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Redbox! (or perhaps a nice beige?)

I ran into a funny news article on Redbox today, out of the great state of Kansas! From

Maybe beige boxes would pass muster

Redbox wants to bring its DVD vending machines to Overland Park, but city officials aren’t fans of the machines’ bright-red color.

Six McDonald’s in south Overland Park are looking into adding the Redbox machines to the outside of their restaurants. But when the city’s planning commissioners reviewed Redbox’s plans last week, they denied them.

In a city that encourages developers to use earth tones, commissioners said the machines’ bright red canopy and signs would not get their approval.
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Redbox can appeal to the City Council or install the machines inside the restaurants, a move that wouldn’t require council approval.
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Great stuff… who would have thought a problem facing Redbox would be the color of their machine?

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