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Redbox New Releases for May 12, 2009

16 Responses to “Redbox New Releases for May 12, 2009”

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    where is today’s code? 5-11-09

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    Jim [visitor]

    Thanks for posting the new releases early. I manage my Netflix queue based on Redbox. I usually go to the strore and check their because I need my Netflix queue updated by early Monday morning. I will try and post the advertised releases(Pittsburgh, PA) starting next week on Saturday or Sunday.

    Thanks again

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      Deanna [visitor]

      You can go to Hollywood Video Online and click on coming soon and it will show you what is coming out a month or so in advance. I used Hollywood when I was with Netflix so the movies in my queue were there in advance. I left Netflix, only use Redbox now.

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      Mark [visitor]

      “I usually go to the store and check their because I need my Netflix queue updated by early Monday morning.”

      The Netflix page listing all THEIR new releases for the week is at

      It is updated every Sunday morning.

      For those who don’t know Netflix: since DVDs typically are released on Tuesdays (the day Redbox makes them available), Netflix puts them in the mail Monday. So if you send a DVD back to them on Friday or Saturday, when they process that incoming DVD on Monday they are more likely to send you one of the week’s new releases.

      New release availability is one of the few complaints a lot of Netflixers have, everyone wants them soon. So that’s why Redbox is a good complement to Netflix, don’t worry as much about new releases there, get them from Redbox for just $1. (Which is actually more than I usually pay per movie from Netflix, but it’s still cheap.)

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        Jim [visitor]

        I usually go to for a list of upcoming releases. They have it by week for the next couple of months.

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      I live in Pittsburgh too! I’ve now met 2 people on here who live in Pittsburgh. Go Pens!!

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    BJ [visitor]

    That’s just great … I only JUST FOUND OUT about the weekly free codes & now they’re changing it to monthly. Oh well, a freebie is a freebie, which IS appreciated! :-)

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      Car [car]

      Corporate GREED, everyone just found out because the TV NEWS networks picked it up, loose lips sink ships and so do corporate bean counters.

      Well, I’m done promoting Redbox anymore, no one will take the trouble to try out Redbox if I tell them they might get a free movie just once a month. Why tell someone when they would only get $3 worth over the next 3 months?

      No incentive, so much for getting new customers.

      Just watch stuff online, they add one short commercial because overhead is low, saves gas on TWO trips (return), screw the corporate types, they always mess a good thing up, NO VISION!!!!!

      Calculate your fuel use! 18 MPG around town stop/start (if you are lucky), 3 miles to Redbox and BACK = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 miles! (includes return) = $1.33 (at $2 gal) !!

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        “GREED ” you say !
        Seems like you probably have a touch of it.
        So you’ll no longer be able to use several credit cards and try to work the system.
        Trying every week to get your movies for free. CHEAP>>>CHEAP>>> CHEAP.
        It’s a bussiness, as long as they have ‘freebies’ you’ll support them.
        But now your “done promoting REDBOX”
        I don’t think they’ll miss you.

        I’ll happily pay the $1 for a movie….. and tell my friends (ha ha)

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        crusty09 [visitor]

        Seriously Car

        Get a grip dude….

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    BOSMAN [visitor]

    Is there a possibility of adding to your site a BLU-WAY area where members can Post a redbox kiosk that has BLU-Ray. Maybe set-up so it could be sorted by city and state? THERE IS NO INFO out there other than people RANDOMLY saying that one exists/doesn’t exist near by.


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    John [visitor]

    I just wanted to share with you all that we need to spread the word to other redbox users, that they need to be patient and return ONE movie at a time. Here in El Paso where I live, the people tend to try to return several movies at once when the slot opens for a return. They always end up jamming the machine and then breaking it down. I spoke to redbox about this and told them they need to advertise it BOLDLY on their kiosks so that people can stop doing this. It makes me mad when my closest redbox (about 2 mins away) doesn’t work because some dummy tried to return all of their movies at once and couldn’t take the time to return them properly. So please spread the word. ONE AT A TIME!

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    Jim [visitor]

    It is Tuesday morning and the new releases are still not on the website. I went anyway to the store and they are in the machines. However; In the past I would get more than 5 movies by using a different email address and credit card. Today, I could not get more than 5 movies. I rent for 3 households and sometimes rent more than 5 movies. I guess Redbox prevents this now. Oh Well. Still like Redbox


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    So there are codes you can use more than once as long as it’s another card. But there seems to be codes that you can use only once. And if you try it with another credit card it won’t let you use it. This just happen to me. I received the code by email “Redbox misses you”.

    Has it happened to you guys?

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    jean fox [jean-fox]

    I like Redbox – very convenient