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New DVD releases? Awesome as always.

Face it, people, there aren’t too many things you can count on in the middle of May. Just crazy weather and great movies. Redbox happens to be your source for one of them.

This week starts off with a movie about a young man who takes on the world armed with nothing but fierce street dancing skills. In Stomp the Yard, DJ (Columbus Short) copes with the death of his young brother by escaping to an Atlanta college. He soon finds, though, that everyone on campus wants him for his dance moves, leaving him with lots of choices to make, growing up to do, and rugs to cut. (Do people “cut rugs” when they dance anymore? Redbox sure does.)

Next up, one of the more visually stunning movies in quite some time— – Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s the story of the young daughter of a brutal Spanish general in 1944 who escapes the grim reality around her by slipping into a fantasy world of her own imagination and it gets pretty weird and fascinating in there. Ivana Baquero and Sergi Lopez star, and the incomparable Guillermo del Toro directs this critically acclaimed work.

Redbox wants to throw a little bone to all you fans of the cult horror genre. The next of this week’s new releases is none other than Creepshow III. The latest installment in the gory George Romero/Stephen King franchise features five new horror tales that include (but aren’t limited to) a demon-possessed remote control, a demented professor and murder by poisoned hot dog. AJ Bowen, Kris Allen and Stephanie Pettee star.
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Rounding out the new releases, how about a story of surviving in a maximum security prison when two rival gangs riot? In Half Past Dead 2, professional wrestling legend Bill Goldberg and hip hop artist Kurupt star as inmates and rival gang members who form a reluctant bond to help each other make it out alive. (Not exactly recommended for the whole family.)

But, hey, don’t forget about these releases from last week. Just like the new releases, you can select them online and pick them up at any redbox location.

Join Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore in a movie testing the theory that mom knows best: Because I Said So.
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Keaton decides its her job to find Mr. Right for her youngest daughter (Moore), which, naturally, leads her at first to one Mr. Wrong after another.

Finally, two all time greats of romantic comedy come together in Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant is the uninspired, used-to-be singer who has to write a song for a teen sensation. The loveable Drew Barrymore plays the woman who finally gives him something to sing about.

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    Ragin' Nana [visitor]

    I thought Creepshow III was horrible! I’ve the previous two, and this was the worst. It wasn’t even campy. The dialogue was poor, the pacing was slow, and they missed several opportunities to make the movie scary. The special effects was so-so, but overall, bad movie. But hey, for a dollar…