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Why not celebrated Mayday with hot new DVDs?

You made it, people. May is here. And with every new month comes a whole gaggle of new movies on DVD.
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First, check out one of this past year’s most likeable Oscar contenders: Dreamgirls. Marking the return of comedy heavyweight Eddie Murphy, the movie follows a black female soul trio in the early 60s. The girls get their big break when they’re hired to be the backup singers for Murphy’s character. But soon they prove to be stars of their own— – just as Jennifer Hudson did off-screen. Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles co-star, but Hudson steals the show.

Next up, redbox is bringing action back with Alpha Dog, an intense crime drama starring Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, and none other than Justin Timberlake. Based on the true story of the infamous drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood (the youngest man ever to grace the FBI’s most wanted list), Alpha Dog shows the aftermath of a crime that had plenty of witnesses (but none brave enough to snitch).

An animated medieval kingdom with princes and princess, talking animals and the voices of several Hollywood stars (one of whom is Andy Dick).
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Sounds surreal, but, hey, why not? Grab Happily N’Ever After for the younger movie fan in your kingdom. Featuring the voices of George Carlin and Sarah Michelle Gellar, this is the story of one young lady, Ella, who leads the resistance against her stepmother’s evil plot to take over Fairy Tale Land.

It’s called The Hitcher. It involves a young couple who picks up a hitchhiker. You know what’s coming, (honestly, would they make you a movie about a clean and pleasant hitchhiker?), but you still won’t be able to resist. Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton are the young roadtrippers who ignore what their mommas taught ‘em and pick up Sean Bean— – who thanks them by turning their lives upside down.

Had all the news lately made you forget that Anna Nicole Smith was an actress (or sorts)? That’s why redbox is bringing you Illegal Aliens. A campy B-movie about three aliens – —Smith, Joanie Laurer and Lenise Soren— – who are earth’s last defense against evil outerspace forces. Naturally, the three aliens have to blend in here on earth, so they disguise themselves as hot babes in tight clothes.

Finally, end the week with a little something of the fantasy flavor. Based on the novel, Tower of the Firstborn follows the story of a young archaeologist (the lovely Ione Skye) whose hunt for her missing father takes her to the secret archives of the Vatican. There she meets Dr Neal Hogan (Guy Lankester) who’s looking for the same thing Diane’s father was when he disappeared: the Tower of the Firstborn. It grants wisdom. Or so redbox was told.

Have a great first week of May. Come next week, redbox will see you right here.

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