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Biggest DVD Day Of The Year

Redbox New DVD Releases - Nov 20 2007

Let the stores throw their sales. They can have the day after Thanksgiving. You’ll just get worn out shopping on Friday. Then on Saturday, you’re redbox’. Be ready with these great flicks.

First up, a tradition about as old as Turkey Day itself: Bruce Willis cleaning house as John McClane. In Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce returns as your favorite grizzled NYC cop, this time protecting the one squirmy little computer hacker (played by Justin Long, from all those Mac ads) who just might be able to prevent doomsday. Timothy Olyphant plays the bad guy.

Next, how about a star-studded remake of a stage favorite? How about the inspirational story of a chubby teenager in the early 60s who follows her dream and lands on a dance show? And how about Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Zac Ephron and John Travolta (as a woman, no less)? This is one Hairspray that will create joy, and won’t kill the ozone layer. Rent a copy today.

Wait, it’s November…and you haven’t done your holiday shopping? Just…wow. Well, you need another reminder, so grab Santa Clause 3. Funnyman Tim Allen returns in this popular series as a regular guy pulling double-duty as Santa. But this time Jack Frost (Martin Short) is out to steal Christmas, and Allen has to get pretty festive to stop him. Elizabeth Mitchell and Eric Lloyd co-star.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller? (Family visits will do that sometimes.) Rent Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming. In this sequel to the suspenseful original, a soldier returns home from fighting in Iraq and has a hard time adjusting to civilian life. And that’s BEFORE he’s haunted by the dead. This one stars Zachary Bennett, Nicholas Carella and Rob Lowe.

Here are a few biggies from last week. If you missed them, they’re still available online. Then you can pick them up at your nearest redbox.

Clooney, Pitt, Damon and more — everyone returns in Ocean’s Thirteen, the third installment in the A-list-and-high-budget franchise. This time Willy Bank (played by Al Pacino) double-crosses a friend of the gang.
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So they put on the suits, put on the charm, and set out to get him.

And finally, don’t forget about Shrek the Third. It brings the Hollywood stars, too. Mike Meyers voices the title monster — dealing with the stress of being successor to the throne AND being a dad-to-be — while Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz all return as well.

Good stuff, movie fans. See you after the tryptophan wears off.
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