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Just a quick reminder that it is free movie Monday today for those on Redbox’s SMS list. Did you get your code yet? What are you going to use it on?
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Let us know!

154 Responses to “RedAlert: It’s Free Movie Monday for October 2010”

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    Andy2 [andy2]

    How do I get my code?

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    Maybe we all need to read the fine print, as stated at the very beginning of the site page.
    ” Inside Redbox is the #1 “Unofficial” Redbox Online Community for Redbox Codes, News and more. Inside Redbox is not affiliated with Redbox Automated Retail, LLC. ”
    It’s a little confusing because THIS SITE is telling you about the ” Monday Free Codes ” but not how to get them HERE at this site which is NOT the OFFICIAL Redbox site.

    If this INFO below is incorrect please feel free to correct or Re-direct.
    Thanks. Hope this helps someone else.

    Go to then make your new account or Sign-in.
    In Preferences select Edit Notifications & Subscriptions . This is were you put in your mobile phone number or make sure the correct mobile number is in the box. Next make sure the box is checked next to ” Movie Monday & Redbox Mobile Marketing Alerts”. Push the save button and you should receive an AD from REDBOX. Now you are on the SMS List. Hopefully you’ll get your code.

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    Does anyone know the actual code for today??

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      tinybrat [visitor]

      Everybody’s code is different Rob. The codes are only allowed to be used by 1 person, 1 time. This was set up to prevent people from sharing their codes.

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        Thanks. I don’t understand i’ve always received the text promo codes & now nothing. I’ve emailed Redbox and they are clueless to how to fix it.

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        krissy [visitor]

        not true everyone can use the same code for the mondays promos.i went to use my card and a man whom had just rented one gave me the same one and i checked out just as fine.but ive been signed up with red box and never recieved my code either.

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    Mikkaph –
    Thanks so much for helping us out with that one! I have searched all over this site many, many, many times and finally bumped into you! You rock!

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    Mary [visitor]

    I rented The Joneses.

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    Jonathan [visitor]

    I still don’t think it’s fair that they only send out codes to cell phone users. I have a home phone and an email address, but I’m shut out on Free Movie Monday…I know most folks have a cell SMS, but am I a second class citizen for not having one?

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      laura [visitor]

      I feel the same way…….I dont have texting on my phone… why should I be punished for it??? Please add the code so people like me can get it ….like the people with texting or cellphones…..THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!

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        jean wilson [visitor]

        I guess this is why I waste so much time navigating your site for free monday or any free coded with no success. The only way to get a free
        code is to be able to access by a cell phone??? Not too fair. I have to keep my cost down so my phone is just a phone. Darn thanks for the teasing. You should open this up to e-mail accounts.

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          sherri [visitor]

          I agee that the cell phone being the only easy way to get a code is not fare. I would love to use redbox often (4 miles from home) but i drive across my small town (12 miles to blockbuster) per they do give me a e-mail code often. My phone is just a phone and paperweight and the nearest Walgreens to my house is in the next larger town 50 minutes away. Redbox—wouldn’t you like to rent more movies—get fair.

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    Jennifer [visitor]

    letters to juliet

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    john tannenbaum [visitor]

    i agree with you im a big user and i do not get any free movies
    redbox unfair to loyal users

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    Patty [visitor]

    I got my code, and went to use it, but it didn’t work.

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      Victoria [visitor]

      Me to. I keyed in my code and it kept saying promo incorrect. I tried every way I could think of to get it to work. I ended up just renting the movie cause my neices and nephew really wanted to see it. We watched Marmaduke

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    jack mabry [visitor]

    Why can’t you email us the code for free Monday? As unbelievable as it sounds, I don’t have a cell phone.

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    Darren [visitor]

    Does anyone have a monday movie code they will not use today???. Dont know why but i didnt get a text today. Was gonna get the little one a movie and guess i will spend a buck if no one has a code to give which is no biggie…..just thought i would try. If anyone does please email me at Much appreciated… me and my little one…lol

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    Wattyz [wattyz]

    I rented IP Man. Looks a lot better than the Back Up Plan that my husband rented a couple days ago. I didn’t move from the computer, he turned it off after 20 minutes! LOL

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    John-Michael [visitor]

    I didn’t get mine from them today :( and it usually comes.

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    The Rum Trader [visitor]

    Youth In Revolt

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    I never get my code and I’m signed up. At least we have the Walgreens deals

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    grosser144 [visitor]

    Got my code this morning. They haven’t missed a Monday since I signed up. It’s going to be Ironman 2 tonight. Now they need to figure out a way that I don’t have to go to the trouble of returning the movie. Like downloading to a thumbdrive at the kiosk or burning a DVD at home that self-deletes after one viewing. Redbox still rocks though – convenient, easy to use, and only a buck!

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    julie [visitor]

    i didn’t get my code yet when do i get it & where do i get it may i ask

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    janet [visitor]

    the site won’t let me log on even when I change the pass word. whats up with that

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    I hate the fact that Redbox will only send a text to certain carriers…my cell company, Ntelos, is not supported :-( This is especially frustrating when I know there is software out there that can send a txt to ANY phone, i.e. my chase bank uses it as a means to verify account holders online. Grrrrr

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    I don’t understand this code thing, I just sign up tonight and I go 8 codes for 10/04/10. by reading other comments I was thinking I would get only one code?

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    Serena [visitor]

    Anyone need my code? HKHWDJW expires tonight at 11:59 CST

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      sinnercal [visitor]

      Serena. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much :)

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      lee lanham [visitor]

      Serena-finally a human being.isn’t it scary when people start to feel superior over something that is meant to be free– can all negativity if you can’t remember the way monday free code worked before – this exclusivity is nothing more than a MARKETING SCHEME please don’t think it Means something.

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    Gene Speight [visitor]

    I used to get the free code every month. I stopped getting them when they changed the contact person. I have registered, as directed, several times trying to reestablish recepetion of the code but to no avail. This has gotten to be frustrating and I will not attempt to get the codes again. It sounds like I am not the only one who is frustrated. Red Box, this is very poor PR. I think I will use Block Buster from now on.

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    JamesH73 [jamesh73]

    That sucks… looks like I’m not the only one that didn’t get a code today :( Is there some kind of cutbacks that I don’t know about? Free code Monday for a choice few..

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    I can’t get the codes texted to my phone either-Redbox doesn’t like Cricket.
    I really feel lucky that I am able to get a movie for $1.00 anytime, though. If my family wanted a movie nite, it was $4-5 each movie at Blockbuster and most places. No matter how much easier something gets, there will always be something to complain about…I’d rather think about all the money I’ve saved and look at the bright side of things :)

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      Sabrina [visitor]

      Redbox sucks..I have never gotten my code since I signed up…I think blockbuster kiosk are the best, they give free codes almost everyday.

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      chococat [visitor]

      Hmmm… that’s weird since I have Cricket and I get my free code on time every month. Used to have Sprint and was still getting my code monthly, no problem. ……….Cricket does NOT allow my bank to text me my balance, but Sprint did…. go figure.

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    blue code is MDVD1 use at any blue box. one use per credit card and everyone uses the same code. you can even rent online with promocode.

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    bhwang [visitor]

    used the free Monday code, got Flicka 2; enjoyed it!

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    Celeste [visitor]

    MetroPCS needs to get with the program…

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    chococat [visitor]

    Guess I am one of the lucky ones who gets free codes all the time from different redbox promotions, and I love it! I get my free movie Monday code every month like clockwork by text, no problems. I used my October code to rent Prince of Persia, and it was awesome. I can hardly wait for redbox to put a machine in the CVS store down the street from me so I can just walk over and rent a movie whenever I want. Good luck to everyone.

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    I used my code for a free DVD yesterday and got a bad disc! Do I get credit for this? What a waste.

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      Vernon Dent [visitor]

      Just call or e-mail redbox customer service. Provide all the information necessary, and redbox will gladly issue a one-time use code for a free night’s rental.

      I wish I had a dollar for every bad disk dispensed–I’d have about fourteen dollars!

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    The Situation [visitor]

    Well looking at all these posts, it reminds me that John Small thinks Redbox customers are “Cheap, Pathetic, Losers”. I hate that he generalizes it like that, because many are not, HOWEVER!!!!! if you look at the majority of the posts on this article alone, and I can agree that there are plenty of “Cheap, Pathetic, Losers” who use the service. No one is entitled to codes, and last time I checked Redbox isn’t a charity or a soup kitchen, its a business. Go to a homeless shelter if you expect everything for free. If you don’t have a cell phone, thats your problem, because websites have special online sales daily, and you aren’t complaining about those (pending you don’t have a computer or internet etc). It’s a companies right and freedom to set any stipulations they want with promotions. These movies don’t stay a dollar a day by always being free people. Redbox has helped free people from the crappy price options at Blockbuster, Hollywood, etc, and if you can’t appreciate that (which is the bigger picture) then you are indeed a “Cheap, Pathetic, Loser”.

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      rb [visitor]

      HOWEVER!!!!!…I think you’re being a bit harsh, The Situation. Think the real problem is that on these “Free Monthly Monday” alert posts that Michael does on and then emails the weekly newsletter with this free code alert, a lot of receivers/bloggers don’t understand that they don’t sign up for the free text code on THIS site, nor receive the code from THIS site, but rather have to go to the official Redbox site to sign up for/receive/complain when they don’t receive the code. Every Monday of the month I see sooooooooo many of these comments by bloggers that it’s clear that they just don’t understand that IS NOT Think it would be helpful when Michael sends out these RED ALERTS for free Monday code in the weekly newsletter, that in the ALERT post itself it is THOROUGHLY clarified, perhaps even a clickable link to to go there to sign up/receive the text codes if you already haven’t done so. It almost gets ‘painful’ reading some bloggers comments on these RED ALERT Free Monday Posts because it is clear some bloggers don’t or can’t understand there is a difference between the and the site–and especially what the function of each site is… And regarding ‘generalizing’….I hate to ‘generalize’ also,..try to stay clear of it for the most part–trying my best anyway!… Do remember on this site I was stating something like you really have to be in the mood to watch a foreign film because you’re forced to sit there and read subtitles…. Then a blogger, (think lumin47, maybe not) stated something like he has hearing problems so he always has closed captioned on any ways for movies to help with understanding all the dialogue for those parts he can’t completely hear… Certainly put me in my place! Helped me realize you never know what goes on in the lives of the other Redbox bloggers–they might be deaf, in a wheelchair, in complete poverty and the only thing they look forward to is that one free Redbox code on the first Monday of each month!!! And perhaps, The Situation, they are soooooooo poor that they can’t afford a cellphone for a text code. And perhaps, they use the computer at the library every first Monday to go to Insideredbox in search of just one free code to be able to watch/enjoy one movie per month! As I said, it is best not to generalize any Redbox user as a ‘cheap, pathetic, loser’ because you never know the complete circumstances of your fellow Redboxers. :-)

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        rb [visitor]

        Hmnn, a bit lengthy… Sorry!

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          Mikkaph [visitor]

          Well rd, It seems that we are not only ” not to Bright ” But also ‘cheap, pathetic, losers’ too.
          rd I think you are right on with Michael needs to put the REAL Redbox Link to get the codes or at least try to get the codes in his Blog when he makes his announcement about Red Allert : Monthly Monday codes. If you are a first time user of OR got misdirected to this site, it is very confusing not to find the codes Here as you are expecting them to be here. It seems most people read a small amount and when they find what they thought was the answer they were looking for they stop reading. I myself am guilty of that. I tried to Help out earlier and my first Post was incorrect so I did some more reading and searching found the place is was supposed to go then came back and re-posted the correct site BUT that didn’t get me my FIRST Monday Freebie either. It sure did generate a lot of post for this site, I hope they appreciate it. Anyway THANKS for your help too.
          I hope all this INFO will help future Redboxers to find the right way to a Freebie once in a while.

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          Mikkaph [visitor]

          Sorry rb (rd) I’m dyslexic too. LOL. Wow, with all these things wrong with me I’d better go see a Doctor soon.

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        The Situation [visitor]

        Agreed RB, but where did I generalize in my last statement? I used the word “Majority” meaning most but not all, as I was acknowledging certain exceptions. Mainly I’m talking about the people who are like “I don’t get free codes anymore, so I’m going elsewhere” because thats just being a cheap, pathetic loser. I understand there are some people who are really that broke, who look forward to that free rental, but the last time I checked entertainment (movie rentals in this case) is an extra in life and not a necessity, if we were talking about food coupons, your point would be better. Note I almost always agree with everything you say, and am not trying to be disrespectful towards rb.

        Miss Video Stores, you seem very very obsessed with the thought of a purell dispenser next to each machine. If you really are a man, which I will no longer argue, then you must be the biggest clean freak of a man since Bob Saget starred as Danny Tanner on the show Full House.

        Finally as I scroll below. Yes if you sign up for your code, you are entitled to it. So if you are complaining about not having a cell phone, guess what, you aren’t entitled to your code. If you sign up, and you are too stupid to put in the proper phone number, or carrier, then you aren’t entitled to your code. I get mine just fine, every single month, and signing up was as easy as could be. How many customers does redbox have? Yet only 100 a month come to complain they didn’t get their code, maybe they should slow down, read everything, and look in the mirror before they go and point the finger. Personal accountability speaks volumes, that is something Laurie Piechur’s mother never told her….

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          rb [visitor]

          Well, I don’t know,…You agreed that there are a ‘majority’ or ‘plenty’ of ‘cheap, pathetic, losers on this site’,…To me ‘majority’ or ‘plenty’ instead of just a ‘few’ seems to be generalizing a larger-than-average group of ‘humans’ as cheap, pathetic, or losers–especially when we’ll never know their complete circumstances. Anyhoo! I agree that Miss Video seems to be obsessed with the whole ‘purell’ thing,..but then there’s also the ‘lotion of the month’, and ‘chipolte’ (if i spelled that correct) , as well as the ‘cheap, pathetic, loser’ quote by Miss Vi–oh, I mean by John Small–that tends to obsessively work their way into many comments. The whole thing with the ‘cheap, pathetic, loser’ quote is that it severed/finalized what little credibility that J.S. had left trying to convince others to hate Redbox when he tried to convince everyone on the site that his neighborhood kids go around insulting each other by calling them ‘Redboxers’ to suggest that they are ‘cheap, pathetic, losers’. .. Now, if you can find me ANY neighborhood where there are little kids running around calling each other ‘Redboxers’ as a form of an insult,..I’ll apologize to J.S. Just seemed that J.S. anti-redbox bias ‘jumped the shark’ with that comment!

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            The Situation [visitor]

            Yeah, no kid calls any other kid that. In my eyes John Small hasn’t had any credibility in a long time on here, you know, the whole avoiding questions and beating around the bush thing he always does. Funny how I called “Miss Video Stores” out last week about being a hypocrite for commenting towards me in the same fashion she claimed I was commenting towards her, and “He” hasn’t commented back since, the ONLY person on here that does that is John Small, they have the SAME EXACT ways of argument, and I don’t think its an accident.

            Again, if someone is saying, “Hey, where do I get my code” thats fine, but its the people who are aggressive and rude about getting it that really get me to thinking that those specific people are “cheap, pathetic, losers.”

            In all reality, I think everyone can agree on one thing, if you think that “Taking a walk on the wild side” is commenting on an internet site like this one, you might not be “cheap” but you are surely a pathetic loser.

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            firstlawofnature [visitor]

            ‘if you think that “Taking a walk on the wild side” is commenting on an internet site like this one, you might not be “cheap” but you are surely a pathetic loser.’

            That was funny chipotle boy.

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            John Small [visitor]

            I’ll jump in here as I know “the sitch’ loves it when I make dictionary references.

            fa·ce·tious? ?/f??si??s/ Show Spelled

            1. not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.
            2. amusing; humorous.
            3. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.

            Did you guys really think that Miss Video Stores was being “for realsies” when he said that? Oh right, I used the word think. My mistake.

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            The Situation [visitor]

            Thanks John Small! I’m actually familiar with the word, I just didn’t want to assume I had to use it. You see John when you assume things, you make an @** out of you and me. I don’t need to make one out of you, because you always do that all by yourself, but I was really looking out for myself. Lets go ahead and conclude, with you adding that in there, that basically everything you ever say that bashes the Redbox name is facetious. I knew you couldn’t be stupid enough to believe the crap you yourself put on this site. I’m glad you finally let off the act. This is perhaps your biggest breakthrough yet on the way to obtaining some intelligence.

            Since we are all about dictionary terms, how about I give you one that I’m sure you are already familiar with, but we will let others see as well.


            1.) John Small
            2.) Anyone who believes in full, the crap John Small has been preaching up to this point.
            3.) Miss Video Stores
            4.) Laurie Piechur and her crack-legal team

            The word think, hey do you know what I think? I think that John Small and his “Fun Boy” Miss Video Stores should get a room!

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            John Small [visitor]

            The problem “sitch” is that you did make an a@@ out of yourself by assuming that Miss Video Stores was being completely serious while ignoring the smiley posted after the comment.

            BTW, I looked up your definition in a dictionary. It turns out you were completely wrong. But thank you for proving that you do not know how to use a dictionary once again.

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            The Situation [visitor]

            Hey John, I was being “facetious”, if you can’t handle someone poking some fun at you, don’t dish it out little boy.

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            John Small [visitor]

            As was I “sitch”. As was I.

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      Right on @The Situation. Very well put.

      on another note, does anyone pay attention to the little blue box that shows up when you are about to post. It says and I quote…..

      This is an independent website and is not affiliated with Redbox. If you need to contact Redbox, you can call 1-866-REDBOX3 or visit

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    After reading the last comment,
    It seems that “Redbox” IS in a slump
    with all the other pathetic
    “free wanting” losers out there,
    other wise,
    why cut back on the freebies?

    Hey, listen up folks
    if Redbox is doing so good,
    then why not
    share it with others!!!

    Makes you think,
    doesn’t it?

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    Miss Video Stores [visitor]

    At last the world catches on – The big red box is a magnet for the great unwashed, under paid, under educated and overly entitles americans. I can’t wait till my Purelle dispensing kiosks go up beside every redbox ;-D

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      firstlawofnature [visitor]

      So it’s agreed, redbox will take all the poor, tired and hungry. The vid stores can take all the high end folks.

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      rb [visitor]

      This is what I don’t understand Mrs.–I mean Miss Video,…If ‘You are the company you keep’ , then why do you hang out on this site/ keep company with a bunch of us Redbox users? Doesn’t that somehow, in YOUR eyes/mind, make you ‘unclean’?

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    Miss Video Stores [visitor]

    Yes it does- sometimes you just have to take a walk on the wild side :). I enjoy you guys company…

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      rb [visitor]

      LOL! If you call blogging comments on InsideRedbox a ‘walk on the wild side’–I think you need to do some more living! Though I thoroughly understand how you can enjoy our company. That’s the thing about we Redbox users– regardless of what you think of us, we are enjoyable, perhaps even endearing. We are the common folks, just looking for a bargain, not feeling ‘entitled’ to it. HOWEVER, for those Redbox users who signed up for their monthly monday text free code and did not, or don’t receive them–then I do think they are ‘entitled’ to that free code. No different than when I clip and use a $1 off coupon at the store for $1 off toothpaste… If I don’t receive that $1 off, I speak up! I am ‘entitled’ to that $1 off because I took the time to clip my manufacturer coupon and use it on the correct item. This is no different than those Redbox users who took the time to sign up for the text code on the site, yet don’t receive their monthly code. If they signed up, they ARE entitled to them!!!

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    Mrs. H [visitor]

    :-Hey! Where are my codes?? I used to get them all the time now nuffin! Wat gives redbox?