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According to a story over at Home Media Magazine, an analyst familiar with the situation believes Universal will have to settle the lawsuit Redbox has brought against them…

Richard Ingrassia wrote, “We believe application of the First Sale Doctrine (17 U.
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S.C. Sec. 109) will prompt Universal Home Entertainment to settle its content dispute with Redbox, clearing the way for more rapid expansion.”

If this happens, this will be good news for Redbox and consumers, as it will be easier and faster to get the latest Universal releases.

8 Responses to “Analyst Believes Universal Will Have to Settle Redbox Lawsuit”

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    Wayne Huizenga [wayne-huizenga]

    Assuming that Redbox settles the lawsuit with Universal and moves forward with its expansion, I wonder about their accounting. Does anyone know how Redbox depreciates the DVDs that it buys from either studios and distributors. Their SEC filings state that the company uses an accelerated method that “attempts to match revenue and expenses”. This is like saying “we believe in GAAP”. Does anyone know how they actually write off the cost of the DVDs that they purchase?

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    OT, my local WM Redbox does not seem to have Bluray versions of the latest movies. Is there a way to search on Redbox to see where a BR version of a movie may be?

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    one way is when you rent a $10.00 movie and not bring it back you pay
    $30.00 GET IT BUY FOR 10 SELL FOR 30 300% MARK UP
    have a good day

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      Sean [visitor]

      Umm, actually it’s $25 not 30, and movies cost more than $10.00. How much does Redbox pay??? Who knows, but only an idiot would keep a movie and pay $25 bucks, especially when it doesn’t even have a real case. That probably only happens once in a while if someone loses a movie or it gets stolen or broken because people let there little kids handle the DVDs. And what’s with that??? Stupid people need to stop doing that. I keep getting kids movies with gunk and little fingerprints and scratches all over them. If you want to BUY a movie for your kid and let them ruin it, that’s up to you. But when you rent a movie, have some respect and don’t let the kids play with it.

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        True, so true!

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        Donwone20 [donwone20]

        I completely agree. I don’t know how many times I’ve rented a movie with scratches and other things all over it. Is it really that hard to keep it clean? It’s like people do these things on purpose. I just don’t understand it.

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    In reply to how dirty the dvd’s are…I’ve rented them and they’ve had sauces and kunk also from McDonald’s on them, some people are just messy are pigs and I clean them off with my eye glass cleaner and my eye glass cleaner cloth and the DVD’s look as good as they will. It won’t take away the scrathes of course but it cleans it like new.