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(Oh Save It, You Get The Idea.)

It’s gray and chilly out. There are smashed pumpkins on your doorstep. The first week of November (“Nov-film-ber”, as it were) is the perfect time to rent some great new releases.

Starting off, it’s the comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Adam Sandler and Kevin James star as a couple of Brooklyn firefighters who cook up an unlikely (and, some might say, insensitive) plan for financial security: they’re going to pretend to be gay to receive domestic partner benefits.
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Things for the two big lugs get tough, though, with Jessica Biel around to constantly tempt their straight sides.

Next up is the hilarious and charming animated feature Ratatouille. Remy is from the French countryside and has aspirations of being a successful chef in Paris. The hang-up is that Remy is a rat. (Redbox will resist the urge to make a cheap, French department of health joke). But when Remy becomes buddies with a young restaurant worker, the two might just help each other to the top. Ian Holm, Lou Romano and Patton Oswalt are just a few of the stars who lend their voices.
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Failed to notice the holiday decorations that have been in department stores since July? Then rent Deck the Halls today. It’s the tale of two neighbors (Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick) who have it out when one of them puts up enough holiday lights to basically out-shine the sun. The two almost forget what the holidays are supposed to be all about (which is, of course, watching DVDs). Kristin Davis also stars.

Also to put you in the holiday spirit, it’s A Dennis the Menace Christmas. Your favorite characters from the popular comic strip create a new, cute spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Naturally, Dennis (played by young Maxwell Perry Cotton) is your little protagonist and Mr. Wilson (Robert Wagner) is your Scrooge. Kim Schraner and George Newbern also star.

And returning from “Rock-tober”…

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are back in Spiderman 3, the latest (and darkest) of the movies about the web-spinning superhero. This time the villain happens to be Spiderman’s own evil side (played by Topher Grace), who dresses in a daunting black costume.

And finally, don’t forget about License to Wed. Jon Krasinski and Mandy Moore are all set to walk down the aisle…at a church where Robin Williams just happens to be the minister. Now he—in his infinite craziness—gets to decide if they’re fit for marriage or not.
Any of these great new movies are available for you to select online, then pick up at your nearest redbox. Yep, all “Nov-film-ber” long.

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