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Public Media Works, who you may remember as having big ambitions in the kiosk market with its EntertainmentXpress boxes, has appointed a new CEO. Greg Waring, PMW’s new head honcho, may be familiar to long-time Insiders, as he previously served as VP and CMO of Redbox for several years.

Waring was enthusiastic about the new position, offering the following in a statement:

“I’m thrilled to be returning to the entertainment kiosk business with a company as innovative as Public Media Works. Our solution brings with it a number of exciting and creative features and I’m truly excited to begin introducing our kiosk solution to customers,”

It will be interesting to see what Waring, who presided over Redbox’s marketing efforts during a period of rapid growth, brings to the table as the president of a competitor. Could Waring be the ace that PMW needs to have up its sleeve to combat a thoroughly entrenched kiosk rival?
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(via MarketWatch)

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