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Public Media Works, who a few months ago announced its intention to install tens of thousands of its EntertainmentXpress kiosks over the next few years, has announced a deal with a major retail group. This partnership with Asian American Convenience Store Association (AACSA), which consists of more than 90,000 independent businesses, will place 500 kiosks at AACSA locations.
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AACSA members include independently owned  7-Eleven, Circle K, Stop-N-Go and Kwik Stop locations, among others.

AACSA executive director Paul Rock believes that the deal will be a great move for both companies, as well as Hollywood and consumers. Said Rock:

“We can help them become a formidable player in the DVD kiosk business . . . We had in-depth discussions with both Redbox and NCR Blockbuster. Hands down, EntertainmentXpress became our clear choice in almost every category . . . This could not have come at a better time for the movie studios and our customers who will be looking for different ways to make it a movie night,”

Why do you think PMW’s kiosks were chosen over more-established Redbox and BB Express? Is there room in the kiosk market for a third major player?
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Tell us what you think in the comments.

(via Home Media Magazine)

9 Responses to “Public Media Works Inks Deal for 500 Kiosks”

  1. Member [Join Now]
    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Isn’t this ‘misery loves company’?

    Yes, another player can always be welcome, but don’t you need a *gun* to enter an “independently owned: 7-Eleven, Circle K, Stop-N-Go and Kwik Stop location”?

    Much like in the “olden days” trying to find a WORKING pay phone in the “less than fashionable sections of town” [a place where your wallet or purse are not!]. It’s doubtful these locations’ kiosks will be as well maintained as the national chains’ kiosks located in safer, more fashionable areas.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Farva [visitor]

    They went with PMW kiosks because both Redbox and NCR turned them down.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    tinybrat [visitor]

    Yep, obviously there is a reason Redbox chose not to go into these specific locations. Probably one of them being the 7-11 by my work which the homeless sleep at and urinate at, and shootings happen nearby often.

    Who else wants sloppy seconds?

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    The DUDE [visitor]

    Has anyone ever seen one of these Public Media Kiosks? No? Because I don’t beleive they have EVER placed one. The new releases keep coming but no machines?????