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Monday Promo Code – May 11, 2009

Here is your one-day promo code for today:


Expires tonight (Mon, May 11) at midnight central time.

Remember, this is the last WEEKLY Monday code, and Redbox will start doing MONTHLY codes in June on the first Monday of the month. Stay tuned for more details as we get them…
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124 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – May 11, 2009”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    I like the monday free movie. It gives me a chance to rent a crappy or little known diamond in the rough without feeling like I wasted a buck.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      nadja [visitor]

      I totally agree with gallino52. Yes, the benefit of Redbox is that it’s just $1 a day, but be honest. The selection of Grade A new released is very limited. So limited in fact that Redbox brought out a bunch of the “recent classics” to fill the remaining spaces. Would I rather be able to re-rent “Daddy Day Care” from 2003 versus say a newer release like Gonzo or Blindsight? And Redbox never releases top TV shows like Heroes, House or any others. And why re-release movies like “Look Whos Talking” but not something like “Clockwork Orange, Citizen Kane or 2001?” And there’s a ton of really young kids movies available, and unless it’s on the calibur of Wall-e, I doubt I want to rent it. It’s great for parents with young kids, but if you dont have children, then it’s not the best place to rent. (Eloise, Hopla, Horay for Huckle).
      Too many times there are B movies like “Casino Job, Forest of Death, Flu Birds) that if it wasnt free, I would never take a chance on renting even for a dollar.
      Yes I’m cheap. I admit it. But with $1 rental codes every monday, so far I’ve saved over $80. If that’s cheap, then I’m cheap.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Chip [chip]

        I’m with you on that, nadja. Saving money, a dollar at time, is a sensible way of life. Cheap? Yea. Chip? Yea, that’s me.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    i think the monthly promo code is stupid / redbox company should stops it right now . Weekly promo code is useful , profitable , and make us all happy for a log time. redbox is the only thing i love, free movie every week is even more lovable,

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Patty Zep [visitor]

      I think you ar stupid for thinking a business will survive by giving free movies every week.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Trickdraw [trickdraw]

        If people are going back to the redbox more often they will be obviously renting more movies. The thought of going to the store for only one rental a month stinks. I guess I wont be getting to redbox tooo often!

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    tiffany10107 [visitor]

    i agree. . weekly rental codes would be better and more convenient for people who cant make it to a redbox on mondays. but i stil do appreciate the free rentals

  4. Member [Join Now]

    i tried to use the promo code at my redbox location and got a message that it wasn’t a good code. this is the first time i have tried to use the promo code and i was very disappointed.

  5. Member [Join Now]
  6. Member [Join Now]
    Barrett [barrett]

    The Free Movie Monday **monthly code** will be distributed via text on the first Monday of every month, beginning June 1.

    Q- Is the code good for entire month?, If so “”Can I use it every week and
    How many times can you use the code in a month per person?”

    I think if these changes were made, then we all would be happy. If not leave it alone.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Of course it’s not good for the entire month, how do you expect Redbox to stay in business that way? It’s good for the first Monday of the month and that’s it, that day and that day only until midnight. Gee you don’t expect much do you? LOL!

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Isaac [visitor]

    I know alot of people are going to miss the weekly code, but hey it’s just a dollar, and most of the times when i use the code i end up keeping it for more then a day, so i think i’ll survive.

  8. Member [Join Now]

    Sorry to hear that the free codes will be history very shortly. I agree with the poster who implied that acquisitions, buyouts, & takeovers are usually the
    reasons for wanting to generate more profits. Sort of reminds me of the falling and rising gas prices. I hope redbox does not forget the base of customers who made this all possible. Only time will tell what kind of company they will become, but I am afraid that I already kind of know whats ahead. A couple of years from now , I am sure we will all be facing a different kind of redbox company one that is just like the oil companies. I hope I am wrong,

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Barbara [visitor]

      There are other places to rent movies: Movie Cube and DVD Play both rent movies for $1.00. DVD Play has an offer -rent 10 movies get 11th movie free. They also have free codes and a few movies that Redbox doesn’t carry.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    IBringTheFire [visitor]

    Breaking News @ 10


  10. Member [Join Now]

    now, THAT is just completely ridiculous! come on people! over a buck!? what retards you are!

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Alicia [visitor]

    I knew it was only a matter of time before they would end the codes. How else were they going to make money by giving away free movies every week. But guess what, they’re STILL the cheapest around. No matter where you are or where you go. Where can you rent a movie for only a dollar? Not a damn place, so I am sure they will do just fine. Even though some people don’t like it (I don’) I’m all about free, but I’ll get over it. I’ll have to do with that I have; beggars cant be choosy. Well they can, but I guess they’ll just have to stay upset. When I see a free promo code I’ll be all over it. Other than that I’ll just have to wait for movies I REALLY want to see.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Gabriel [visitor]

      Alicia, you are so right. I’m a frugal person myself. While I do look for the freebies, I also search out for the cheap (the great deals). $1 for a rental is GREAT. Hell, if you get it right after Midnight, and return it the next day right before 9:00pm, that almost 45 hours! My neighbors and I will rent some dvd’s (sometimes free, sometimes paid for), watch them that night, swap the next day, then return them. I wish people would stop the ” I deserve it ” attitude, your know, the WELFARE attitude, and enjoy what I feel is a great way for family’s to have a movie night for a reasonable cost. Sorry so wordy. ( Seems like all my comments have that sentence).

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Gabriel [visitor]

        Oh, lol. I forgot to mention something else. I honestly think Redbox was still making money with the weekly monday codes. There were a few times I would get a couple free dvd’s, and not have time to watch the second one before 9:00 pm the next day. So I’d return them BOTH late, and get charged $2 + TX. I’m sure many of us have done that. I’m sure many of us have seen the new release’s coming out Tuesday or Wednesday, and when returning the free dvd, PAID for to rent the new release. Why are they decreasing the freebies to only one Monday per month? Perhaps they want to see if sale’s increase, or decrease. I don’t think they’ll change much. I found that not too many ppl knew about the free code. So they’ll keep renting at the same pace. As for us who do, we’ll probably pay for the same amount we did before. Only time will tell.

  12. Member [Join Now]
    BSpadeTX [bspadetx]

    The code for today did not work at the Redbox location close to my house. I tried it three times and then had to leave because someone else wanted to rent a movie. Last week the box didn’t work because someone had jambed it trying to return a movie now this week the code won’t work. This is frustrating!

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    freewaymaster [visitor]

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    bluebox [visitor]

    Here is a solution. So lets say there are 5 weeks in a month. Each week is 1 free monday movie for each card so that is a total of 5 movies a month.

    When june comes around, you still will get 1 free coding per month on the first monday of each month. Well get 5 cards and you will get 5 free movies which will satisfy your monthly movie cravings. However, time is the essence.

    If each movie is 2 hours long, that is 10 hours of movie time. I think I’m taking Tuesday off from now on. LOL

  15. Member [Join Now]

    just use a different credit card if you can. Get a friend to rent for you if it’s free either way.