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Inside DVDPlay now open…

For those of you with friends and family who don’t have a Redbox nearby, there is an alternative for them to get free DVD rentals, and it is called DVDPlay.

DVDPlay is very similar to Redbox, and can be found in many grocery stores and drugstores across the country.

DVDPlay Codes work just like Redbox codes, so you can get free and discount rentals.

You may even have a DVDPlay kiosk in your area, too, so definitely visit Inside DVDPlay, take a look around, and look at the DVDPlay locations list.

Also, if you have friends and family in an area where there is a DVDPlay, be sure to use the DVDPlay Tell-a-Friend form to let them know about it. They will thank you for it!

2 Responses to “Inside DVDPlay now open…”

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    Tracy [visitor]

    I just saw one of those DVD Play machines in Lake Tahoe. Very cool. Wish I had the codes then.

    I use DVD rental kiosks in my local grocery stores all the time. The owner of those kiosks is called the New Release. No codes to speak of but they have a promotion running now for free movies for an entire year. Its free to enter. Check it out.