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I have recently been receiving a few questions about the Gold Membership we offer on the site. Questions like “What is it for?” and “How can I get it for longer than a month?
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Well, we have answered those questions on our new Membership page, so go there and check out all of the details.

Check it out right now and see what you have been missing!

[Inside Redbox Membership page]

NOTE: If you are already a Gold Member, you can still take advantage of this today and extend your membership to 1 full year.

26 Responses to “Inside Redbox Gold Membership Explained”

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    jakoblin [visitor]

    what a shame. you ca not have a lifetime membership at all.

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      bluejedi [visitor]

      Well, as a heavy user of netflix, I already have a list of movies I want to see. I see no point in creating a second one.

      I only rented from Redbox with the free codes.

      For me it seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to get extra free codes when I can do a web search for redbox codes and find a bunch all over the place.

      Lasty, even with the free weekly codes, I never rented from redbox every week. Some weeks they would have 4 or 5 movies I wanted to see and the next week have none.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    so there is no free gold membership???

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      You can get the Gold Membership for free, as long as you take advantage of one of the offers on TrialPay. This is similar to how it was before, but now your membership lasts for a full year instead of just 45 days or so.

  3. Member [Join Now]

    I went for a trial with emusic, canceled without downloading anything.Got this in my email; Instructions for Gold Membership
    To activate your Gold Membership, please follow the steps below:

    1. Visit this link:
    2. Enter this activation key in the “STEP 3” section and click “Submit your Answer” to activate your membership:

    I think everything worked with a temporary charge of $1 to paypal which will be credited hopefully or paypal will hear from me.Goood Luck on the new addition Michael, Both at the website and at home.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    Y’know, with the discontinuation of the Monday codes, this site’s basic reason for existence is pretty much moot. Why bother with all the rigamarole for a “gold” membership when a simple google search will bring up the most of the codes you need?

    • Member [Join Now]

      Vigilante407, I agree, seems Mikey is not into helping anyone in thhaese rd time but himself, $19 for something with no guarantee of being any good in a few days or whenever redbox realizes he’s just trying to capitalize on their generousity as well as the people here who have happily helped each other with ways of getting free rentals.
      Michael you oughtta be ashamed of yourself!
      I was a supporter of this site for years and suddenly you have become nothing but a greedy, power – hungry dictator, deleting and censoring posts of helpful info.

      • Administrator
        Michael [administrator]

        Again, I am not sure what you are talking about or why you have some sort of vendetta against me and this site.

        The Gold Membership has been around for quite a few months now, and I don’t know of anyone who has paid $19 to get it. My goal is to make all of the things I add to this site free for its members, and the Gold Membership is a way for me to do that while at the same time covering costs of running it.

        The only posts I deleted from you were those that contained information that was designed to allow people to steal access to the Gold Membership. It’s similar to you opening the back door at a movie theater to let anyone you want to in without a ticket. What do you think they would do if they found out?

        Seriously, I will leave your posts because they only serve to make you look a bit silly, IMO. I can’t imagine any sane person would think any different.

        • Member [Join Now]

          “The only posts I deleted from you were those that contained information that was designed to allow people to steal access to the Gold Membership. It’s similar to you opening the back door at a movie theater to let anyone you want to in without a ticket”
          I was trying to let people know the way to have a free gold membership without “jumping through hoops” like I had to do.
          As for this being similar to leaving a back door open in a theater, aren’t sharing ways for free rentals through a third party (insideredbox) the same idea?
          I wonder if you will delete this “silly” post or reply to it without a “I don’t understand your point ” response.

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            Mark [visitor]

            Actually, using a code is like taking something from a box labelled “Free Samples, Take One”. Every code on the site has been given out by Redbox for the express purpose of being used for a free DVD. It’s good marketing. Every time anyone uses a code Redbox’s computers have to approve it, and they can easily prevent abuse if they think it’s important to do so.

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          rb [visitor]

          Yeah, we all seem to notice there’s a vendetta thing going on here that Refreshen has for you. This semi-sane person doesn’t understand why either. Me thinks it’s your site, with your busy life/family you give your precious time to run it, and many like myself appreciate it.

        • Member [Join Now]

          Michael, I apologize, I took advantage and slipped in
          the back door.

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      Watch out or dicktator Mikey will ban you for complaining about him and delete your posts vigilante407

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      I am not sure I understand your comment, but let me make 2 points:

      1) This site has been around much longer than Monday codes. It was not created for Monday codes, nor does its usefulness go away because Redbox is not giving them out anymore. A simple Google search may indeed bring up codes on other sites, but where do you think they are getting them from in the first place?

      2) The Gold Membership has very little to do with codes, so I am not sure what this has to do with your point. The Gold Membership was created to bring additional useful services to Redbox users. It fills a hole that Redbox itself does not, and new features will continue to be added as needed and requested by members of this community.

      I hope that helps answer your questions.

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    Car [car]

    refreshen, any idiot can set up a wordpress blog, it’s easy, everything is done for you, no programming skills needed, plus they will give you a free place to host it. There are a lot of places that will let you set up a blog for free and host it for free, use google.

    Please go start your own blog and find out how hard it is to keep it maintained. It’s a lot of work. People are a-holes, retards and just plain stupid. They will not read before posting and just post wherever then you have to move the posts if you want any sort of organization.

    Then there are the abusers, the people who can’t just respect your hard work and just want to mess things up, they bitch and complain, and piss everyone off. Oh, and don’t forget about the spammers, have fun keeping them from posting “bigger boner” ads on your blog 24/7.

    And try to make a buck for all your time spent, have fun, it’s not easy.

    On the other hand, Michael, here’s my 2 cents. I’m a little pissed that you didn’t pay attention when I suggested that you be very careful with your IPhone ap and not get Redbox pissed off. Timing is everything in business and you had a big chance to make some good money on that thing. Now it’s a up hill battle and Redbox knows it. So what were you thinking? It just didn’t make sense that Redbox would protect their stuff?

    During the Monday code days you should have put up all sorts of affiliate ads all over this thing, you were getting a lot of hits. Affiliates are all over the web, go find some, it’s easy. A few text link ads would have worked nicely too. Stop this membership crap, it’s silly and just doesn’t work unless you are selling cam chat girls in real time.

    The only reason people should sign up is to post. When they give a e-mail for signup they should expect that when a new “general use” code comes out and seems to be working, they should get a e-mail reminding them to visit the site. Never for ads, but you don’t have to send them the new code, so then you get some new ad views. If you plan that right you could get some new ads up just before you send that e-mail.

    So you can be a control freak and edit everything, or back off and just let things ride. I see the second one work better in a lot of cases (and I think you lean more that way, at least so far you have).

    And get rid of this wordpress crap, it makes the place look like it’s run by a newbie and it can’t handle the high traffic. Look at it, it’s falling apart and there’s stuff that you can’t seem to fix.

    Oh, and hostgator is like $8 a month for unlimited bandwidth so stop acting like it costs a fortune to keep this thing up, if you are paying more than that, move it! It really comes down to your time, my suggestion is to just keep it a good fun place to visit and keep checking on what affiliate ads work or not.

    And thanks for the site, it’s the only one that’s fun to keep coming back to.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]


      Thanks for your comments.

      Let me address some of your previous (and current) thoughts on the iPhone app situation…

      First off, I knew exactly what I was doing, but couldn’t comment at the time. I was well aware of what would likely occur with the releasing of the iPhone app without approval from Redbox. The problem was, at the time, I had no luck in communicating with anyone at Redbox for the past few years. That has changed now, thanks in part to the iPhone app, as well as to the acquisition of Redbox by Coinstar. Everything is fine now, and my relationship with Redbox is better than it has ever been.

      Some of your thoughts on monetization are good ones, and I have implemented pretty much everything you suggest at one time or another. Be aware that internet marketing is my expertise. I do not have a “full-time job” that I go to everyday. This is what I do, and have been doing it for 5 years. This is not my only site, but it does require much of my attention.

      (BTW, I have experimented with “backing off” on this site before, and in each occurrence monthly revenues went way down.)

      WordPress is working fine, and is not itself the problem. In some cases I have created some problems myself, and other cases just didn’t throw enough computing resources at site to handle the traffic spikes.

      I actually ran this site on Hostgator once-upon-a-time, but they kicked me off a long time ago. They may offer unlimited bandwidth, but I was using far more of their resources then they allow. This site is now run on two dedicated servers, costing in excess of $300 per month. I am just about to add more RAM to the servers to help with the massive traffic spikes that occur when I send out a newsletter (to over 65000 email subscribers).

      Thanks for coming to the site. It’s always good to have active community members who care. More great things are on the way, too!

  6. Member [Join Now]

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate with myself, I clicked on the link to find out what “benefits” a Gold Membership bequeathed upon the lucky user:

    # Track promo codes you have used and which credit card you used them with

    Hmm … I think most of us already can do that without having someone help us.

    # Track movies you have watched and when you watched them

    If you can’t remember if you watched a movie, then you probably didn’t pay attention. If you need someone to remind you, I would suggest sticking to comic books … they’re easier and more touchy-feely. The bags can be shiny in the light and grab your attention.

    # Access the “Movie Queue” feature that allows you to keep a list of movies you want to see and rent them in just a few clicks

    I think we can pretty much do that on the Redbox site. Plus, I kind of assume that would mean you couldn’t use a promo code for one …

    # Setup you “favorite” locations and states to make reporting promo codes easier and faster

    Sheesh … it’s not that hard to master the current menus and the code page and fill in a few words. How many codes are really going to be reported anyway? We’ve only got a couple of Monday codes coming this summer, and any other code is likely to be a one-use only one from a problem.

    # See a personalized promo code list of those you haven’t tried/used yet

    I’m betting most people only have a few of the retailers that Redbox have partnered with in their area. We’ve only got a Walmart here. And since I only have three cards to use, I got that down pat. I think most everyone else does too.

    # Get instant notification of new promo codes as soon as they are available

    I think I can probably get that on Google too …

    If you think that’s worth $19 a year, more power to you … I’d rather spend the $19 get nineteen movies, myself.

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Since you seem to be a little dense, I will try and make this comment very simple for you to understand… OK, maybe I won’t.

      Let me make some amazingly intelligent comments like yours for other products/services…

      # An Address Book

      Hmm… I am pretty sure I can write all of the phone numbers I need on various parts of my body without having any help

      # A Calendar

      If you can’t remember where you need to go and at what time, then you probably didn’t pay attention. If you need something to remind you, I would suggest just staying in bed all day…

      # A Shopping List

      I am pretty sure we can just see all the stuff we need when we goto the grocery store, so why waste time keeping a list?

      # A Mailbox

      Why would I need a mailbox? I can just go to the post office when I want to send a letter. Better yet, I can just go take the letter myself!

      I could go on, but who has time to waste copying/pasting and making useless comments all day?

      Oh, and my favorite part is that the Gold Membership DOESN’T ACTUALLY COST YOU ANY MONEY. It’s actually FREE. But, I guess while you have amazing copy/paste skills, your reading skills aren’t quite up to par. Good luck with that…

      • Member [Join Now]

        I may be silly but you are getting mean.
        Also, how is there a $19 value to a gold membership if it “DOESN’T ACTUALLY COST YOU ANY MONEY?”DOESN’T ACTUALLY COST YOU ANY MONEY oops messed up my “amazing copy/paste skills,”

        • Administrator
          Michael [administrator]

          Mean? I seem to remember you being the one making rude comments recently. I am just trying to get a point across the both you and vigilante407 aren’t quite understanding…

          If you don’t like the Gold Membership, then don’t signup for it. Just don’t worry about it. If you don’t like the way I am running this site, then why bother coming back?

          I was actually looking back through the comment history the other day and actually saw nothing but praise from you (refreshen) for this site and the way I run it. I really haven’t changed much of anything, except try to make the site better and have less of the ads/offers that people don’t like. The way I am doing the Gold Membership now allows me to do just that.

          And finally, just because I am allowing users to get the Gold Membership for free through TrialPay doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any value. The $19 value comes out to about $1.58 per month, which seems like a pretty reasonable value for the features I have made available and will continue to add to in the future. The fact that you can get it for no cost just makes it all that much better for everyone.

          In any case, this is the last you will hear from me on this. If you want to use this site, you are more than welcome to, but lets all lay off on unnecessary attacks that get us nowhere.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Mark [visitor]

      It astonishes me how often people think their own situation, needs, and opinions are universal. The reality is that people are different, and for most things that someone says “that’s useless” someone else says “that’s cool, I want it.”

      I envision those who are most interested in the Gold Membership use it to access codes using a blackberry/iphone etc. while standing in front of a machine about to rent a movie. This is a potentially easy and painless way to keep track of codes. Yes, you could carry a piece of paper in your wallet to keep track, or try to remember, but that sometimes has problems and can add to the clutter in ones life. Since the membership is FREE many people will find it handy to use it instead.