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Though it’s been the subject of rumors and conjecture for months, the purported upcoming Amazon streaming service has never had much evidence behind it until this weekend. A screen capture posted by Engadget appears to show a streaming option linked to a user’s Prime account.

As Amazon devotees know, Prime is a $79 per year option for Amazon users that includes a two-day shipping upgrade. By bundling a streaming option with Prime, Amazon could be using the service as a loss leader to both undercut rival Netflix (whose streaming-only plan costs annually, as well as encourage more purchases of non-video items with the Prime shipping.
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Amazon’s current library of about 5,000 movies and television shows is smaller than that of Netflix, but the company’s recent acquisition of Lovefilm and other potential content deals could help Amazon grow its offering.

As a regular Amazon customer and Prime user, I would welcome this addition to the service if it turns out to be real. How about you, Insiders? Is bundling a streaming service with Prime a clever Trojan horse for mega-retailer Amazon?
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(via Engadget and GigaOM)

3 Responses to “Amazon Nearing Launch of Streaming Service?”

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    Vernon Dent [visitor]

    Maybe someday you can stream to a Kindle series device and Amazon could then bundle the service as a loss leader or otherwise. If this were the case, the strategy might work.

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