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Better Watch Your DVDs Before Work.


This week starts out with the return of…pretty much every Hollywood hunk ever in Ocean’s Thirteen. Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Cheadle and the rest head back to Vegas in this third act (and return to form) in the Ocean franchise.
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When Jimmy Bank (played by Al Pacino) double-crosses a friend of Danny Ocean’s, the whole gang sets out to get revenge by tanking Bank’s new casino…dashingly.

And speaking of A-list casts and third installments, Shrek the Third brings back all those recognizable A-list voices. Mike Meyers voices the big green lug — who this time is a tad insecure about his role as a father-to-be and becoming the new king. That’s why he asks his closest friends (voiced by Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas) to help a young rebel named Artie get appointed king in Shrek’s place.

Hey, while redbox is riffing on the subject of high-concept cartoons, definitely check out Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob’s Atlantis SquarePantis. This time your favorite animated bubble scrubber travels with his friends to the lost city of Atlantis in search of the world’s oldest living bubble. They find a whole sunken-city’s worth of fun on the way.

Need to tuck a period piece in between all this cartoon watching? Superb, old chap! In Amazing Grace, you’ll travel back to 19th century England and learn about how the great William Wilberforce took Parliament by storm, making those funny white wigs stand on end. Ioan Gruffudd, Romola Garai, Benedict Cumberbatch and Albert Finney star.

Are there still a few from last week you didn’t see?
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For shame. But redbox wants to give you a second chance.

In I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Adam Sandler and Kevin James — a couple of burly Brooklyn firefighters — try to bilk the government out of pension funds by pretending to be gay. Enter one gorgeous woman (Jessica Biel) and their plan comes completely undone.

And in the animated feature Ratatouille, a country rat named Remy and a dishwasher named Linguini become unlikely culinary stars in the cutthroat Paris food scene. Ian Holm, Lou Romano and Patton Oswalt are just a few of those who voice the characters.

See you next week, movie lovers. Gobble Gobble.

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