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There is a new promo code offer for you this week, coming courtesy of Hershey’s and Albertsons. The deal ends on June 7, so check out the details below…

Buy two bags of HERSHEY’S candies and get a free redbox DVD rental.

FREE one night DVD rental when you buy any two (2) HERSHEY’S Candy
Bags (10.5 to 13.2 oz)*. Your receipt will include a code for a free
one-night redbox DVD rental. The offer’s good 05/29/09 through 06/07/09 at
all Albertsons locations. So settle in and start munching and watching.

*All purchases must be made in a single transaction.
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27 Responses to “Promo Code Alert: Hershey’s/Albertsons Deal”

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    Jeff [visitor]

    Shaws/Star in Massachusetts has a Redbox promo through this Thursday, too. I believe they are affiliated with Albertsons in some way.

    Different promo, though: buy $15 of Nestles family products and get a carton of Edy’s Ice Cream plus a free Redbox rental. The $15 of products is over a wide range, including Nestles chocolate, Edys Ice Cream, Lean Cuisine dinners, Stouffers dinners, Purina One pet food, Nestle bottled water, Carnation Instant breakfast.

    Not sure how effective this promo is, seems like the free Redbox is just a throw-in, but if you are already buying the products (e.g. one bag of dog food could be enough) it’s a nice benefit.

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    Hey everybody!…. Im sorta new but been watching & using those wonderful promo codes. Im a big movie watcher via tv, theatre, cable, dvd, etc. With the way this economy been anything FREE for some weight off my shoulders sounds good to me. Thanks for all who posted promo”s along w comments for the status of working or not. I was also on who wasnt getting the sms monday codes to my phone. So again thanks! Me & my family enjoy them. Keep them coming. Here’s codes that I havent seen up yet: REDBOX

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    yeah moochey moocherton get your own code.

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    Gideon [gideon]

    I am unable to get my promo code. Is there a program I have to download??

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    Gideon [gideon]

    I found Mondays promo code, but I had problems when I clicked on the link. It wanted me to save the information to my computer. Which I did, but was unable to find the software to open it. Any help with this is appreciated for future use.
    Thanks for Promo codes. They are a great help.

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      The site was messed up for the later part of the day yesterday. It won’t normally do that so next time you won’t have that problem.

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    Get a FREE one night rental from redbox when you buy a 3 oz Endangered Species Chocolate bar.

    This all natural chocolate bar using ethically-traded cacao, is a great-tasting hunk of chocolate yum you can feel good about.
    When you check out, your receipt will include your code.

    The offer’s valid at Walgreen’s from 6/1/09 to 7/31/09, so hurry. But does anyone really have to tell you to rush for a chocolate fix?

    • Member [Join Now]

      Yeah but at $3 for a 3 oz. bar that’s pretty expensive. That’s $1 per oz. You’re not really getting a free movie now are you? Most candy bars are around 69 cents to a dollar for 2 to 3 ounces so that’s a pretty ridiculous price for your “chocolate fix”! I would rather pay for a couple of regular candy bars and pay the $1 for the movie and you would still come out ahead of this ripoff deal!!

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      gt [visitor]

      I saw that too, but right now Dove milk chocolate at CVS is on clipfree coupon discount, and a much better deal for better chocolate :-)

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        I went to the CVS website and looked at their circular and didn’t see anything about a Dove/Redbox code promotion. What exactly are you talking about?

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          rb [visitor]

          Whoever shared code “Devry6268”–thanks it worked great! Got “Defiance”. Where did you get that code?. Was it the Endangered Species candy code? Are you sure that code is good until and including June 8th? MOVIECRAZY, I think GT is just saying if you’re ‘chocolatecrazy’ and need your fix for chocolate this week, get/buy a better chocolate (Dove) at a better price(on sale at CVS)–not that it includes a Redbox code.

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          Mark [visitor]

          Seems pretty clear to me that he is saying “I don’t care enough about the free Redbox code to spend more money on an inferior product, I’ll skip this deal.” He never said it was a Redbox code in the CVS deal.

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            “Seems pretty clear to me” that “rb” already answered my question, so what the hell are you chiming in for? Why don’t you read the posts before answering questions that have already been answered! He answered and I replied with a thank you, so let it drop already!!!

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    sdsherer [visitor]

    Just went to my friendly neighborhood Albersons, where I do most of my Redboxing. They had never heard of this Hershey promotion, although they are advertising the Nestle one. Oh, well. At least we got the chocolate.

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    how can i get a longer membership and not have to sign up every month??

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    lulu [visitor]

    Kill Bill,

    for real????

    unbelievable, Carradine hangs himself in closet????

  11. Member [Join Now]

    sounds fishy…somebody knows……

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    Car [car]

    DEVRY6268 – You have until Monday 8th at midnight to use this code. I thought I would post it again since it seems like people aren’t going to the code page.
    Remember to visit the code page DAILY! (link at top of this page “Redbox Codes”).
    Lots of people are reporting it as working and with multi cards too!

  13. Member [Join Now]

    Thanks everyone who posted this, got 3 free dvd’s today LOVED Defiance w/ Daniel Craig!

  14. Member [Join Now]
    Car [car]

    DEVRY6268 – You have until Monday 8th at midnight to use this code. I thought I would post it again since it seems like people aren’t going to the code page.

    Remember to visit the code page DAILY! (link at top of this page “Redbox Codes”).
    Lots of people are reporting it as working and with multi cards too!

    (posting this again so it sits on the top right for the last day)

  15. Member [Join Now]
    Car [car]

    DEVRY6268 – STOPPED WORKING TODAY! The 8th. Sorry, but the posts and reports said that it was good till midnight the 8th. I couldn’t find any “official” references on the web about it. That’s just the way it goes.

    That was a strange code, weekend only. Maybe this is the new thing so let’s all keep an eye out for ads in the paper or other places.

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    rebox [visitor]

    Worked fine for me yesterday at a local supermarket in L’pool, NY. Don’t see a problem with it working in my area. Some codes are even good at various places and don’t deny you for the account user.