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Part of Blockbuster Express’ recent deal with Fox is that a few new releases from the studio will be exempt from the new 28-day window and will be available the day they are released on DVD—albeit for a higher price.

The first such title will be the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz action movie Knight and Day, which will be released on November 30. BB Express pricing on the title hasn’t been revealed yet, but speculation places it at possibly $3 for the first night and $2 thereafter.

BB Express rival Redbox, on the other hand, appears to be staying at the $1 per night price point that has made it so successful. According to Coinstar CFO Scott Di Valerio:

“We don’t believe at this point it is the right level to pull . . . we don’t see increasing the price for standard definition [DVD] in the near future”

How would you feel about paying $3 at a rental kiosk for the privilege of renting a forgettable-at-best Tom Cruise movie the day it’s released, Insiders? Also, what do you think “the near future” means to Coinstar/Redbox?

(via Yahoo News)

13 Responses to “First Blockbuster Express/Fox ‘Premium’ Kiosk Title Revealed”

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    this movie needs blu-ray so … you decide how to do it.
    bb express can charge any price they want. no bluray means no sale.

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    What makes this deal any different than walking into a video store and paying $3 or $4 for it? All it means is their movies are going to sit, unrented, in their kiosks. The whole idea behind $1 rentals is that people are tired of paying $3 or $4 for a movie.

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    teew [visitor]

    Fruition !

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    What a bunch of morons! If I want any movie day and date, I just go into a brick-and-mortar Blockbuster and get it for $1.99 plus tax thanks to being a BB By Mail subscriber. There’s no way in hell i’m paying any more than $2 (Minus tax) for ANY movie. $3 at a kiosk? Are they out of their friggin’ minds?

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      That Guy [visitor]

      What about those who don’t want to venture to and from a brick and mortar Blockbuster? I don’t want to start the car up just to go to Blockbuster and back, I had better already be doing some grocery shopping close to my nearest Blockbuster. Can you return in-store exchanged movies by mail or must one return to the brick & mortar Blockbuster to return said movies?

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    pootroot [visitor]

    ??? !!!! Some people just don’t get it !!! A dollar movie is better than a $2 or $3 movie. I will just wait for the 28 days. No sweatyda!!! Choke fana !!! Mula me my home K6 !!!

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    Not Blockbuster [visitor]

    I can wait until Redbox / Netflix has it. People who did not go to the theater to see a movie are not likely to pay extra or buy it just to see the movie 30 days earlier. Redbox has plenty of other titles for only $1.

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    Darrell [visitor]

    Tom who? LOL. Wouldn’t rent it anywhere for any price.

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    That Guy [visitor]

    I am lucky to have a “dollar” theater about 15 minutes south of my location. That alone beats down 28 day restrictions. Only current problem is Theater #7 screen/projection is messed up, therefore watching The Expendables was kinda nasty since the left and right sides of the projection were cutoff. $1.50 matinee, $2.00 after 6pm, $1 Tuesday nights after 6pm. Winner.