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Online retail giant is reportedly working on a new online subscription service offering movies and TV shows, says the Wall Street Journal. Citing “people with knowledge of the proposal”, the Journal is reporting that Amazon “has in recent weeks pitched a Web-based subscription service to several major media companies, including General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal, Time Warner Inc.
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, News Corp. and Viacom Inc.,”

Amazon will likely follow the same approach as Netflix by focusing on catalog titles rather than the latest new releases. The new service would be compatible with web browsers, Xbox 360 consoles and web-connected televisions and BD players . Amazon is hoping to launch the new service in time for the holidays, according to the same unnamed sources.

Would you be interested in a subscription to an Amazon streaming service?
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How will Amazon fare against Netflix, the 900-pound gorilla in this sphere?

(via the Wall Street Journal)

9 Responses to “Report: Amazon at Work on Video Subscription Service”

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    Farva [visitor]

    Seriously how many more different companies are going to try and jump on the pay-for steaming bandwagon?

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    Yeah, this won’t work

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    ChadCronin [chadcronin]

    While I love using amazon for the mp3 and vod services, I’d have to see how they line up content and pricing to consider it. I still don’t see streaming services offering Blu-ray quality anytime soon, and I mostly am interested in new releases, but if someone likes older movies and doesn’t really care about perfect video/audio quality, then it might be a good place to see movies. Netflix has alot of providers though, so that might be the hardest to match.

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    In order to beat the 900lb gorilla at it’s game it will have to offer better titles. I don’t see them offering newer titles, the motion picture companies aren’t going to release new titles to a streaming service. Netflix has been in the game far too long for a new player to jump in the game and knock them off their high horse. They might be able to offer a service that compares, but it would have to be at a lower price since there probably won’t be any DVD rentals for them. I guess the cheaper price with same streaming service will pull a few people away from Netflix.

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    Sam Cohen [visitor]

    I would certainly be interested in the service. The price, in comparison to Netflix, would also be important to me. I think for a site like Amazon to implement a service like this is very huge because Amazon seems to me like a company that can go up against Netflix because of the fact that they are a big company and have been around for a while. Personally, I think Amazon can put up a good fight to Netflix and be an actual competitor. I also think that because of all the other outlets and services that Amazon provides, they can advertise and get a wide audience for this new service. They could possibly even give discounts based on other purchases that users may make while on the site to get them to use this streaming service. For instance, when a user purchases an actual DVD, Amazon could give them a coupon code for a discount for the first three months of their streaming service. Do you guys think that giving discounts could work to boost the streaming service? What other ideas do you guys have?

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    Rojas [visitor]

    Looks like amazon is trying something new pre theatrical release movies,
    for streaming on Roku and others.

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      firstlawofnature [visitor]

      What in the world is this stuff? I have to assume pre-theatrical means it doesn’t have a theatrical deal of relevance and likely won’t unless other channels create enough buzz.