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Here we are again on a new movie Tuesday and we have brought back one of the favorite features of many InsideRedbox users – Redbox City Codes!

You may or may not have noticed the return of the Redbox Codes by City/Market section to the website over the past few days, so I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.
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You can find this section by visiting the Redbox Codes page and then scrolling down to the bottom.


I added this feature to this message last week and it was received well, so I think I will try and come up with a new question each week that will hopefully help shape Redbox in the future.

Last week we discussed whether or not Redbox should add popular television shows to the box, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. So, Redbox, take notice of what your customers want and get some of the lastest hit shows in the box ASAP!

This week’s question: If you could change just one thing about the Redbox rental experience, what would it be?

Click here and scroll to the bottom to give us your answer


According to the Redbox site, the new movies for the week are: 16 Blocks, Pink Panther, Aquamarine, Dave Chappell’s Block Party, Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend, and Teddy Ruxpin:Journey Begins.

We will probably check out the first 3 from the list. In fact, I just went out and picked up 16 Blocks before the crowds can get to it first!


There were not any new codes added to the site this past week, but many popular codes are still being used daily.
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Visit the Redbox Codes link above to get the full list.

Another important thing to note is another new feature added this past week. You will notice a percentage next to each code that represents how often a code has worked when tested. Any codes that fall below a particular threshold are automatically dropped from the list. This should keep the list full of good, working codes.

That should do it for this week. Don’t forget to visit the link above and answer the “Question of the Week”, and keep reporting those codes!

Have a great week.


71 Responses to “Redbox Update – City Codes are back”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Joe [visitor]

    I was just wondering if Redbox was planning on releasing any sports like wrestling dvd’s?

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mel [visitor]

    It would be good to have a sign suggesting letting returners ahead of the line – it’s not just a benefit to the returner, as they might just have the movie you want.

    I would like to see a slightly later return time too, but midnight is not necessary.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    sarah [visitor]

    i would like for the machine to work faster

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jon [visitor]

    Seperate return slot

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Samuel P. Oley [visitor]

    Your method of displaying the available selection on your website is agonizingly slow. If I’m looking to see if you have “Troy”, I just want to key in “Troy” and get a reply showing where it’s available. Or, at least, display the titles in a simple compact alphabetic list, so that lots of titles fit on a page. Then I just click on the one I want and you show me the details. Clearly, slowness of your process is your customers’ most common gripe. A dollar is nice, but a dollar plus aggravation is too expensive.

  6. Member [Join Now]

    yes, allow returners to go ahead of you. quicker machine between multiple returns.