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The cult of Blu keeps growing as more people around the globe embrace the HD format. According to a report from Futuresource Consulting, BD player sales in the US, Japan and Western Europe should reach about 24 million units in 2010.
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Futuresource researcher Jack Wetherill offered the following analysis of the report:

“Last year’s crucial Q4 period accounted for nearly half of all BD players that were sold globally in 2009, and the upward trend is continuing, with our projections showing in excess of 80% unit growth across this year,”

Futuresource predicts that 3D BD players will continue to help power growth in the HD sector, with nearly 40% of homes in the previously mentioned regions owning a 3D BD player by 2014. Says Wetherill:

“Sales of HD-capable and 3D-capable TVs, coupled with dramatic reductions in BD player prices, are continuing to fuel interest . . . Add to that the burgeoning 3D Blu-ray market segment, and we’ll see the format continue to gather momentum in all major markets across the globe.”

Will these numbers pan out, Insiders? While I have wholeheartedly embraced the Blu-ray format, I’m much less enamored of 3D in the home, which at this point still smacks of being nothing more than an expensive gimmick. Do you agree? Disagree? Hit the comments and tell us where you stand.
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(via Home Media Magazine)

5 Responses to “2010 Blu-ray Sales Predicted to Top 24 Million”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Farva [visitor]

    And yet I still have no desire to purchase a BluRay player. I am perfectly content with the quality of DVD viewing.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I’m not going to get a Blu-Ray player until they are very cheap. I’m fine with DVD. I think the thing that has sold quite a few Blu-Ray players is the fact that studios barely put special features on the DVDs, but they put them on the Blu-Ray (coughWarnerBroscough).

    Speaking of, I’m very angry that Grindhouse is only coming out on Blu-Ray. Yes, let’s watch a movie that is supposed to be in bad condition in HD. Can’t we at least have a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack?

  3. Member [Join Now]

    If it wasn’t built into the PS3 I would ignore blu-ray completely.

  4. Member [Join Now]
    FallonaBottom [fallonabottom]

    The only reason I have a bd player is because my dvd player stopped working. Otherwise, I’d hold out indefinitely. . . or until my dvd player stopped working. But seriously, Grindhouse is only coming out on Blu-Ray?! That is pretty silly. . . I guess they want us to see the grainy grindhouse style with high extra-grain defined.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nati [visitor]

    how do i get free redbox dvd rentals?