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(Wow, distracting you from
your taxes sure didn’t take much!)

That’s okay…who could do the taxes with new releases like these anyway? Choose ‘em online. Grab ‘em at any redbox.

Start this week off with the return of an old fave— – Chevy Chase— – in the comedy Funny Money. Chevy plays an accountant who, after a tiny little mix-up, winds up with a briefcase filled with millions. But his wife (Penelope Ann Miller) isn’t too sure the money is theirs to keep. A story about an accountant getting rich? Around tax time? Oh, this better be funny. (Don’t worry, it is.)

In Hotel El Cortez, Lou Diamond Phillips stars as the mildly autistic clerk at a dusty Reno motel. The movie treats you to just about every film noir trick in the book, from the drug dealers to the crooked cops to the gorgeous small town woman with a shady past. Bruce Weitz and Glenn Plummer also star.
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Spring break in Reno, anyone?

Or maybe something a little more gory is a little more your speed.
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Then how about this? When medical students take anatomy classes on real cadavers, they start losing more than sleep – —they start losing their marbles. Delusions begin, and accidents with some pretty sharp instruments follow. Corri English and Scot Davis star in Unrest.

Didn’t see these releases from last week? Friend, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

If you want to know how the CIA came to be the CIA, it’s time you rent The Good Shepherd. Matt Damon stars as an agent whose commitment to work over the years wrecks his relationship with Angelina Jolie – —the perfect doting housewife. Redbox won’t even touch that one.

For the kids, an old favorite story comes to the big screen in Charlotte’s Web. Watch the pig Wilbur and his spider friend Charlotte form their plan to break free from the barnyard before Wilbur becomes bacon. Dakota Fanning stars, and Julia Roberts and many others play the voices of the animals.

Last but not least, all the inspiration you’ll need to get back to those taxes— – Jump In! tells the story of how an aspiring young boxer (played by the charismatic Corbin Bleu) discovers his true passion when a friend shows him how to double dutch.

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That’s it from redbox. Here’s hoping for some huge returns.

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    DJS [visitor]

    recieved this yesterday.
    on the side was a link to a promo for free monday movies 4-9 to 5-14.
    it works through text messages to your cell phone with a code that expires monday night.
    I have no cell phone so can’t participate.