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Archive for May, 2007

That’s how you do Memorial Day.

The spring weather bringing out your silly side? Then you gotta start this week off with Epic Movie. From the minds of two of the six writers of Scary Movie, this satire pokes fun at, oh, pretty much every major big movie in recent memory. It stars Kal Penn, Adam Campbell and Jennifer Coolidge.

Apocalypto, the next epic May release (please don’t confuse it with Epic Movie), by writer/director Mel Gibson tells the story of a young man during the time of the ancient Mayan empire who flees to keep from being made a human sacrifice. Redbox asks what other motivation do you need for survival other than self-preservation and perhaps $1 movie rentals? Rudy Youngblood stars as Jaguar Paw.
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Dalia Hernandez and Jonathan Brewer also star.

For redbox’s money, you can’t get spookier than the work of Wes Craven, and The Breed is no exception. A movie about college students who travel to a deserted island for a party, then find it’s inhabited by murderous locals? A story like that is putty in Craven’s scary hands. Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson and Taryn Manning play a few of the unfortunate students who may or may not get off the island in one piece.

Those are the new ones, but don’t forget these titles from last week.
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They’re all available online.

In Stomp the Yard, an LA teen named DJ copes with the death of his younger brother in the only way he knows how: using his love of street-dancing. But when he gets to an Atlanta college, rival fraternities want a piece of him. Columbus Short stars.

Pan’s Labyrinth tells the story of a young Spanish girl in the 1940s who invents a fantastic imaginary world to escape the horrors of her country’s civil war and her father (a strict general). Ivana Baquero and Sergi Lopez star, and Guillermo del Toro directs.

And finally there’s Half Past Dead 2. When you throw Bill Goldberg and Kurupt in a maximum security prison as members or rival gangs, you know they’re going to tangle. But when an all-out riot starts, the two have to form a partnership to stay alive.

New DVD releases? Awesome as always.

Face it, people, there aren’t too many things you can count on in the middle of May. Just crazy weather and great movies. Redbox happens to be your source for one of them.

This week starts off with a movie about a young man who takes on the world armed with nothing but fierce street dancing skills. In Stomp the Yard, DJ (Columbus Short) copes with the death of his young brother by escaping to an Atlanta college. He soon finds, though, that everyone on campus wants him for his dance moves, leaving him with lots of choices to make, growing up to do, and rugs to cut. (Do people “cut rugs” when they dance anymore? Redbox sure does.)

Next up, one of the more visually stunning movies in quite some time— – Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s the story of the young daughter of a brutal Spanish general in 1944 who escapes the grim reality around her by slipping into a fantasy world of her own imagination and it gets pretty weird and fascinating in there. Ivana Baquero and Sergi Lopez star, and the incomparable Guillermo del Toro directs this critically acclaimed work.

Redbox wants to throw a little bone to all you fans of the cult horror genre. The next of this week’s new releases is none other than Creepshow III. The latest installment in the gory George Romero/Stephen King franchise features five new horror tales that include (but aren’t limited to) a demon-possessed remote control, a demented professor and murder by poisoned hot dog. AJ Bowen, Kris Allen and Stephanie Pettee star.
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Rounding out the new releases, how about a story of surviving in a maximum security prison when two rival gangs riot? In Half Past Dead 2, professional wrestling legend Bill Goldberg and hip hop artist Kurupt star as inmates and rival gang members who form a reluctant bond to help each other make it out alive. (Not exactly recommended for the whole family.)

But, hey, don’t forget about these releases from last week. Just like the new releases, you can select them online and pick them up at any redbox location.

Join Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore in a movie testing the theory that mom knows best: Because I Said So.
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Keaton decides its her job to find Mr. Right for her youngest daughter (Moore), which, naturally, leads her at first to one Mr. Wrong after another.

Finally, two all time greats of romantic comedy come together in Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant is the uninspired, used-to-be singer who has to write a song for a teen sensation. The loveable Drew Barrymore plays the woman who finally gives him something to sing about.

If you want to help give back for all of those free movies you have gotten, I have an opportunity for you…

My brother-in-law is participating in a 100-mi bike race in Logan, UT and Southern Idaho to help raise money for a cure for MS. Here is what he has to say:

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I am training to ride 100 miles in the Harmons MS Bike Tour on June 23rd in Logan Utah to raise money and awareness for this debilitating disease. Please take this opportunity to help fight MS. Your donations will help the over 400,000 Americans living with MS today and work towards preventing it from happening to others.

His goal is only to raise $200 – but I hope to help him raise more… I encourage you to donate $5 or more to this great cause, and you will be able to help someone live a better life!

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Quick, to!

Got the return you wanted? Celebrate with some new releases! Didn’t hit the jackpot? Hey, at redbox new releases are cheap.

This week starts a little something like this: in Because I Said So, Diane Keaton plays a concerned (ie, obnoxiously meddling) mom who’s determined not to let her youngest daughter, Milly – —played by Mandy Moore – —make the same mistakes with men that she made. So where does she look for the perfect man for Milly? Why, the Internet, of course. Piper Perabo and Lauren Graham play Keaton’s other daughters.

Next up, there’s the tragic-turned-romantic comedy, Catch and Release, starring Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Smith. Garner plays a woman who copes with the sudden death of her fiancé by hanging around his oldest and closest friends. As she learns a few secrets revealing that her fiancé was by no means perfect, she ends up falling for the least likely of his friends: Fritz (the devilish Lothario played by Olyphant).

Want all of the romantic comedy without the dealing-with-death stuff? Look no further than Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant plays a formerly famous singer who’s faced with the challenge of writing a song for a teen sensation. He struggles with the lyrics until he meets the lovely Drew Barrymore. Redbox knows what you’re thinking: “Wow, who would have predicted love would find these two heavyweights of romantic comedy?
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” It’s still fun to watch, though.
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Don’t forget about these titles from last week. Select them online and pick them up at any redbox location.

Complete with the return of Eddie Murphy and an Oscar-grabber of a performance from Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls steals the show. It’s the story of a female soul trio in the early 60s trying to earn their big break. Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles also star.

Or you can join Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch and Justin Timberlake in the intense crime drama Alpha Dog. It’s based on a crime committed by the drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood, and follows the story of the witnesses who were too scared to testify.

Finally, join some very familiar voices – —redbox is talking about Sarah Michelle Gellar, George Carlin and Andy Dick— – in the animated medieval kingdom of Happily N’Ever After. Gellar brings to life Ella, the only young lady in whole kingdom brave enough to stop her stepmother’s sinister plot.

Redbox! (or perhaps a nice beige?)

I ran into a funny news article on Redbox today, out of the great state of Kansas! From

Maybe beige boxes would pass muster

Redbox wants to bring its DVD vending machines to Overland Park, but city officials aren’t fans of the machines’ bright-red color.

Six McDonald’s in south Overland Park are looking into adding the Redbox machines to the outside of their restaurants. But when the city’s planning commissioners reviewed Redbox’s plans last week, they denied them.

In a city that encourages developers to use earth tones, commissioners said the machines’ bright red canopy and signs would not get their approval.
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Redbox can appeal to the City Council or install the machines inside the restaurants, a move that wouldn’t require council approval.
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Great stuff… who would have thought a problem facing Redbox would be the color of their machine?

A great article from The Washington Post tells a bit of the history of Redbox, as well as some new expansion numbers.

The article mentions a few statistics:

  • Redbox’s largest market is Washington, with over 350 kiosks in operation
  • Redbox currently has over 3000 kiosks operating throughout the country
  • By the end of 2007, Redbox plans to have over 9,100 locations – WOW!

It also talks about how Redbox stacks up against its competition – such as Blockbuster and Netflix. An interesting read for sure.

At this pace, Redbox will have the most locations of any DVD rental company very soon.
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The future looks bright.

Why not celebrated Mayday with hot new DVDs?

You made it, people. May is here. And with every new month comes a whole gaggle of new movies on DVD.
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First, check out one of this past year’s most likeable Oscar contenders: Dreamgirls. Marking the return of comedy heavyweight Eddie Murphy, the movie follows a black female soul trio in the early 60s. The girls get their big break when they’re hired to be the backup singers for Murphy’s character. But soon they prove to be stars of their own— – just as Jennifer Hudson did off-screen. Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles co-star, but Hudson steals the show.

Next up, redbox is bringing action back with Alpha Dog, an intense crime drama starring Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, and none other than Justin Timberlake. Based on the true story of the infamous drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood (the youngest man ever to grace the FBI’s most wanted list), Alpha Dog shows the aftermath of a crime that had plenty of witnesses (but none brave enough to snitch).

An animated medieval kingdom with princes and princess, talking animals and the voices of several Hollywood stars (one of whom is Andy Dick).
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Sounds surreal, but, hey, why not? Grab Happily N’Ever After for the younger movie fan in your kingdom. Featuring the voices of George Carlin and Sarah Michelle Gellar, this is the story of one young lady, Ella, who leads the resistance against her stepmother’s evil plot to take over Fairy Tale Land.

It’s called The Hitcher. It involves a young couple who picks up a hitchhiker. You know what’s coming, (honestly, would they make you a movie about a clean and pleasant hitchhiker?), but you still won’t be able to resist. Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton are the young roadtrippers who ignore what their mommas taught ‘em and pick up Sean Bean— – who thanks them by turning their lives upside down.

Had all the news lately made you forget that Anna Nicole Smith was an actress (or sorts)? That’s why redbox is bringing you Illegal Aliens. A campy B-movie about three aliens – —Smith, Joanie Laurer and Lenise Soren— – who are earth’s last defense against evil outerspace forces. Naturally, the three aliens have to blend in here on earth, so they disguise themselves as hot babes in tight clothes.

Finally, end the week with a little something of the fantasy flavor. Based on the novel, Tower of the Firstborn follows the story of a young archaeologist (the lovely Ione Skye) whose hunt for her missing father takes her to the secret archives of the Vatican. There she meets Dr Neal Hogan (Guy Lankester) who’s looking for the same thing Diane’s father was when he disappeared: the Tower of the Firstborn. It grants wisdom. Or so redbox was told.

Have a great first week of May. Come next week, redbox will see you right here.