreciate the codes. Also, I sign up for the freebies that Insider sends out to help them keep this site going. THANKS!

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    paul lapke [visitor]

    this code acvite everwhere

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    lacy [visitor]

    when do they you charge you…if you dont have it back by tom. night at 9?

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    Thanks Michael for joining twitter!The last 2 weeks I had to leave before noon E.S.T. and insideredbox was unavailable, went to the twitter site and got the code lickedy split!

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    Sherry [visitor]

    I love the redbox prices bbuuuuttt the promo codes which is the incentive are always giving me trouble. It is a pain to go out to get the movie and the code show invalid. When I call they say it is probably offline Why would it be offline anyway especially on a monday promo code unless they don’t want to give the free movie. Is this your way of getting out of it. Especially now they can’t give the codes over the phone. New Rules for the employee’s. What’s up someone needs to fix this problem or they will lose the customers that would be faithful Listen Michael this is not good business practice!!!!!!!!!

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      Car [car]

      What does it say all over this site? “is not affiliated with Redbox”

      Michael has nothing to do with your code not working.

      I haven’t seen a case where all boxes are offline in my area, so go to another box, if you are talking about the Monday code.

      If you are talking about the other codes…. Use your brain and only try them when you happen to be there already, or if they are new, check the reports, using your brain and hand to point the mouse and see how many people have reported them working before wasting gas.

      Today I tried a lot of the codes when I used the Monday code just for fun and since I was there already with no one in line, and reported them with the proper errors. A lot of them are location specific, so they are good codes but work someplace else.

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    Megbot [visitor]

    The past 2 weeks my Monday code has not worked. What gives? The screen says routing for a long time and then finally says it’s no good.

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    Tom Hargy3 [visitor]

    Seeing RED…BOX
    I can assume none of you has experienced a problem with redbox.

    Beware…I rented a dvd and when I tried to return it the machine would not accept it. I called the posted phone number and was on hold for over 35 minutes.Their message, that played over and over and over, stated they were experiencing an unusual high volume of calls. Keep in mind this is strictly a problem line…you can’t rent or reserve by calling!

    Five phone calls and two emails later to their “Customer Service” and I have no resolution and now own a $27.00 dvd.

    Image if this happens to one out of every one hundred !!! Nice profit !!!

    I tried to return this dvd in good faith, only to hear giggles on their customer service line!!!

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      Car [car]

      I’ve called them for things and have never been on hold for more than about a minute.

      Even the better business bureau would tell you to take pictures of the DVD and the envelope you are sending it back in, return it registered mail or UPS with tracking, have a witness watch you send it or whatever, that the business would be hard pressed to charge you.

      Your credit card company would probably tell you the same thing and reverse the charges once you prove you returned it.

      I suspect that you are a large blockbuster stock holder. Take your loses and get out before it gets worse. Posting here won’t stop redbox.

      None of the regulars here are complaining, and some of them have been posting here and renting from redbox for years.

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        Oh my God, LMAO off @ Car, wtf, you some kind of CSI nut?The guy is talking about a freaking DVD not murder! LMAO

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          Car [car]

          CSI: Redbox

          “we’re watching”

          (movies that is)

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            ANDY [visitor]

            I couldn’t return my DVD, so I called Redbox and was
            on hold for approx 15 mins. At the end , I received
            2 free codes for all my trouble.
            thanks redbox.

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            Car [car]

            ANDY, I assume you called your credit card company and reversed the charges after you sent it back via mail.

            If you keep it then you need to pay for it, it’s pretty simple.

            What do you want Redbox to do? Besides tell you to put the bar code in a way that it’s visible through the little slots. Only one bar code needs to be showing through, they are all the same and the holder is designed so that it always shows at least one no matter which way the DVD is twisted in the holder.

            If all the bar codes are damaged in some way, like the DVD label got wet or something, then you have to return it via mail like I said above.

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      I had a similar situation and was on hold for about 10 minutes on a Friday night. I was told to provide them the barcode numbers off of the DVD and the last 4 of my credit card number so that they could pull up the transaction. All Red Boxes have the same features as ATM machines where they will pull the DVD back in if you don’t touch it within a few seconds. The DVD was returned but because it was not properly scanned, the rep had to manually enter that it was returned. She then apologized for the inconvenience and sent me an email that contained codes for 3 free rentals because the delay made me pay a late fee. It doesn’t sound like you tried very hard to me. I am quite pleased with the way this was handled!

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      when it happened to me i used my cell phone and got hold of someone right away. i was at the redbox and they set it up to take the dvd right then. and gave me a free movie.

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    andy [visitor]

    I couldn’t return the DVD because all the Redbox in my area was out of service. I got the free codes for my inconvenience and the DVD was scratched. I was able to return the next day. I was told by Redbox that they will refund the fee of the extra day. But they never did refund me and I never called Redbox to demand the refund because it is only a buck and I rented that movie with a free code anyway. I have never experienced a damage barcode on a DVD.

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    Jake [visitor]

    when do you put in the promo code? when they ask for the zip code?

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    3Amigos3 [3amigos3]

    I have tried several weeks to use the Monday code at a local Maverik gas station in Utah. They never work. Are there some redbox sites that do not accept Monday codes?